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D2QA Q3-Q4 Team Building @ Hattiban

Recollection from AnupP:

I woke up with a chill and suddenly realized that it’s the day to D2 team building party; my first experience with QA team. My eyes were stuck on my watch and were waiting desperately for it to tick 3PM. Everyone was pretty excited for the trip. We were planning for celebration events and suddenly from nowhere Sagar yelled ‘Anup!, Lockton Warehouse is on its way; going to be late for celebration”. Oh! Come on, it was quite mournful but fortunately it was shifted for Monday.

We headed to Hattiban at 3.30 and with a long, exhausting but amusing journey reached the resort. The celebration continued till late night. I was really amused to see the team spirit. Everyone was participating and each and every event was just fantastic. I also got myself involved with a song from an Indian movie. I enjoyed everything but the act by Sangeeta Dee was fabulous. Summarizing, it was a wonderful trip. Thanks to everyone for organizing the events and offering me the opportunity to participate in the hunt. It was a great opportunity for me to get familiar with QA tem.

Experience of AdamM:

I thought it was a same chilled morning when I woke up. Began to prepare for same routine to the office, but all of sudden I realized that it was a day for the team building party. Hurrah! A new stream of excitement began to run through my body. After all it was my first D2 team building party. I collected all the necessary items needed and headed toward the office. After all regular work in the office and farewell of some of my seniors, me along with my colleagues left for Hattiban Resort. After overcoming the entire traffic hurdle finally we reached the end of the pitched road to the way of the resort. After that we started to climb the hill. It was just like a hike. It was near about 6 pm when we reached at the resort. I was really exhausted and hungry. After that I became fresh and joined with other members for campfire, where different programs were performed. The results of the QA Poll were announced and winners were awarded. After that new comers performed their talent in which I sang a song and I was truly amazed to see different hidden talents of my colleagues. After that some of my seniors recited poetry while some sang different songs which really made the environment enjoyable. It was fun to see Mr. Sudeep Khatiwada caricaturing different people. Then we had dinner at around 9 pm.

Thereafter some were gathered to sing and dance while others went to their respective rooms. Me along with some of my colleagues however gathered for playing cards. We played cards for around two hours and then intended to join Night Hike groups. But unfortunately the Night Hike was completed before I could join; so along with my room partner Sanjish, I headed to my room. Sanjish shared his experience of Night Hike. Then I slept at around 4 am. I woke up in the morning, only sleeping around 3 hours. We had breakfast and then gathered for the formal team meeting where Hitesh gave a brief description about his experience about team building party and future plans of the team. Then we left the Resort at around 12 pm with all the sweet memories of joy and happiness which I had spent with my colleagues.

What ElizaS felt about the Team Building Party:

This would not be wrong if I say that this team building was the most awaited event for me and the reason is not only it was my first team building but also I really needed a change than that of home to office and office to home environment ever since I joined D2.

After the troublesome hike from base to the resort, it took no time for me and supriya to step into our room and our first expression after having a glance of valley from our balcony was like ‘WOW’.

Everything went on as expected. The campfire, dancing, singing rejoiced everybody. Every one enjoyed the seniors sharing their funny activities. Supriya’s proposal to hitesh dai, Sudeep’s act of haribansh acharya, was best and fun moments of the entire event.

After the dinner, our gang (Pari, AG, BIP, and Awanish) gathered in charu di’s room and played antakshari till midnight and again after that we went for night walk. It was nice time spent with my colleagues that night and I felt my sleep was the shortest that night. The dawn next day was signaled by Binod dai’s voice. We woke up and planned to head for a hike to CHAMPADEVI. So most of us went for breakfast in hurry as we had to return in time for the QA all hands meeting. After a bulky breakfast, we were all in way of our hike. It will certainly take long time to forget the way we all crossed the barbed wire for that hike. I personally felt like winning a battle after successfully crossing the barbed wire. Then it was time to see the view of valley from the top. I never felt this valley would look so beautiful from any place.

We concluded our team building with all hands meeting and at the end; certain gifts were presented to all the new hires. The team building for me was like re-living the college days full of fun, and a kind of experience that brought a shared sense of belongings to all my QA mates.

What ShilpaG has to say about the Team Building Party:

I was extremely excited before leaving for the trip to Hattiban Resort and my excitement knew no limitations as we reached the place with beauty that was truly natural.

I had one of the wonderful evenings full of joy and laughter with D2QAians at their best, flaunting their talents. QC poll results, Supriya’s marriage proposal, SudeepK’s mimicry, Thakur dai’s poetry, every bit of it was fun; I don’t think we could ask for more. Sitting together and singing to the tunes of guitar played by Ravi dai, Hitesh dai, felt great. Mid night hike was another adventure that is worth mentioning; had never experienced something like that in the middle of the night without light…….

