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The worst decision makers are killers. With one decision, they jeopardize other’s lives, and sometimes their own too. Best decision makers are those who save lives by helping people in crisis.

Everyone makes a few bad decisions once in a while. Some of us repeat them very often and some of us learn from it and avoid making such kind of decisions in the future. What happens after a bad decision? How can we avoid bad decision? Should we be too careful? Should we avoid making decision because of possible negative consequences? These questions always make me ponder. I have made a few bad decisions both in personal and professional lives. I still regret everyday about some of the decisions that I have made years back. I feel like “Oh god – how dumb I was?” I wish I could recall those decisions. Obviously, it is too late to recall as damage has already been done. I feel like hitting my forehead against the wall and screaming out loud – “why did I do so?”

We learn from management books that one must make decisions to learn. But, some decisions are too costly that the lesson one learns from it is not worth the regret and depression one has to go through. For example, people make decision of breaking relationship with their spouse and do so emotionally without worrying much about the practical consequences. What they learn from such break-up is much less important than what they have to go through as a consequence of separation. Just to reiterate, it’s too costly a lesson to learn.

First love? I have seen young people departing from their parents in support of infatuation and so called “first love.” All crap! I urge all of you listen to parents and elders and not to surrender to so-called “first love.” First love is usually the wrong love for many of us. First love is usually an infatuation. Please do not submit yourselves to this course. For full disclosure – I got lucky here.

First job? This is the most important career decision. Many of us make mistake on selecting the first job. Smart ones correct within very short time and dumb ones stick to the wrong first job for a long time and spoil their career. This is the most important decision and please be very careful. My first job was at National Computer Center (NCC) in Nepal. That was my wrong decision. I quit job in a week. I do not yet know what would have been my career path if I had been working at NCC for five years.

Undergraduate degree? This is another most important decision of a person who gets an opportunity to go to higher study (i.e. beyond high school). I wanted to study physics after intermediate in science (I.Sc.) I had dream of being atomic physicist. My elders wanted me to be an engineer. I was really sad when I had to give up bachelors level physics study. I had no choice. This does not happen for youngsters in western countries. They get to study what they love to unlike the youths in eastern countries who do not have such luxury of deciding what they want. We do whatever our parents want. In my case, I gave up physics study and went for engineering. That was the most difficult decision for me. I am sure many of you go through this kind of situation. Please do not give up as easily as I did. Please argue with your elders for the sake of your interest. I do not want many of you go through what I had to go through. I could not give up physics book for the first two years of engineering study.

First business? I think many of us are entrepreneurs. Some of us succeed and some do not. One out of every hundred entrepreneurs last successfully first five years in a business they start. You want to be one out of that hundred. It won’t be easy as you will have to go through thousands of obstacles and face hundreds of nay sayers. That’s why when you start or co-start a first business, please make sure you make the right decision – right partner, the business that you know a lot about and the business that you have passion. My first passion was atomic physics – which I never could pursue. The second one was data management.

These are very complicated questions and I am learning everyday. Please do not rely upon my suggestions. I am not perfect. For full disclosure – my wife is better decision maker than me. I am already 50% wrong.

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  1. After I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there any means you’ll be able to take away me from that service? Thanks!

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  3. hey hobo – killers are always bad – no matter what!!! someone gotta be caught and tried in the court of law for crimes committed, not shut dead outright.


  4. The worst decision makers are killers. With one decision, they jeopardize other’s lives, and sometimes their own too. Best decision makers are those who save lives by helping people in crisis.

    You can say that but all killers aren’t all bad. Sure you are taking away someone’s life for whatever reason you want to..Do you call a policeman a killer for shooting someone? Someone who is a spy and their job is to kill someone? Or when an animal is shot because it is trying to get itself some food?

    Some killers are bad because they take away someone’s life for greed, revenge, but for the others can you really blame them for doing their job?

    ♥The Hobo♥

  5. Rudra wrote:

    “my wife is better decision maker than me”

    If you listen to a women you are a fool.

    (Wait Wait don’t yell at me yet, I still need to type to complete the whole sentence)

    If you don’t, you are a bigger fool. ;-))

    So you better listen to her.

  6. Decisions, decisions decision… where could we all be without decisions. Bad or good decision depends on who you are and at what point of the journey in your life you are in. There is first time to everything you do in your life – first day at school, your first job, your first love…

    Life is a learning process and one should not be afraid of failure – or bad decsion how costly it will be – because with out that experience you cannot change yourself for the better and improve your own thinking and build a strong character. Decsicions have to be made and the cost of that decsion has to be beared – if you don’t make the decsion someone esle will make it for you. On the hind side there will always be what if!

  7. “All crap! I urge all of you listen to parents and elders and not to surrender to so-called “first love.”” – if people listen to their parents and give up their first love, they will keep blaming their parents throughout their whole life, in case their new partner is not how they expected him/her to be. At that time his/her comment could be “Dont give up someone you love for anyone else. you will regret it your whole life.” I totally agree that some decisions are too costly than the lesson learnt from it, but we as human beings dont learn until we go through it. Very interesting and practical read.

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