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Deerwalk Apabad Outing to Nagarkot

Title Deerwalk Apabad Outing to Nagarkot
Route Kathmandu>> Bhaktapur>> Nagarkot>> Kathmandu
Date October 05- October 06, 2013
Coordinator Sushant Pandey
Participants Aakash Guragai, Apurva Singh, Awanish Ranjan, Bhesh Raj Sejawal, Bikal Bhattrai, Bikash Shrestha, Bikram Shrestha, Christina Karki, Kapil Pandey, Kiran Dangol, Mahendra Duwal, Manish Luintel, Minesh Maharjan, Naresh Maharjan, Niraj Pokhrel, Nischal Sharma, Pawan Sharma, Prabhat Man Sainju, Pramod Bhandari, Rajan Twati, Rashmi Pokharel, Sampurna Chhantyal, Sandeep Neupane, Suraj Byanju, Suresh Maharjan, Sushant Pandey, Sushant Pokharel.
Photos By Awanish Ranjan, Prabhat Man Sainju, Suresh Maharjan
Report By Bikash Shrestha, Rashmi Pokharel
Captions By Bikram Shrestha, Suraj Byanju, Suresh Maharjan
Creative Support Milan Lohani, Rinesh N Bajracharya
Edited By Rinesh N Bajracharya

Rashmi PokharelRashmi Pokharel

It was my first outing from Deerwalk. I was excited from the beginning on how it would be. And to sum all up, it was a good experience. I like to say it provided me a great opportunity to know my colleagues at a more personal level.

The team building games were great fun. First game was balloon race. In it a pair had to reach the destination by fixing the balloon between their backs (without using hands) in the shortest time. The punishment given to the looser was to dance. We all circled up and all pairs showed their dance moves. Everyone’s moves were unique. Awanish , Prabhat and Pramod were the real performers.Next game was paper dance in which Bhesh was the first to be chosen as a dance partner.

The view of Nagarkot was really awesome. We took some photographs capturing the beauty of it. In the
evening some of us were roaming around, just to feel the chill of the weather. At night we were playing
cards in different groups. We made the rule that whoever wins the cards game had to sing or dance, and
Sampurna was very enthusiastic about it. After that we danced to different songs.

I think these events provide break from the normal office routine. It is good culture that Deerwalk organizes as these events strengthens bond between employees and can help build a good professional camaraderie.

Bikash ShresthaBikash Shrestha

It’s always fun to break out of the usual work routine and go for other exciting activities such as outing. After only five days of joining Deerwalk, this team building outing was very significant and effective as I got to know my other team members.

The bus left the office at 12 pm and we headed to our destination picking up other team members on the way. After a fun bus ride with jokes, pranks and singing, we reached Chautari Paradise Inn, Nagarkot. The weather was cold and foggy with drizzling rain but the place still looked beautiful. We went to the hotel and had some lunch before we started our team-building games. In the first game we all participated in, the balloon was kept between back of our partners and the couple had to run without dropping the balloon. The game required a good coordination with one’s partner in order to win. Second game was played in the evening; each pair had to dance on a paper when the music turned on. Each time the music was turned off, the paper had to be folded and the pair had to dance on the limited space. This game was very funny and created lot of laugher and joy with jokes and pranks. We had our dinner at 10 pm while chit chatting with friends. After the delicious dinner, some went for the night walk while others were busy playing cards.

The next day I woke up early and went for a walk around the hotel nearby. Then we had breakfast before returning to the office.

So, I conclude that this outing was an important opportunity for me to enjoy and have fun in a team by motivating each other and knowing my co-workers more personally. I am looking forward to more exciting activities like this one in the future.

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