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Deerwalk Corporate Pirates Outing to Dhulikhel

Title Deerwalk Corporate Pirates Outing to Dhulikhel
Route Sifal >> Dhulikhel >> Sifal
Date January 11- January 12, 2014
Coordinator Nimesh Deuja and Mukesh Chaudhary
Participants Bijay Gauli, Ishwor Sapkota, Kanchan Raj Pandey, Milan Lohani, Mukesh Chaudhary, Nimesh Deuja, Nischal Sharma, Prabim Manandhar, Pratik Shrestha, Rachana Shrestha, Rajesh Chaudhary, Rajiv Manandhar, Sammit Man Shrestha, Shukra Shrestha, Subash Aryal, Sudhan Timilsina, Sushil Kapali, Sweta Karna.
Photos By Kanchan Raj Pandey
Video By Kanchan Raj Pandey , Shushil Kapali
Report By Sammit Man Shrestha and Sudhan Timilsina
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey, Rinesh N Bajracharya
Edited By Rinesh N Bajracharya

Sammit Man ShresthaSammit Man Shrestha

It’s almost been two months since I joined Deerwalk Family and this was my first outing with my colleagues. As I was told the main purpose of the outing is for team building, and from my experience, it has well served its purpose.

It was January 11, 2014 our destination spot was “Mirabel Resort Hotel” located in Dhulikhel. We were informed to reach office at 12 pm sharp so that we can began out journey to 12:30 pm but as there is saying in our country “Nepali Time” it also served its purpose and we had to begin at 1 pm reaching the resort at around 2 pm. As soon as we all reached there and got off the van, we all felt the freezing temperature of Dhulikhel. In order to counter the cold weather we all needed to take some tea. After that the team building games started.

The team building games were the most valuable experience of this outing, as we all had to work as a team to achieve a common goal. There Nischal Sharma and Subash Aryal organized a game where they divided the whole group into two different teams and asked both team’s different set of question requiring group effort.

Eventually all the required activities were over. It was a time to take enjoyment to another level with snacks, beer, whiskey and barbeque. After some dancing and merriment everyone got tired and ate there dinner at around 10 pm and went to bed as there was plan for a short hiking the next day.

The next morning when I woke up, I realized living the life of “work hard party harder”. At 9:30 am we had our break-fast and did some photo session before beginning our hiking to “Shanti Stupa”. We reached the top of Shanti Stupa after climbing the thousand steps. The clear blue sky, the beautiful natural view and the company of my colleagues simply made my outing memorable. Then 1 pm we got into the van and drove straight back to the office.

Sudhan TimilsinaSudhan Timilsina

It is my second week at Deerwalk services and here I am writing my experience about my first Official Outing. It was my third day at the office when I came to know about the Outing. From my seniors I was able to deduce the purpose of the outing. Based upon what I had heard the true purpose of the outing was Team building and getting a chance to know each other. On January 10, 2014 we received a mail which contained the tentative schedule of the outing. Everyone had to meet at the office premises at 12pm on January 11.

Although the mail stated everyone had to report at sharp 12 pm, everyone followed Nepali Time and didn’t show up until 1:00. After everyone arrived, the office vehicle started and we were on the road to Dhulikhel. Throughout the journey the vehicle was full of talks and jokes. Being the only new guy, I was a little quiet and was simply answering if someone asked me any questions. The vehicle stopped at Banepa and we bought some drinks for the night. Finally we arrived at our destination “The Mirabel Resort”, Dhulikhel at around 2 pm. As soon as we got down from the vehicle the chilled weather of Dhulikhel made us feel that we were going to have a great time. After a cup of tea it was time for the team building games which I was looking forward to.

The first game was the spoon-marble race with some remixed rules. Mukesh’s team was the winner. It didn’t matter who won the race, the prize was shared by everyone. The other game was a little like quiz contest which contained questions about Deerwalk and about Our seniors. The games were full of fun. After the team building games everyone headed towards the restaurant and eagerly waited for the food to be served. The games were going on until the food was served. After some chicken and snacks were served the drinks opened up and everyone held a glass of drink. The evening became more beautiful when the drinks were accompanied by barbecue.

Everyone was busy talking and laughing sitting around the fire. A little dancing was going on too. After some shots of whiskey Sammit and Rachana were making conversations in Newari Language. I was trying hard to understand the conversation but could not do it. Pratik was stuck at the Wi-Fi zone busy with his cell phone. At around 9:30 dinner was served and many of us headed towards the bed for a good night’s sleep. The next morning I heard some card games were going on till late night. After breakfast we all walked to Shanti Stupa which was about 30 minutes away from the resort. Filled with joy, a little tired everyone boarded the office vehicle at 12:00 noon and returned back to Kathmandu. Personally, I had a great time and I look forward to similar outings in the coming future.

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  1. The hike to shanti stupa was outstanding…literally outstanding on that rock at the top of the hill ! 😛

  2. Next memorable ‘Team Outing’ from deerwalk. Had great time palying team building games. Next day hiking to ‘Shanti Stupa’ was awesome indeed.

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