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Dead man’s Voice

Featured ImageI used to be a dead man. Person needed to change hospital once every month. The reason was high chest pain and in result high blood pressure and respiratory problem. No one will hope a good life to a person who has this difficulty in life. So, I used to be called as a dead man. Who had no hope that would live any longer. This was already accepted by whole family who were already tired changing hospitals. I still have a pile of x-rays and a bundle of doctor’s prescriptions. Since I am only there son, my family tried every option even showing me to the Mata ji and other stuffs. But problem was increasing.

I had to be admitted at Heart Hospital (Shahid Gangalal) due to high heart pain and was unable to inhale. From some pain killer and some gastric medicine they sent me back to home. I was already taking medicine to control my high blood pressure which was prescribed by top doctor of Teaching Hospital after 24 hour pressure reading and other research. It was informed not to forget taking this medicine for one year, to control by fast heart beat and high pain.

Featured ImageJust at this extreme point, the dead man joined D2. Where Rudra informed me to join hiking which was already on going before I joined. Vishnu added my name on name list to Hike on Sunday. On Saturday my pain was again increased to the top level, I had fever of 102. This was already mine weekly schedule. After some medicine and deep night I was able to sleep. Just than I wake up to pick phone from Vishnu, reminding me to come and join Hiking and waiting for me. Some how I was so energetic that I grab my bag, fill it with full of medicine. In hurry, I came D2 convincing my family that how more will I be sick than staying at home.

Hiking route was Kanakot to Thankot. Oh! God! I still sever when I tell about this hiking. It was my first hiking and was so step that had to use both hands. It was nearly 7 hour direct 75 degree up hill and 2 hour vertical down hill. It was so tough that I forget taking medicine and only concern was to complete this hiking. I was already tired and boiling due to heat and was just drinking and drinking water.
Featured Image
That day I didn’t take any medicine. My whole body was aching and was so tired that I slept like a one who hasn’t slept for whole life. When I wake up it was a miracle, it seemed like a new life but with a healthy and flying body. From this day I never touched my previous medicine nor even have feeling of heart pain.

No mater you believe it or not I used to be a dead man before. Now there are no wet eyes around my family. We have no word how to thank Rudra. No restriction on any food, no reminding to take medicine and no suggestion on to do this and that. Till now my whole family praise D2’s Sunday hiking and now again reminds on one thing. Wake up!!! Its Sunday morning, time to Hike…

This was my feelings one year before, and today I published it over here. What do you think did Hiking really changed my life. Is Hiking so beneficial to health or it’s just a coincident? Can we say it’s all just rubbish?

38 thoughts on “Dead man’s Voice

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  5. Hey, hey, since when did this blog become a personals/dating forum? Hmm, I guess a D2 hike is a good opportunity to make your “move” on that someone… eh?

  6. Hello anithikerlazyyounglady, thanks for your comments. As for photo you can see in this blog itself. As for going alone with you, I think I should say thank you. But I love going in a group especially on Sunday.

  7. Nischal, I want to see your single photograph and want to go on a hiking for seven days just alone with you, with no body else with us. I will not carry my vehicle with me, don’t worry.Do You Dare? i want to become a regular hiker leaving my luxurious life like you, but i have a hole in my heart that only you can cure and nobody else.

  8. Supriya, Please accept my invitation to you and your father for joining a hike this Saturday. The terrain will be easier one as best regards to your father who will recover immediately with the charisma that will bloom with us during the hiking. Nischal may join us if free.

  9. Yes Supriya, you can share your story to cardiologist. But without there reference it’s not a good idea to continue yourself.

  10. Hiking is really good. I went one Hiking it was mind blowing and it blew my mind so much that i still haven’t had my mind prepared/repaired for next hiking.

    I knew then that Nischal is not only a hiker, he really love those wilderness and those wild orchids. On doubt and it won’t be a surprise, if some day the botanist would find Nischal dai’s home a place to study about the rare orchids.

    I wish health and happiness in Nischal’s life.

  11. Nishcal dai, I am rather surprised to hear of such a miraculous recovery. My father is a heart patient himself and hopitals, doctors, ECG, caspy, betaloc, lovatin and numerous other colourful capsules have become an indespensible part of his life. He always complains having to keep up with all this. I think I should recommend a long hike to him as well. And I am also gonna share your story to his cardiologist who forbids him from taking stressful walks.

