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Deerclean 2019 – Squad B

Event location Shreekhandapur, Dhulikhel
Date Sep 07, 2019
Cleaning Duration 2 hours 45 min
Coordinator Bishwas Dahal and Shyaby Thakuri
Participants Aayusha Shrestha, Abik Shrestha, Achyut Kumar Bhattarai, Anil Tiwari, Anjan Gurung, Anjesh Ojha, Ashmita Poudel, Bibhushan Jha, Binita Gaire, Bishal Acharya, Bishwas Dahal, Chandra Bahadur Basnet, Depenti Karki, Gita Shrestha, Jeevan Timilsina, Jenish Sainju, Kamal Pokheral, Kinar Dahal, Krishna Bist, Kshitiz Lamsal, Kushal Singh, Nishu KC, Mahesh Malla, Pradip Shakya, Prateek Hada, Pratik Anand Shakya, Punam Bhusal, Raghu Nath Pathak, Ranjan Khadka, Roshan Shrestha, Samjhana Wagle, Sangya Paudyal, Sanil Shrestha, Shreehari Bhandari, Shreha Regmi, Shristi Shakya, Shyaby Thakuri, Subin Vinduwa, Sudip Pandey, Sujan Dongol, Sweshna Pokharel, Swikrit Maskey, Utsab Sapkota, Yugesh Chandra Rai
Report By Shristi Shakya, Yugesh Chandra Rai
Photos By Bishal Acharya, Jenish Sainju, Raghu Pathak, Swikrit Maskey
Creative Support Swornim Bhattarai

Shristi ShakyaShristi Shakya
My first ever experience on Deerclean began on a fine Saturday of 7th September 2019. I am not an early bird and waking up early in the morning is a big deal for me but to my surprise, I didn’t even need an alarm to get up that day. As I got ready to leave for the event, I did not know what to expect. Little did I know that the day would turn out to be so beautiful and fulfilling.

All prepared as I could, I reached Deerwalk premises on time. Spared some time here and there with arrangements, we collected the cleaning supplies needed for the event and got into the bus with much enthusiasm to achieve our goal. On the way to our destination, we made a stop at Banepa to get breakfast, simultaneously acquainting with fellow participants. Nearly after half an hour of travel from Banepa, we finally reached our destination ‘Shreekhanda Higher Secondary School, Dhulikhel’. All of us were divided into four teams each consisting of 11/12 volunteers. Each team had a Team Supervisor, Coordinator, and Team Lead. Each team was given a separate location to cover and team photo sessions were done before the cleaning activities actually kicked off. Armed with brooms, gloves, polythene bags and a strong sense of purpose we Deerwalkers as waste warriors got to work.

My team undertook the cleaning of ground floor classrooms, they were small as I visualized but some of them were painted beautifully with world maps and other paintings, maybe drawn by students I thought as I watched them in awe. From starting with cleaning the dusty classroom floor to scrubbing the windows/desks, removing spider webs then cleaning the corridors and ceilings, time past extremely fast that before I knew it was nearly done. It was a great effort from all the teams, who had cleaned the toilets, water taps, school ground with much fervor. We had a helping hand from a group of students from the same school, they were very supportive and helpful towards cleaning their beloved school. The team effort that we put into this event really paid off, the classrooms were really clean. We successfully made the classrooms a better place for the students to study in.

Then we gathered at the school ground to mark the completion of this event with the respected principal of Shreekhanda School giving his rewarding speech. We could see the happiness in the students’ faces while they received notebooks, pencils, chocolates as a caring gesture from our side. After all those back-breaking, exhausting work, we all went for a happy meal in Dhulikhel before we returned back home. The beauty of this event was based on individuals donating a few hours of their time once a few weeks to contribute to society and create an impact. I was glad to have had experienced this amazing event and would encourage everyone to participate in upcoming Deerclean events.

Yugesh Rai Yugesh Chandra Rai

‘The highest of distinctions is service to others’ –
King George VI

Deerclean is a monthly community service campaign initiated by Deerwalk Services. It is a coveted social event organized by Deerwalk with a purpose of conveying message to the community regarding the sense of duty and emphasis on clean environment. To carry on the tradition, the latest episode of Deerwalk was organized by Squad B and the event was scheduled for September 7,2019. An overwhelming response from the Squad B members had already made this event a huge success. An astounding total of 45 volunteers were finalized and Shreekhandapur Higher Secondary School, Dhulikhel was tabbed as the venue for the event.
On Saturday morning, most of the participants gathered around Deerwalk premises by 8:30 am.In order to accomodate our jumbo team, Deerwalk Services allocated two buses and also provided Deerwalk Water Bottles for the volunteers. All the necessary cleaning apparatus were accumulated and we were ready to take off. We reached Banepa around 9:30 am and fueled overselves with doze of samosa, aloo chana and tea served by Ugrachandi and Gautam Sweets. Finally we reach our destination at 10 am and received a cordial reception from the School management team. Our squad was divided into four teams: Team East, South, West and North with energetic team supervisors Raghu Nath Pathak, Jeevan Timalsina, Anil Tiwari and Kamal Pokhrel respectively. The cleaning resources consisting of mops, brushes, brooms, aprons, gloves etc were divided among each teams. The school had 4 buildings and teams were assigned to clean one building each. To cultivate the sense of self-responsibility among the students, respected principal sir assigned each students to one of the four teams which in turn accelerated the cleaning campaign. We started off by cleaning dirty desk, benches , black boards and windows. Scrubbing molds on the walls, picking up the plastics bag around the school peripheri, mopping the floor, clearing out the bushes etc were other sanitation activities carried out. Kudos to the team who had to deal with the maggots and cleanse the toilet area. The intense cleaning campaign lasted for about 2 hours and the trash bags were amassed at the central ground by each team. A Canadian team had also conducted a similar campaign in the school a few months ago and set up separate dustbins for biodegradable and recyclable wastes which made us easier to dispose off the trash bags. After the disposal,we washed our hands, collected our cleaning tools and got ready for photoshoot.
At around 12:30, we distributed copies and pencils to the diligent students who had helped us throughout the campaign. It was followed up by a thank you speech from the honorable principal sir. Furthermore, he appealed for IT support from Deerwalk services for the newly set up computer labs in the school. The program concluded around 12:45 and we headed towards Dhulikhel to fill our starving stomach with the delicious lunch served by the restaurant.
In the end,everyone was exhausted but equally satisfied for doing something good for the community. Being of service to others is what brings true happiness. Infact, it is the service we are not obliged to give that people value most. All thanks to Deerwalk for providing us the opportunity to participate in such noble community events and I would definitely love to volunteer and serve the community in the upcoming Deercleans.