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Dawn,Smile and My Love

At the break of the dawn; when the dews were still tinkling;
Carried away by the chill breeze, it flew to me, to be always mine.
Had I been hit by the Cupid? Or was it the Beautiful Dawn?
Forgive me my weakness; I couldn’t resist that “Carefree Smile”.

A Moment to Treasure, the safest place I found was my Heart.
Static Moment, it remained so forever, Couldn’t change it to Time.
It didn’t rush to future; neither could it “Fade to Black” in History.
“Running In a Circle”; Round! Round!! Round!!! Ambiguous like Relativity.

Like someone behind the Misty nights, I can’t see your beautiful face.
Your picture is vague to me, can’t remember: High-Low, Lights and Shades.
All I remember is your “Carefree Smile”. Always in my mind never fades.
“Candle of Hope never burns out”; all I know is, “True Love Waits”.

0 thoughts on “Dawn,Smile and My Love

  1. Quote: “True Love Waits”, that was a nice line.
    However, when the wait is like forever, chances of fading of love will be likely to happen.

  2. Well ‘TerrorInAlly’ Got one suggestion for you! Go get one good SLR camera and I guarantee that you can get to see her ‘beautiful face’ despite mighty misty night by using lens filters. Moreover you can also treasure ‘Carefree Smile’ forever without worrying it to get ‘Fade to Black’. 😆 Just kidding.

    Beautiful poem indeed.

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