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Deertalk 2013 Season 5

The fifth season of Deertalk 2013, from July 31 to September 6, featured Sushant Pokharel, Pramod Bhandari, Kapil Pandey, Laxman Adhikari, Niraj Thapa, Manish Dhakal, Sabita Khadka, Rajesh Singh and Sagar Raj Adhikari.

Pramod Bhandari’s performance improved the most during the season as his confidence grew in each episode. Laxman Adhikari was serious in his deliveries while Niraj Thapa was casual with his posture but his deliveries were effective nonetheless. Sabita Khadka oozed with confidence in all of her speeches and her final presentation on ‘Common Traits of Highly Successful People’ epitomized her prowess as an effective speaker. Other than that, Kapil Pandey, Manish Dhakal, Rajesh Singh, and Sagar Raj Adhikari were in their element when delivering their speeches.

Sushant Pokharel was sharp with his remarks and full of enthusiasm with his deliveries, entertaining the audience every time. He won the season as deserved and was awarded the book “The Royal Ghosts” by Samrat Upadhyay. Sabita was the runner-up.

Sushant Pokharel says “It was a tough competition and I learnt a lot from how others performed besides getting good feedback from the experienced judges”

Category Winner Runner-up
Episode 1: Topic Sabita Khadka and Kapil Pandey Sushant Pokharel and Manish Dhakal
Episode 2: Debate Sushant Pokharel Kapil Pandey
Episode 3: Extempore Pramod Bhandari Laxman Adhikari and Sushant Pokharel
Episode 4: Presentation Sabita Khadka Sushant Pokharel
Season 5 Sushant Pokharel Sabita Khadka
Deertalk 2013 Batch 4 Deertalk is coordinated by Professional Communication Club (PCC), comprising of Ekta Shrestha, Bipul Shrestha, Rinesh Bajracharya, Edward Hausman, and Pramod Kumar Rai. Special thanks to Bhoj Raj Ghimire, Prabhat Man Sainju, Rachana Shrestha and Manish Man Singh for contributing to Deertalk 2013 Season 5.

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