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Data Analytics’ Team Building Party At Gokarna Forest Resort

-Report By Sameer Tuladhar and Sabita Khadka

Apart from busy schedules, works and deadlines, data analytics team managed for splendid time at Gokarna Forest Resort on 12th and 13th of June 2009. The resort was around 45 minutes drive from the office. We left the office premise in three groups. The last group reached around 7:00 in the evening. The main complex looked marvelous with stunningly set Golf course. The weather was cool enough to exhilarate and take us away from clamorous life of the city.

The weather was cool enough to exhilarate and take us away from clamorous life of the city.

We had total six people in organizing team. Prakash Manandhar guided and leaded the entire team. Raju Maharjan coordinated for venue, transportation and the overall event. Anuj Khadgi, Mahesh Raj Regmi, Sabita Khadka and Sameer Tuladhar planned for events and games. We congregated in the lawn everyday for a week to discuss about the survey, awards, games, gifts, prizes and other stuffs to make an eventful party.  We conducted a survey the day before the party and asked people to vote for deserving candidates in the list of nominations category. Buying gifts was a real headache but the most interesting thing was Anuj’s ability to make relation with the shopkeeper. He related every girl as his sister and every other guy as his brother.

There were some formal programs on the first night. Our DOE Mr.Prakash Manandhar and all the managers were ready with their succinct speech. They discussed about the several activities, achievements and personnel reshuffling on the first quarter. There were other volunteer speakers Nishikar Sapkota, Mukesh Sah and Sumit Kumar Singh. Nishikar Sapkota was a surprise package. People enjoyed his speech and burst out into laughter. After ending formal session, we had bingo as next attraction. Organizing bingo was new experience for all the organizers and was a very successful one. Sometimes it was very difficult to handle the excitement of crowd. Most of the people actively participated. So we could give them more cash prize than initially anticipated.

Organizing bingo was a new and successfull experience

Bingo Winners

Quick five- Nikesh Shrestha and Sudip Adiga
Four corners- Bidha Rimal
1st Line- Nikesh Shreshtha
2nd Line- Rajendra Subedi
3rd Line- Sweta Shakya and Sudip Adiga
Full house- Bidha Rimal and Rajendra Subedi

The next morning, some people had joyous time around the indoor swimming pool of the resort. Swimming in hot water was a different experience for everybody. Some were busy posing for photographs in the beautiful place. While organizers were busy setting up everything for coming up events and games. We had arranged some fun games followed by award ceremony. The games included blowing the balloons with mouth, balloon war, balloon race, scoring in a small ring with football and paper stepping race. There were some cynical monkeys watching our games and activities. After finishing games we had award distribution. This was one of the most awaited programs. Everyone seemed curious about results. There were some funny as well as genuine categories and awards. Pramesh Vaidya and Dipti Khanal were honored as the outstanding employee of the first and second quarters of 2009 and Mahesh Acharya grasped the title of the most promising new comer.

All in all, the team building party was a big hit. This has certainly rejuvenated people. We have definitely gained moments to cherish. We hope to see more captivating team building parties in the future too.


Bimarsh Pokharel: 

It was my first team building party ever, and I enjoyed the occasion a lot.
The outing in a scenic resort was awesome.

The outing in a scenic resort was awesome

The cocktail dinner, games, swimming, Sauna, Jacuzzi and all the experiences were great. The event was really amusing and memorable.

Nawa Raj Awasthi

The venue superb, the people best in Kathmandu and the arrangement perfect (Games- full of fun and late night party was unforgettable). It was an awesome team building.

Smriti Patrabansh:

Well, team building is a good platform for us to get acquainted with each other and especially the new ones. Honestly, I didn’t know that a chap sitting in front of a computer could be such a good sportsman at all. Well now I know it. I must admit I was in shadow all the while to not know that fact. 

The other interesting aspect of team building is award distribution event. Gees!!  Here you get to see some weird categories with the weirdest nominees in them. And when I was announced as a winner in one of such weirdest categories, I thought “how could you people be so accurate?” 

 Nevertheless, the entire event was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Swechha Ghimire:

This was my first team building party in Data Department. It was great experience and I had a really good time. Cheers to all for this!!!!!!!!!!!

Gokarna Resort was simply a marvelous place selected for Team Building. The natural beauty, Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna…ohhh all so relaxing. It was actually a retreat. Thank you organizers, for making this trip so wonderful.  

Gokarna Resort was simply a marvelous place selected for Team Building

Sweta Shakya:

It was another beautiful day at ‘Gokarna’ resort. We reached in the evening and the first thing we could do was rambling around exploring the magnificent place. Spell bounded by the magical views, we barely remember our weariness and having our batteries recharged gathered in a meeting hall, a platform of expression, where we got familiar with the workflows and updates on the important issues. After a good night’s rest, on the second day, we enjoyed various kind of games played with balloons. The unforgettable part of the day was distribution of prizes and chocolates for the winners of the games played. In addition to this, it was quite fun and joyful experience to witness the winners of various categories for which the votes were taken.  Thanks to the organizing teams for their hard work, creativities and interesting ideas. Overall, it was indeed a day to remember.







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