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Sushmita’s Version of the trip:
Somebody has truly said, one of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats. And right away was a large treat distantly waiting for D2HSQA unit at Gokarna. Bags packed, ready to zeal were 49 members (including some departmental transfers and interns) who reached Gokarna Forest Resort, on Friday evening26th of June, 2009.

The fun had almost begun as we reached the resort immediately followed by some of the events that our coordinator Ravi Sharma had planned for the evening. It was a ‘knowing your partner’ time, where a member had to share to the team about the life of a person sitting to his right, after a conversation about 5 minutes with each other. The quiet dusk burst into thunders of laughter when Prashanta brought to us about the flip side of Hitesh which continued while Hitesh shared us some interests of Prashanta. This was a ‘Team building moment’ in a true sense. You get to know about the person’s life who seemed to you just another colleague or your manager who has no other task than assigning you some more tasks. After the fun filled event the team dispersed to stroll around the resort. A group from the team was enjoying the tranquility through spa while others were enjoying playing dumbcharade. It seemed as if only ‘the best’ had been saved for us for the evening. Even more packages of fun started unfolding after the dinner when the new members in the QA team performed various acts. Anuj Bhandari’s performance on Dabur Amala hair Oil was an award winning act while Badri Adhikari was truly a fortune teller. Roshan Gyawali’ kawali brought the entire member to the dance floor while Sudeep Khatiwada proved to be a complete entertainer through his perfect mimicry at Haribansha Acharya.

The company of the people present there made the next morning equally happening. The morning started with some formal events. A few words from our DOE about the activities ongoing in the department ended after awarding the outstanding colleagues from the QA unit for the quarter. The award ceremony continued for the performers from the last night who made the evening, a moment to remember and a time to be cherished for a life time.

“You live only once, but if u do it right, then once is enough”
And that was an evening we lived…

Geetika Recollects:
There was an excitement triggering my thoughts since the dawn of the day…and it was because I was attending the Team Building party, yes a long awaited one …since the time I woke up, I was quite busy accentuating my grace and packing my bags. The peaceful and calm environment made us forget everything that was in our mind while leaving from office. I really enjoyed the serene environment, surrendered myself to the melody of soft music being played and those games , songs, and the classic caricature done by Sudeep, Pratik, Rajendra was mind blowing. Still brings smile in our faces while remembering SudeepK’s lively acting and off course Anuj’s head banging in those Ads.

Mohita’s summary of events

Woke up early in the morning, just to realize that I had the whole world to be at today. Firstly, I had to attend the Farewell program at Kathmandu University, and then I had another program, and then had to reach Gokarna, somehow. Wrapped up all my activity for that day, and it was already 10 PM. But I finally made it, all thanks to everyone in my Unit.

I was enjoying the entire new comers act, finally I was the next to be called out, I was in awe as what I had to perform. I was not at all nervous, with all those friendly eyes staring at me, my head just got blank.

Abhishek recollects

With some of us in hurry for swimming and sauna, a group including me left out towards the golf course. It was real beauty and the panoramic view of sunset just felt like heaven. It will take long to forget the way Charu tried to intimidate for the movie assigned to her.
In the morning woke up to see a beautiful view out of my window with fine drizzle. Then it was time for Gym and I tried almost all the equipments in the gymnasium. All of us in a group went on for the breakfast..
For me personally, it was an opportunity to know a bit more about the familiar faces of D2QA and to enjoy moment of togetherness with full heart.

Parijat’s recollection
The program got interesting with Badri’s talent of describing people’s nature based on their sunshine, Abhisekh’s cricket coach, Geetika’s dance with Hitesh and Prashant. Charu, Awanish, Dilip singing talent were known to many then only. The kabbali, caricature of managers went on till the midnight.
The next day’s event was more of a formal event. Our DOE Mr. Hitesh explained the importance of timely team building in a department. Also the Employees of the Quarter were announced who were Binod Pathak, Mahesh Kansakar and Awanish Ranjan. Besides, there were lucky draws and ‘guess the price’ rounds. Prizes were distributed to the winners and the best performers of the previous day.
Such events really help in getting along with the team and perform better in coming days. Last but not the least I would like to thank the organizers Susmita, Pallavi, Ravi, Sudeep and Satyajit who put on their hard work and time out of their busy schedule to organize such events.

Anuj Recollects:
What to start with? The whole package of D2QC Team Build party was an assortment of fun, fantasy and laughter; it was indeed one of the best weekends I have ever had, in one of the best spots I have ever been to and with one of the best teams I have ever spent my time with.

And this team build party showed to us the orbit that we can still adventure happily. It was certainly a farewell to ongoing academic life with an welcome to the professional life, and at the same time it was a moment to realize that the fun in life always emerges no matter to which life we transit with time.

Friday eve was undeniably a thunder of laughter. We the newcomers, were asked to start with our facts and acts and so we did. I got to know some interesting attitudes of my nearby friends and with the ease and comfort I could gather, I was even astonished to know myself and the most funniest part that I had. Oh my god! Who could have expected me banging my head in the Ads jingles…well, I never had realized that extreme. Certainly, my long hair came to a meaningful use that day!
After the dinner, it was even more amusing to watch the lively acts of Prashant dai, Surendra dai, Pratik dai and yes of course the laughter champ Sudeep dai. They were remarkably good in bringing forth the typical gestures and comical charms that others had. With the twisted belly and swollen throat with continuous laughter, we surrendered to the comfort of the Royal bed in our rooms.



  1. Mustang,

    Well i totally respect your comment and all but dude i think if you didn’t like that then maybe you should’ve done something new rather than saying “tara sadhai ko tehi HARI BANSHA”. Almost all were laughing when he imitated Hari Bansha. It may be common for everyone to imitate Hari Bansha but he did it with his own style and flair. You should respect that. Also you gotta realise that the team was with him and were enjoying his humor. Sorry to read your comment.

  2. When someone told to something better NOT to say ‘NO’. Thence, I imitate “HARI BANSHA” in my one way without any intention to irritate other.

  3. It was Year 2006 when I passed my career\’s most crucial test. And there you are, I find you all around, Chaos……. I like swimmers in specs; it\’s like attempt to defeat the English Channel. Kajrare Kajrare Tere Kare Kare Naina……. I don’t dance. hehehehehe……. Ham Tum Ek Kamra Me Banda Ho Aur Chabi Kho Jaye… Courtesy (Film Bobby)


  4. Unique TEAM BuildinG…….tara sadhai ko tehi HARI BANSHA…tyo chai dikka lagyo…aru sab thik cha.
    Good Job organizers

  5. Team building pani vayo .. ramailo pani atyadhik ramailo gariyo ..
    Spa ko ta kurai na garau kati garyo kati belka behan uthne bettikai …

    moj masti gareko team building chai yahi ho aile samma ko

  6. Atyadhik kada team building… Yesto team building dherai hos… Ravi and the rest of the organizers did a wonderful job… Funfilled events…. Hats off to Mahesh dai, Awanish dai and Binod… Great going guys…

  7. Great job Ravi… Thoroughly enjoyed the Team building… Everyone can make a great flawless plan and only few can execute them… You are among the few Ravi…. Keep rocking…

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