Chatting with roommates, listening to Sangeeta di’s experiences left me with memories that will be cherished for the rest of my life.

All hands meeting, the next day, got all of us updated with the activities ongoing inside the company. It was an immense pleasure witnessing the awards distribution to the outstanding performers of the department. Receiving gift from the team for being a new member was interesting; I have it on my dressing table at home and it reminds me every time of the sweet gesture that my department had planned for us.

This team building party served as an excellent opportunity for me to know people and get closer to the ones I already knew.

I would also like to appreciate the effort that organizers had put in to make the event a success.

It was indeed a great team building party!

Words from SupriyaT:

Was that just a fun? Certainly, not. Well, I could have taken it that way, but let’s be professional, or shall I say about the logic behind? 😉

That was with no doubt a fine gathering and a chance to get with each other. Being for the first time in team building at D2, I was wondering, how it will be like. It went right, and full of fun though it was kind of deceiving at the beginning to walk about 2 kilometers of steep. However; where there is a will, there is a way: the ultimate goal of the team building party is to have fun, and consequently, we ended up making a short hike fun-filled one.

I, personally, appreciate such idea in professional life. It makes us quite at ease and comfortable while doing our work. Such activities motivate employees and make them feel as if they are working with friends rather than with colleagues. In other words, it helps in making a family environment in our work place if we know each other (even when we are drunk). This will eventually put into practice the saying: The team is family- family is life!!!!

Add some events that you’ll laugh at…later.

The voting winners of QA Poll are as below :-

1 Mahesh Kansakar – The Funniest Person of QA
2 Adam Manandhar – Best new face of qa
3 Sudhir Shrestha – Chatterbox of QA
4 Mohita Joshi – Lady with an attitude
5 Sudeep Ghimire – Style Icon of QA
6 Awanish Ranjan – Never found at his/her desk
7 Sanjeet Baidya – Most decent in QA
8 Awanish Ranjan – Slothfull QA
9 Subin Shrestha – Most regular at work
10 Hitesh Karki – Eligible Bachelor – Male
11 Shilpa Shrestha – QC Killer
12 Sushmita Pote Shrestha – Most eligible Bachelor – Female

0 thoughts on “D2QA Q3-Q4 Team Building @ Hattiban

  1. Well vishnu dai, the pleasure was all ours.. We enjoyed very much and we hope you enjoyed even more… Feri pani tyestai garnu parcha Vishnu Dai… If “Team Building” continues…

  2. Pratik it was your reflection – you see special because you are special. The morning glory I enjoyed as much as you did.

    If you have had poured water on me instead of glass I would not mind just for sacred soul that you intake.

    You people offered me jubilant holiday – Thank you!

  3. “This team building party served as an excellent opportunity for me to know people and get closer to the ones I already knew.”

    “The team is family- family is life!!!!”

    Nice write up!

  4. Well it was really nice that sangeeta didi provided us with some warm cushion heated in the bonfire…. Searching drink in the middle of the night… and by drink i meant water….

    All in all it was a ful filled team event and hopefully we can have more team building in the future…. with the same team of course…. Vishnu dai really made it even more special with his presence… And i shall always remember the morning madness with Vishnu dai… Truly amazing…. and sorry vishnu dai i didn’t meant to pour water in your glass.. absolutely unintentional…

  5. Nice story and a nice moral…. i totally agree with you… and i am sure everyone must’ve learned something… at least who is what and who can only mingle with whom… at least i did…

  6. Great evening, well coordinated. Every moment, every act, all the songs and dances, jokes and poetry, laughter and chats… everything was so perfect. QA Team building is always fun filled.

  7. It was indeed a great team building party, everything was well organized and went smooth. Those little acts of Supriya, Suddep. those 2 QA tara’s (Shilpa Gorkhali and Anup Poudel) those funniest awards, guest speakers with their KABITA, Night hike coordinator and the lead everything is so perfect and memorable.
    Thanks to organizing committe, thanks for such a wonderful plan to make this event a memorable one and Thanks to the MANAGER(PRATIK) for being there all the time, taking care of everyone else.

    We really had loads of fun…………

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  9. keta haru ho je sukai bhana hitesh beats all of you. Picture 34 is awesome. wonerful photo capture and amazing person in it.

  10. QA people had a spectacular Team Building this time. Picture speaks thousand words. Who is that guy @ Picture 34? Is he from QA or some outsider ?

    just a question, liked that snap….

  11. QC ko Team build daami bhayeko jasto cha… tara I miss photos from the hike they went!!! ani hamro wagle ko experience chahi kina narakheko?? hehe…

    Photoes are awesome!!!! 34 is great!! 30 is the best for guys 😛

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