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D2Hawkeye Workshop on “Our Managers” and first ever Cultural Program

There is always an air of expectation for a D2 All-Hands Meeting (AHM) and moreover, when you have the CEO and CTO present in the same AHM, the mood is entirely different. Such an AHM promises to be different and with lot of useful insights. This time also the AHM was a different one.

The following paragraphs shed some light on the recent Workshop, All-Hands and F-ever D2 Cultural Program 07.

Date : Oct-31-2007

Venue : Hotel Yak & Yeti
Hall : Regal
Time : 1:00pm-10:30pm
Report : AnupS
Caption: Aashish Koirala
Creative Support: NishchalS

Prior to the AHM, under the supervision of Rudra Pandey (CTO), a small workshop was organized within the Regal Hall of Yak & Yeti. The workshop focused on finding the answers to some of basic questions that revolved around the D2 Managers’ traits and qualities. The workshop was really helpful as it brought out some of the important insights on the managers of D2. Based upon the conclusion of this workshop, Rudra , gave a presentation about how the D2ians thought about the managers at D2. This session was highly interactive and was appreciated by everyone. Rudra has to be accredited for coming up with such a noble idea that helped the managers to know what they were lacking and in which areas they were good. We definitely look forward to such workshops in the future as well.

After Rudra’s presentation, it was Chris Kryder’s (CEO) turn to deliver his speech to the awaiting D2ians. His presentation focused on developing and grooming the employee to become entrepreneurial. For any organization to grow and evolve, it is more than necessary for it to have staffs that innovate. Chris presented the exact sentiments in his presentation. He also talked about the necessity for the organization and D2 to continue to learn in this fast changing environment. The theory precipitated by Peter Senge on “Organizational Learning” is more than applicable these days. It is indeed necessary for an organization to learn and Chris vowed that D2 will keep on learning and innovating to compete in this era of globalization.

The AHM then was followed by the much anticipated D2 Octo Fest. D2 Octo Fest, a cultural program developed, designed and organized by D2 employees, started amidst the presence of top level management, D2’s client and all the D2-Nepal employees. The D2 Octo Fest featured following events during its 3 hours’ rendition.

Rocktober: Ooz
Nepali full instrumental band music performance
Participants: DhilungK, KumarK, AbhishekC, GauravJ, BishwaS

Jhamke Fuli
Nepali folk group dance
Participants: ShreeyaS, ShaileeG, TejasweeS, ShameshJ, NabinK, RajendraS

Madalu Ko Dui Tira Tani
Nepali solo folk dance
Participants: SurendraA

Darpan Chhaya
Nepali all girls dance
Participants: MonikaS, UshaRD, DiptiK

Laato Desh Ma Gaando Tanneri
Nepali improvisational comedy drama
Participants: SurendraA, AnupS, LavaK, SitaP

Cristal Fusion
Nepali modern group dance with Latin influences (salsa)
Participants: RajanS, BineshS, AashishK, SudeepK, NipunT, SupriyaS, ShreeyaS, NamrataP, ShaileeG, AnupaM

Nepali acoustic song performance
Participants: AnishGV, RaviS, RajendraS

Khotalaun Aandra Bhudi
Short Nepali comedy skit
Participants: SantoshK, ShameshJ

Kal Ko Paani Raksi Ganaayo
Nepali comedy “bhatti” group dance
Participants: AwanishR, AnishGV, BikeshBR, BikramLS, ManishS, MilanS, MonikaS, RajuM, SabeenS, SitaP, SudeepS, TejasweeS

Rocktober: Epsilon
Nepali full instrumetnal band music performance
Participants: RaviS, RiteshK, RejanK, AashishK, SubodhG, KapilP, SuyeshN, LunaG

The D2 Octo Fest was definitely a great event. Nobody expected to go that well as it was the first of its kind in D2. The top management was more than impressed by the show. The joint effort of all the employees culminated into one wonderful program, D2 Octo Fest. The show ended with a simple hope and expectation that such an event will be continued in the future as well.

