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Deerwalk Carrom Tournament 2014

Carrom Tournament 2014

Deerwalk Carrom Tournament 2014 kicked off on March 23. This year, we had a total of 32 participants and each team comprised of two members. The teams were divided into four groups and league matches were held in each group. The runners-up and winners of each group qualified for the quarter finals. All matches were held in best-of-three playoff format except the semi-finals and finals which were of best-of-five. A total of 31 matches were played in the tournament.

This year, the team of Niraj Thapa and Mani Gole were crowned the winners of the tournament after they beat the team of Suresh Maharjan and Dinesh Gautam by 3 matches to 1 in the finals. The seriousness of the final match was reflected in the strained and nervous faces of the players as both teams hustled to outdo each other. The audience had a great time cheering up for their favorite teams in the finals and throughout the tournament. The talent of players was reflected in their excellent gameplay throughout the tournament.

Deerwalk Carrom Tournament 2013 was organized by the Corporate Activity Club (CAC). CAC would like to thank all the participants, volunteers, photographers and videographers for their time and support throughout the tournament.

Coordinators: Prasanna Pandey and Raghu Nath Pathak.

Volunteers/Referees: Nimesh Deuja, Prince Hamal, Raghu Nath Pathak, Bijaya Gauli, Prasanna Paudel and Abhinav Regmi.

Photographers/Videographers: Sunil Manandhar, Subash Aryal.

Click Here to view the pictures of the final game.

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