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Dear Parents

i’ve seen tired feet,
unable to walk
to the places in their dreams

i’ve seen vile eyes
shadowed, by the
fluids of treachery

i’ve watched stooped shoulders
unable to carry
the happiness that comes

i’ve seen people grow old
and feel weak
too early.

the wrinkles
and those silver strands
those regrets
and lamentations of
unopened gifts,
of missed chances
in those lonely hours.

i don’t fear old age;
what i fear is the wastage
of this time
when i can see and choose
fight and loose
still feel strong,
try things
and learn
flee to the unknown land
and still return.

i fear
running away
from what i crave
postponing this happiness
to a time
when it matters less
i fear, to rest
before i get tired.

i wish to search
for things i can gather
for the years to come;
some stories to tell,
some people to think of and miss
some moments of joy
some eternal toys
friends who care
things to share:
beauties of this world,
those that have never been told

responsibilities come and go
responsibilities hide and show
they change,
when you think you have found them

i wish to live this life
with what life has to offer
life is long enough
until we pick up pace
i wish to linger around
for a while.
this time and place,
they are here for me
i know there’s a lot to see
beyond this fence
and i don’t want this to change.

Dear parents,
i thank you for giving me a beautiful childhood
now i wish to enjoy my share of youth.


April 19, 2008

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