Outcome of workshop on “D2Managers”

001 The Regal gets ready for the day

002 Sushmita and Usha seem excited aboutthe workshop

003 Chris likes to talk

004 Rudra hands out the questionnaires

005 Mohana helps out

006 Questionnaire pugchha haina

007 Hard at work (shop)

008 Hmm, three qualities

009 Nischal dai le ke lekhechha

010 Looks like they’re giving an exam

011 Smriti’s got it nailed

012 And the answering continues

013 Nilesh invigilates

014 Bhaskar deep in thought

015 Hmm, three things I would do as a manager

016 Quite a bit of discussion going on

017 The next round begins

018 The discussion heats up

019 How much do you expect me to put in brackets

020 How many are ready to be manager re…

021 Ya, ya, we’re almost done

022 And the final round begins!

023 Chris and his smaller group

024 The cool dudes of D2

025 Cheer up, Shreeya

026 Diversity in heights

027 We love the workshop, we don’t wannaleave!

028 D2 takes over YNY

029 Young hearts

030 Chris and the ladies

031 Putting the presentation together

032 Fruits of the workshop

033 Rudra presents

034 Anup speaks

035 Doug Berman shows up in Chris’ presentation

036 The D2 Admin Triad- Vishnu, Mohana and Anupa

037 Mohana, Branka, Eric, Barbara and Rudra

038 Always a party at D2

039 Surendra, Manisha, Anupa – getting ready for the show

040 Anjana – queen of the Octo-Fest

041 Ya, feel much better now!

042 Anjana and Prabin makkha

043 Anjana opens the show

044 Sita and Anup take the stage

045 Sita and Anup introduce Ooz

046 Hindda hinddai dobaatoma…

047 Bishwa on the skins

048 Farki farki nahera malaaai….

049 Ooz plays on

050 And we love them

051 Timi bhane!!

052 Jhamke fuli naakaima bulaaki

053 Yespaali ta gharbaar hola ki

054 Patuki le kammar ma baadhera

055 The teasing continues

056 Shailee, Shreeya and Tejaswee

057 Surendra takes over!

058 And the audience loves it!

059 Bhatkaidinchu dui tale ghar pani

060 Chhaina malai kasaiko darr pani

061 Monika, Dipti and Usha with the lights

062 Careful, ladies!

063 Herunjel ko samjhana

064 Phutepachhi birsana

065 Zindagani darpan chhaya

066 Manisha and Gaurav take the stage

067 Laato Anup and jadyaaha Surendra

068 Lava joins the cast

069 And so does Sita

070 Surendra for Oscar!

071 Kudos to Anup for keeping his face that way throughout!

072 Cristal what!

073 Lined up and ready to salsa

074 Heating it up

075 Spinning around

076 Damn, how many beats till the end!

077 And touche!

078 Did it, and didn’t screw up!

079 Rajendra, Anish and Ravi

080 Mero aankha ma!

081 Santosh is Dongol ji

082 Yo pani D2 re, tyo pani D2 re

083 Director jati sab chasma laaune

084 Supriya and Aashish take the stage

085 The bhatti dance begins

086 Whoa, Sudeep with his expression

087 Saahunis looking good!

088 Aamai le bhanthe dhaara ko pani

089 Kalo kalo kesh timro setai bhaigayo,tara kalo anuhar chahin…

090 Tararara tomba taani

091 Mayhem!

092 The show is far from over, introducing Epsilon

093 Nahera malai!

094 Aashish on the drums

095 Kundan is about to explode!

096 Samhali raakhein Luna le

097 Rock to aakashaima

098 Chaubandi cholo, kalo sari

099 And the people go wild!!

100 Yo joban timi lai diunlaa!!!

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  1. Those were the cherished memories: practice sessions despite of odd hours, support of band members and organizing committe. Audience Mattered as well. Enthusiastic cheering of audience made the show rock. All in all the show rocked.

  2. 👿 Looking forward to banging the head in the future as well Suyesh..You keep on performing like you did, i surely will be there to bang my head… 😈

  3. Yeah Suyesh cheers indeed. i am looking forward to banging my head ➡ 😈 in the future as well….

  4. All those time spent for practice wasn’t waste….it was just a wonderfull moment performing on the stage..

  5. This is awesome, thank you Anjana, thank you everybody. I am jealous, this is too good. I am not sure how long I will spend gazing all the moment that you guys have. Appriciated!

  6. yeah, seems to be a very interesting workshop ? Where is the outcome summary, love to read them . Dance photo were great yeah!!!
    Dil garden garden ho ga ya. 🙂

  7. yeah.. what was the out come of the workshop ? Seems to be really interesting workshop. Love to read the outcome.

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