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Deerwalk Annual Fest 2013

Deerwalk Annual Fest 2013

Deerwalk Annual Fest 2013


The date was November 8, 2013, and the venue The Radisson Hotel. It was Deerwalk Annual Fest 2013 which was held in the presence of our Chairman Rudra Pandey and our President Jeff Gasser accompanied by his wife Pamela Gasser.

The Deerwalk Annual Fest is a way of celebrating everything that our company is about. It’s when hidden talents are brought out from amidst the employees of the company to everyone’s merriment and awe. It’s a celebration of success that is Deerwalk.

Ashay welcomed everyone; and the program began with an upbeat company financial presentation from Jeff, followed by Rudra’s presentation on “Cultural Differences” between Nepal and the US. Reflection, analysis and projections were made of the past, present and the future of the company; followed by a few quirky videos and pictures of the employees.

These presentations were followed by an awards distribution ceremony which recognized Deerwalkers’ achievements in various competitions like the Table Tennis tournament, Programming, Data and Quality Assurance contests, and the newly introduced Futsal Tournament. The Fest continued with brilliant dancing, singing and dramatic performances by our fellow Deerwalkers, and came to a close with a surprise performance by a professional singer, Anju Pant, who got the crowd humming to her tunes till the end.

The entire event was organized superbly which was an amazing accomplishment in itself. It would not have been possible without good-spirited teamwork, togetherness and great management from the organizers, performers and their supporting casts. The emcees did a wonderful job of keeping the event exciting with their jokes and banter. Special thanks to Sushila Thapa, the dance instructor, for making amateur performers perform professionally within such a short period of time.

Special thanks goes out to the coordinators behind the event: Sachin Karanjit, Niraj Thapa and Rakshya Baral on the logistics, Sangita Maharjan and Yangjee Rai on the dances, Manish Man Singh and Abhinayak Swar on the songs, Kanchan Raj Pandey on the drama, and Sawan Vaidya and Monika Agrawal on the emceeing. The potential of the company’s employees has driven Deerwalk thus far, and their optimism and energy were in full display at the Deerwalk Annual Fest 2013. Even though it might be hard to top this years’ Annual Fest, we wish for an even more splendid event in the coming year.

Jeff Gasser’s Presentation


Rudra Pandey’s Presentation


Deerwalk Awards Distribution

Dance: Chatta Rumal

Performers: Aawart Adhikari, Manila Raut, Raghunath Pathak, Sabanam Lakhey, Sajana Shakya, Sandace Jung Shah, Sunita Singh and Swoyambhu Shrestha

Dance: Newari (Shir Swan / Chhantaa Jee Naapla Wey)

Performers: Awanish Ranjan, Balkrishna Pandey, Mani Raj Gole, Neelam Shrestha, Prajwol Shakya, Rosina Shakya, Sangita Maharjan and Sulekha Bhandari

Dance: Tamang Selo (Dum Chhaina)

Performers: Bibas Sitoula, Neeraj Sharma, Niraj Thapa, Rakshya Baral, Ranjan Gyawali, Shrijana Tandukar, Sumira Shrestha and Sushila Thapa

Song: Nepali Lok Geet (Kala Kurtai Le)

Performers: Ganesh Regmi, Rachana Shrestha, Rajesh Sangat, Rubeena Gurung, Sagar Bhandari, Sampurna Chhantyal and Surendra Adhikari

Song: Rastriya Song (Medley): Timilai Ma Bhulna Sakdina + Rato Ra Chandra Surya + Jaso Gara J Gara + Aadha Raat Ma Utheko (Parody Song)

Performers: Awanish Ranjan, Bibek Dahal, Bibek Lal Shrestha, Prajwol Shakya, Prakrit Joshi and Sagar Bhandari

Instrumental: (Kalilo Tamalai, Amaile Bhanthe, Dharako Pani and Taalko Pani Maachhi Le Khanee )

Performers: Abhinayak Swar, Edward Hausman, Kanchan Raj Pandey, Manish Man Singh, Prakrit Joshi, Prasanna Pandey, Sunil Manandhar and Sushil Kapali

Drama: One Act Play

Performers: Bijay Gauli, Deepak Karna, Ishwor Sapkota, Kanchan Raj Pandey, Lava Kafle, Mukesh Chaudhary, Nimesh Deuja, Prajwol Shakya, Raghunath Pathak, Ribench Rijal and Subash Aryal

Dance: Salsa (Maya Ko Dori Le)

Performers: Biswas Lohani, Prakrit Joshi, Resha Sedhai, Sandeep Neupane, Sweta Gurung and Yangjee Rai

Dance: Chyangba Ho Chyangba

Performers: Deepak Karna, Rachana Shrestha, Rajesh Chaudhary and Sweta Karna

Song: Asharai Mahina Maa

Performers: Amir Rajak, Bikram Gautam, Prakrit Joshi and Rajesh Sangat

Dance: Bhojpuri

Performers: Rajesh Chaudhary and Sushila Thapa

Dance: Sundari Ko Mann Maa Basne Ko Hola

Performers: Neeraj Sharma, Pamela Gasser, Prajwol Shakya and Sangita Maharjan accompanied by Aman Adhikari, Biswas Lohani, Bikram Gautam, Kishor Raj Adhikari, Nitesh Singh, Prakash Sapkota, Ribench Rijal, Samar Dhwoj Acharya, Sawan Vaidya and Swoyambhu Shrestha

Anju Pant’s Surprise Performance

Performer: Anju Pant

The Emcees

Performers: Monika Agrawal and Sawan Vaidya

The Audience

Group Photos

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  1. Richard Conard, MD, Its a big honor for us deerwalk Inc team on the whole for your kind remarks regarding our rich nepali corporate culture and the function

  2. I have watched with interest as the Deerwalk platform of programs have been developed and perfected. You will alter the pathway that the digitalization of medicine with take. However, also of great interest is the truly impactful results of the corporate culture you have and continue to develop. Nepal, and the World will be better off because of Deerwalk. My best to you and may you enjoy a joyous Holiday. DrC

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