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Deertalk 2013 Season 2

Deertalk’s second season wrapped up on May 17, 2013. The season’s participants were Awanish Ranjan, Ashish Shrestha, Bhoj Raj Ghimire, Bikram Lal Shrestha, Lava Kafle, Milan Lamichhane, Sachin Karanjit, Samrat Karanjit, Sanket Shrestha, Sweta Karna and Suresh Maharjan.

Of the four episodes,’Extempore’ was the most interesting. Most of the time, the participants were very passionate about their subject. The debate topic was “What do you prefer: Summer or Winter?” and it was fun to hear each person’s argument.

Lava and Sanket collected a lot of adulations for their humorous speeches; perhaps they never knew they had it in them to be so entertaining. Sachin came in second place with an admirable performance and Awanish, a role model for consistency, was the winner of the season with superb deliveries week in and week out. Awanish was awarded with the book “Malgudi Days” by R.K. Narayan.

Category Winner Runner-up
Episode 1: Topic Bhoj Raj Ghimire Awanish Ranjan, Bikram Lal Shrestha and Milan Lamichhane
Episode 2: Debate Lava Kafle Awanish Ranjan
Episode 3: Extempore Awanish Ranjan and Sachin Karanjit Sanket Shrestha
Episode 4: Presentation Bikram Lal Shrestha Awanish Ranjan and Sachin Karanjit
Season 2 Awanish Ranjan Sachin Karanjit
Deertalk 2013 Batch 1 Deertalk is coordinated by Professional Communication Club (PCC), comprising of Ekta Shrestha, Bipul Shrestha, Rinesh Bajracharya, Edward Hausman, and Pramod Kumar Rai. Special thanks to Ashay Thakur, Rubeena Gurung, Prabhat Man Sainju and Manish Man Singh for contributing to Deertalk 2013 Season 2.

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