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Dai hamro Foto Dekhaunus na….

366.Dai hamro Foto Dekhaunus na
Photo By: Suresh
Posted Date:18/05/2009

On the way back from Murali Mountain Hiking, we were making our own way through the wheat fields. I was busy taking some landscapes and suddenly these two kids appeared before me and REQUESTED!!!……. “Dai Hamro FOTO dekhaunus na”…..”i know the reality ! Hope you also guessed”….I replied …” Aagin ko foto tada bata khicheko bhayera mukh dekhinna la feri najik bata khichne hai…..” with the permission I captured them in the frame. Finally, i was able to read the happiness from their face.

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  1. This is little joy we ‘Photographers’ share with people we mingle while photographing. I am smiling looking at these pictures and I do have many such experiences of innocent village children come asking to have their pictures taken and some candy. Pure HAPPINESS caught well! Suresh. Perfect shot! My both thumb up. Keep sharing joy and keep photographing ‘Life in Nepal’.

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