  12. Nishchal, this is very Heart Touching. On 2 of your hikes, I was also present. You happen to get the bus any where around the Ring Road. After reading your true story, hiking makes complete sense, self decision is always there. What is needed is physical activity. We all should be promoting physical activities …it can be hiking, football, table tennis, badminton, tennis etc, etc. Try hiking…. the sense of feeling after hiking is exhilarating. You are with nature, fresh air, and beautiful scenery. Take a time to feel – the life is beautiful in hiking. I would say do not rush. Get the energy and carry on.

  13. How one can go against beautiful young ladies if they are correct. I don’t mean to say you must have a rule for Hiking. It’s all up to self decision either you choose or not. We all know to gain something we might have to loose something. Yes we get physical distress a little but feeling after that, it’s beyond imagination… Only experiencing it will let you know how it feels.

    Any way I must say, thank you for your good comments.

  14. Nischal, You are against beautiful young ladies like me. Do you mean to say that If you had not woken up for Hiking on that very day you would not have got what you achieved? I am a lazy girl. I do not want to walk. I just wanna chill in around my Jeep with my buddies. I along with my friends are anti-hikers.We do not want any physical/mental distress that you got by Hiking.

  15. Sudip, having idea to have Hiking at your office is brilliant idea. You can collect some friends and travel around. It’s really a fantastic… Though you are busy, at least have it once a month.

  16. Thank you for asking about hiking, actually I went hiking after 6 month of my marriage. Marriage didn’t help me curing my problem. It is confirmed that Hiking might have solved it.

  17. Glad to know that now your health is good and hope your health will remain sound forever. I am just curious, are you sure that HIKING improved your health?? You forgot to mention the date of your first hiking, is it in the same month of your marriage??? I know one friend with similar type of health problem, he also visited to several doctors and dhamis but his health was not improved. The condition was getting worse day by day. BUT one day he got married with a beautiful lady in town and the miracle, from the next day of the marriage his health improved gradually and now he the healthiest person in his area. So Nishchal Ji PLEASE CONFIRM THAT your health was improved by hiking because am also facing the same health problem.

  18. It seems every one is so conscious about health. Anyway health is wealth. We know it’s really helpful if we at least have some sort of fitness on our daily life or at least a week. I feel it’s really perfect to hike.

    Thank you all for such inspiring comments. It seems Hiking is really a perfect way for fitness, Body exercise, free mind, traveling around and knowing places, talking with friends, combination of all in one.

  19. Hi niks,

    तिम्रो आत्मा कथा पढेर म त दंग परे। अरे hiking ले यस्तो राम्रो पो गर्दो रहेछ। मलाई पनि मेरो अफिसको साथीहरुलाई हरेक हप्ता नभएपनि महिनाको एकचोटी जाउँ भन्न मन लाग्यो। तर म पनि यो कार्यक्रम बनाएर नै छाड्छु। तर जे होस् यस्तो trekking, hiking हरु जानु त एकदम राम्रो छ। एक त आन्तरिक पर्यटनको विकास हुने त्यसमा झन नेपालको ठाउँहरूको बारेमा जानकारी पाउने। त्यसमा पनि niks ले आफ्नो स्वास्थ्यको बारेमा लेखेको देखेर त यस्तो कार्यक्रमले हामीलाई झन स्वस्थ रहन मद्दत पो गर्ने रहेछ भनेर थाहा पाईयो। niks तिमिलाई एकदम धन्यवाद तिमिले आफ्नो अनुभव साथीहरु संग बाँडेकोमा।

  20. em Shocked!! Reading ur article..

    That u’r undergoing with such trauma. I believe miracle happens,Your article proves……What more i can say…

    Actually it’s a call of GOD to you in the name of Hiking from the mouth of your friend Rudra…To change your life ever and after…


  21. I would like to pay my gratitude for giving me a space to my little efforts by those who experiences the changes for good. I find hiking is myself as once Andy Roddick said, “It seems with every match I win, I get better-looking to other people”.

    Thank you Nishchal for bringing it into lights and thank you Rudra for being kind to me. We all are involved in it to measure the length.

