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D2QA Team Party (12-21-2007)

– Report by BinodP, DeepakV, ManikM, PramodR

– Pictures by SubinS

After considering many ways of utilizing the Team Fund and many locations, a Cocktail Dinner Party at Nepali Chulo, Durbar Marg, was decided for Friday, December 21, 2007. This would be the first time all members of D2QA Department would be participating in a social event together.

That evening, all QA members were eager to punch out the time card and head to the venue as early as possible. By 7pm, almost all had gathered at Nepali Chulo and the party began with wine, whiskey, beer, soft drinks and snacks. ‘Ailaa’ was served as well and it was eagerly gulped.

Traditional Nepali dances to the tune of live music were performed and all of us couldn’t help but jump to our feet and dance.

We played a game of ‘Passing the Parcel’. BrijaK had to dance, AbhishekS had to tell a joke, DeepakV had to mention an interesting experience at D2 and SauravK had to demonstrate a talent, which he did by dancing. Finally, it was LavaK, who was sitting in between ThakurG and PramodR, who won the prize of NPR 2000.00 cash. Congratulations to LavaK.

The traditional Nepali dinner was nice. The ambience was good. The party was soon over but some of us remained behind, chatting and sipping our drinks. ThakurG shared some of his experiences and BinodP cracked some of his jokes. At around 11pm, we dispersed, some of us merrily drunk and some of us laden with memories. 

Thanks to SangeetaR, PrashantS, SubinS and RaviS for organizing such a lovely event.

The newcomers at D2QA share their experiences below:

AvaA: It was my first party with QA team in D2Hawkeye. Personally, I liked the place very much. There I came to know almost all persons working in the QA team and the concept of game was also fantastic which I really enjoyed.

BinduP: It was my first team building party, so I was very excited. Remembrance of Nepali Chulo will always rule in my mind. It was nice that we were informal for some moments outside of office. Nepali tradition and culture over there was majestic, which added spiritual bliss to our party.

BinodP: The party was outstanding.  It became an arena for new comers to be close with all the members of QA team. I not only enjoyed the party but also learned a lot from Thakur Dai’s experiences.

DeepakV: The party was simply awesome, delightful and amazing which was enriched with music, culture, fun, and food. Above all and most importantly, it bridged the gap between the newcomer/s (like me) and my colleagues whom I didn’t know much while I was at work.  I personally feel this kind of event should be encouraged and arranged more frequently so that we get to now each other properly and share our views. Lastly, I would like to thank Sangeeta Didi for organizing such a wonderful evening.

ManikM: It was my first party at D2. It was an awesome party. In addition to the food and drinks, I got the opportunity to get familiar with other team members and know them personally. Overall, it was a wonderful party and I enjoyed it to the fullest.

ReenaJ: It was my first party in D2Hawkeye with the whole QA team. It was not like other parties; unlike other Hahu parties, Nepali culture was reflected in this party. The thing I liked very much was the environment of the party; very calm and pleasant. The red tika at the door and the girl serving Ailaa were the most interesting.  Also, the game organized by Sangeeta Di added flavor to the party. It was a nice party and I enjoyed it very much.
01-The Vegetarians.JPG
The Vegetarians

02- SubinS, SudhirS, Wine and Coke.JPG
SubinS, SudhirS, Wine and Coke

03- AwanishR and DeepakV.JPG
AwanishR and DeepakV

04- AbhishekS and ManikM- Jolly Mood.JPG
AbhishekS and ManikM- Jolly Mood

05- Ailaa and the Team.JPG
Ailaa and the Team

06- SudeepKh and BinodP.JPG
SudeepKh and BinodP

07- PrashantS gives a Demo while ThakurG watches.JPG
PrashantS gives a Demo while ThakurG watches

08- BinodP, AbhishekS, ManikM and SudeepKh.JPG
BinodP, AbhishekS, ManikM and SudeepKh

09- SubinS, SauravD & AwanishR.JPG
SubinS, SauravD & AwanishR

10- Smiling VishnuK at the Center.JPG
Smiling VishnuK at the Center

11- SauravD.JPG

12- La Hai Jhilke.JPG

13- PrajwalH & SanjeetB.JPG
PrajwalH & SanjeetB

14- SangeetaR, BrijaK & UshaD.JPG
SangeetaR, BrijaK & UshaD

15- ShankarS & KamalS.JPG
ShankarS & KamalS

16- BinduP, ReenaJ & AvaA.JPG
BinduP, ReenaJ & AvaA

17- SauravK with Red Tika.JPG
SauravK with Red Tika

18- RaviS, AbhishekS, ManikM & SudeepKh.JPG
RaviS, AbhishekS, ManikM & SudeepKh

19- All Smoke.JPG
All Smoke

20- Himalayan Dance.JPG
Himalayan Dance

21- LavaK offers to the Peacock.JPG
LavaK offers to the Peacock

22- The Balance.JPG
The Balance

23- LavaK wins .JPG
LavaK wins

24- The Dance 1.JPG
The Dance 1

25- The Dance 2.JPG
The Dance 2

26- The Dance 3.JPG
The Dance 3

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