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D2Waltham Soccer – NE vs. SE

Photo: Siddhi Kayestha with his brand new Nikon D40
Date: 9/29/2008
Report: John Cassella
Fans witnessed what can only be described as an old fashioned smack down ass whipping of the South by the North 5-1. Team pride kicked in(not to mention some serious wagers) and the lads were off and running from the start. Nilesh, Aneal, Tika, Sajan & Ujwal ran a clinic. Their sharp precision passes had the opponents totally confused.Himal as only one who had spent five years in Cambridge and several more in silicon valley was protesting the scores and whining about rules being broken. What a whimp. While he can’t vote this year it is obvious that he would not support a hard charging, honest straight talking capitalist. He is more at home with the American Maoists.The true test will be this Wednesday. The stakes are raised to $20 a player winning team taking it all. The rumor is that the betting may get to a hun by Wednesday.
Stay tuned. 
Report: Anil Shrestha 
The bet was on. The losers were to treat the winners with Killian’s and Buds. After this, the game became a serious affair instead of just being another pick up game. The North side was again led by John C and South side by Pawan S.The game was a compelling affair from the scratch. A well coordinated move by the North side ended in a brilliant strike by Sajan. South side answered right back with a stylish back heel goal by Sanjay. However, the North side’s new signee Sajan had two more goals to complete the first hat-trick in the history of D2 USA football. John was very happy that he still could pick the best talents.The evening ended with beers, chips and sukuti at the D2 guest house. Himal is trying to have another game on October 1st with dinner this time. He is always double or nothing till he wins.

02 gearing up
01 gearing up
03 sajan cover the front right
02 Sajan, cover the front right
04 blues ne vs red se
03 Blues NE vs. Reds SE
05 sanjay and pawans partnership
04 sanjay and pawans partnership
06 nobody can beat this muscular guy
05 nobody can beat this muscular guy
07 himal trying his best though
06 himal trying his best though
08 fruitless though he scored
07 fruitless though he scored
09 now pawans trun to try
08 now pawans turn to try
10 get me if you can
09 get me if you can
11 pawanp se veteran
10 pawanp se veteran
12 sajan the ne star
11 sajan the ne star
13 was it after a goal
12 was it after a goal
14 pawans in action
13 pawans in action
15 tika after sanjay
14 tika after sanjay
16 pawans make it
15 pawans make it
17 himal smiles while running too
16 himal can smile while running..
18 where is the ball
17 where is the ball?
19 halftime break
18 halftime break
20 halftime break
19 halftime break
21 it is less than 125 psi make it at leat 135 psi
20 it is less than 125 psi.. make it at leat 135 psi
22 a lot to do in the second half
21 a lot to do in the second half
23 here he is now
22 here he is now
24 sajan the hattrick guy
23 sajan the hattrick guy
25 now victory is certain
24 now victory is certain
26 getting dark referee is saying still 10 min
25 getting dark.. Referee is saying still 10 min
27 tired but i can still score one more
26 tired but i can still score one more
28 tika still trying hard
27 tika still trying hard
29 this foul wasnt taken
28 this foul wasn’t taken
30 sajan and kumar
29 sajan and kumar
31 the last minute strategy
30 the last minute strategy
32 finally its over
31 finally its over
33 time to celebrate victory10 each
32 time to celebrate victory
34 nice to win
33 nice to win
35 the celebration begins
34 the celebration begins
36 kumar bought beef jerkies
35 kumar bought beef jerkies
37 uj with red killians
36 uj with red killian’s
38 buds and killians
37 bud and killian’s
39 pawan bought budweiser
38 pawan bought budweiser
40 the victors and the vanquish
39 the victors and the vanquish

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  1. Next game is on Sunday. Lots of time for warm ups and lots of light. Might be a bigger blast than this one. Stay tuned!!!

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