    Anjana, do not put me in difficulties; I stride with you as far as you would like to stride as long as you pay your honest efforts.

    Lets do it again and again and thanks to you all who have been with me up to this far!!

  22. I witnessed it, Niks really did great !!! even after he faded up during hiking. It was the his courage and team team spirit that encouraged him to showup his latent potential for hiking. Now he has become vetran.

    Really you will loose nothing in hiking but little bit your excess belly.

  23. Hi Niks,

    Very heart touchy story and i really felt good after hearing that you have recovered a lot in your health.

    Yeah hiking is good i must say and even though i have not been participating in any hiking programs because of other schedule, i am really looking forward to join you hikers very soon.

  24. भने पछि डाक्‍टर शाब नै चाहिदैन । अब बेरोजगार हुने भयो बिचरा हरु।

  25. निस्चल दाइको स्वास्थ्य संगसगै सौन्दर्यमा पनि सुधारको अनुभव हामिले गरेका छौ । वहा पहिला भन्दा निकै fit अनि फुर्तिलो हुनु भएको छ ।
    अब यो गुनकारि hiking को लगि चिटिक्क परेको एउटा slogan सोच्न पर्यो ।

    ‘hiking जाऔ, रोग भगाऔ”
    ‘hiking : स्वास्थ्य र सौन्दर्य को लागि’
    ‘hiking एक: फाइदा अनेक’

    ‘D2 आउनुहोस, हप्तैपिच्छे hiking जानुहोस’

  26. Nix’s story sounds very practical, but he doesn’t seems like he has been through that situation… 🙂 but Yeah! no one will say hiking makes bad health. I think it’s far better than Ram Dev…

    D2 HIKING ROCKS and Let’s Hike every week! 🙂

  27. Opportunity knocks once in a lifetime….. if u grab it…. life changes…. if not…. life’s like hell….

    this is what the morale of the true story like this one of niks dada…..

    niks bro…. stay healthy and be cool

  28. Niks, thanks for sharing this..

    Moreover, it is good news that you are feeling well.. 🙂 it’s fantastic…

    Yes, I was informed that you were on hospital..and so on stuffs..previously when we were working together..but not take seriously because everybody used to admit hospitals..me also..but as I know it was diffrent case on you..Anyway It is good news to hear about you now..you are OK..not dead man..hey change your name la..

  29. I still remember in my first hike when Nischal dai showed me his bag full of medicines.I was shocked to see so many medicines.He told me this one is for gastric,this one for so and so.But for the whole day hike, i never saw him taking medicines.That means hiking has solved Nischal dai’s so many health problems.

    D2 have given us a beautiful chance to go for hike every sunday.I think everybody in d2 once should go for hike.

  30. Hey Nischal,
    I wouldn’t say that my chest pain is as bad as you had but i wouldn’t call it pain free as well. i also believe that natural cure is far better than any medicine.

    that’s why i keep asking vishnu ji: can’t we, for a change, choose a shorter route?

    Thanks for sharing Nischal….hope u go on with ur good health forever.

  31. hey niks,

    first i read some ur msg then really got sad..but when i read all then i really happy to hear about ur good health…its really miracle and u right its all credits goes to D2 and ur hiking team:)

    Good luck for ur health and carry on hiking

    and thanks for send me link with ur story:)

    kamal raj

  32. Really an inspiring story!! Indeed hiking is really a good exercise to make ourselves fit. It feels good when u go hiking. If someone has not gone hiking my advice for them is to try once U will love it.

  33. True, hiking has changed lives. Nischal’s self admittance that Hiking is better than any hospital/medicine is certainly a promising aspect that we must accept. That’s why our forefathers lived longer, as they hiked a lot apart from their daily schedules. We know Religious Tours, or, “TIRTHA YATRA”, that keeps old people vibrant. It implies Young generation like us benefit a lot from hiking experience.

  34. It touches my heart. Thank you Nischal for sharing your TRUE story with us. Thanks to Vishnu who has made thess hikings possible. What a story! It makes sense for us to be hiking Sundays when we spend more thna 40 hours in fornt of computer screen in other days. We do not need any more reasons to participate on hiking.


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