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Deerclean 2019 – Squad C

Event location Madan Smarak School, Pulchowk, Lalitpur
Date May 11, 2019
Cleaning Duration 4 Hrs
Coordinator Lujla Maharjan
Participants Alina Bajracharya, Ankit Shrestha, Barsesh Karmacharya Shrestha, Bhumika Adhikari, Bimal Tamang, Binod Sujakhu, Bishal Shrestha, Dicchya Shakya, Dinesh Bhusal, Ganesh Sharma, Krishna Prasad Panthi, Lujla Maharjan, Mahan Adhikari, Milan Lamichhane, Mohan Singh Bomrel, Nirajan Rijal, Nisha Shrestha, Prajesh Kayastha, Pramita Twati, Pratik Kafle, Rajat Singh, Rajesh Prajapati, Rati Manandhar, Sabin Krishna Shrestha, Sagar Khyaju, Sanjay Maharjan, Sanjay Shrestha, Santosh Pariyar, Saurav Chapagain, Sojan Shrestha, Sumit Prajapati
Report By Dinesh Bhusal, Mohan Singh Bomrel
Photos By Mahan Adhikari, Prajesh Raj Kayastha, Pratik Kafle, Rajesh Prajapati
Creative Support Dipal Malla

Dinesh BhusalDinesh Bhusal
Truth be told, I don’t usually participate in volunteering works. So, naturally when I heard our squad was planning a DeerClean event, I wasn’t excited. I had only heard about the event. But then I read some blogs about previous DeerClean episodes. After reading the blogs and watching my team members getting excited for the event, I thought its about time I too gave something back to the society. The event was planned for Saturday, 11th may 2019.

It was 8am when Sojan dai picked me from my room and we went to the Site. We had organized the event in Madan Smarak H.S School, Pulchowk near Labim Mall. We reached there at 8:15 AM. Other Participants had just arrived in Bus. The event took place under the leadership of Lujla didi, our onsite coordinator. The School had around 20 classrooms including the staff room. There were 31 participants for the event.

After an energetic breakfast, we set to clean the school that was covered with dust and litter. We started around 9am armed with masks, aprons, gloves, mops and brooms. Some of us took over the ground, while others went inside the classrooms. The plan was to divide and conquer. We all divided ourselves into 2 groups. The first Group cleaned the Ground and collect wrappers. The second group was responsible for cleaning classes. We divided 2-3 person per room. Their responsibility was to clean the floor, desk bench, window, door, and whiteboard. I was responsible for cleaning classrooms. There were lots of hurdles along the way. While cleaning the classrooms and the ground, soft wind was blowing which caused the dust to scatter to the corners of classrooms. We sprinkled some water to settle the dust and it did.

More than just cleaning, we wanted to make sure that the students came back on Sunday pleasantly surprised to a nice, clean space that would hopefully inspire them to maintain it that way. We provided the school with notebooks and pencils. I could imagine the happiness in students faces when they received the notebooks.

The event that had started at around 9 AM, completed after 3-4 hours of cleaning. Now, it was time for Self-cleaning. It was a proud feeling that we did something to the society. Everyone’s face was glowing with happiness and hoping that the message of cleaning and its importance was transferred to students. We then headed to a nearby restaurant for lunch before heading home.

What started as a new experience left me wanting more. The feeling of giving something back to the society was priceless. It provided me with a lesson that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can make great changes in society. I promised myself that I would participate in more volunteering works from now on. I on behalf of my squad would like to thank Deerwalk for this wonderful experience.

Mohan Singh BomrelMohan Singh Bomrel
DEERCLEAN, a great CSR initiative conducted by Deerwalk was started one year before on May 12, 2018. Deerclean is the event where each of the squads from Deerwalk is assigned to clean one of the government schools. The motto of Deerclean is not only to clean the government school but raise awareness about the cleanliness of the school and motivate them to keep their school clean by themselves. After Hiking, this event provides opportunities to interact with different members of the same squad and know each other outside the office premises. I think we should not only go there and clean their schools but help them to take initiative to clean their school by themselves, may be once in a month or trimonthly.

For the second Deeclean, Squad C was assigned to clean Madan Smarak Higher Secondary School. It was established on 2011 B.S and situated at Pulchowk, Lalitpur. It is about six kilometers far away from Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd. and nearly 25 minutes ride by Bus.

On Saturday, May 11th, 2019, all the volunteers from Squad C were called to gather at Deerwalk premises, Sifal. Lujla Maharjhan, coordinator of the event managed to collect the cleaning items such as apron, bucket, mop, brush, broom, gloves, masks. The cleaning items were put inside the bus by all members who were present over there. Volunteers were provided with their individual water bottles provided by Deerwalk with their logo on it. After half an hour, Bus left from Deerwalk premises and headed towards the Destination, Madan Smarak School. In the way, the bus picked volunteers from a different location, and we reached School as planned.

After reaching the school, we were very excited because its the time to give something back to the community from our side. There were three big dustbins outside the school provided by Lalitpur Metropolitan City.Shanti mam from Madan Smarak School was over there to welcome us. Some volunteers arrived there with their own vehicles and a total of 31 were gathered to make the event successful. Right after taking group photos, we had our heavy breakfast as we were about to start our war against dust and dirt. We were offered Tea, Eggs along with Gram from the Canteen of the School. Everyone was excited to start the journey of Deerclean.

The cleaning items were distributed among the volunteer members.We divided ourselves into many groups and selected the area of the school as per our decision. The targeted places were classrooms, corridors, staircase and ground. Every group scattered in such a way that they can cover all the classrooms. There was one main building which was 2 storeyed and one main hall on the left side of the building. There was enough water facility in the school which we utilized properly. We also cleaned the window’s glasses, grills and ceiling fans. Some other cleaning tasks were wiping the whiteboards with a cleansing agent, dusting off the cobwebs, mopping the desks and benches to remove the dust, fixing the furniture in the classroom. We also cleaned the storeroom near the main hall which was one of the unmanaged and dirtiest rooms of all.

Just playing with brooms, mops and water around after one hour, a team of 31 volunteers were able to accomplish the task in such a short time. We also distributed notebooks and pencils to some of the students from the school. Students were happy to receive those items from us. After we completed the task, we started to clean ourself and collected the cleaning items from each of the members and packed it to bring back to the office. After having some cold drinks and rest after work, we headed for Lunch and having heavy lunch with full belly and fulfilled tasks we returned home.