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D2Hawkeye Services and growing competitions

D2Hawkeye Services is one such IT organization in Nepal that stands out from most of the companies in the way it has a great working environment with divergent skills of people in the IT sector. Not just that, the remuneration given in the company is one of the highest in the market. It is also believed to be the only organization in the entire nation that was able to achieve a much acclaimed Certification of CMMI III. The company has shown tremendous growth in the market starting from a number of less than 10 to almost 300 in a few years time.
However, the only company assumed to be the best one in IT until a few months ago may not be any more with the advent of new companies in the same sector.
The organization may not have threats from long existing companies like Mercantile, World Link or World Distributions as they deal with local clients. However there are other companies like Javra, LinkTree, Pioneer Solutions that deal with clients outside Nepal. As these companies emerge to grow better, there will be a competition opened to the IT talents of the country.
The closest tie that D2 can assume is the establishment of a company who in nature is very similar to D2. It is called “Deerwalk Inc” and has many operations close to D2.
Deerwalk also has its main targets as interns from Pulchowk Campus, a renowned engineering institute from the country, as claimed in its web site: http://www.deerwalk.com. It also is an off shoring company with its head office in Massachusetts like D2 has. Besides, it also claims to be a CMMI company following many processes D2 does.
It looks like this organization has borrowed lots of ideas from D2 or it could be a mere coincidence.
In any case, such company establishments always work as a boon for the country, leveraging the skill set of Nepali IT professionals as well as boosting the economy of the country.

89 thoughts on “D2Hawkeye Services and growing competitions

  1. sarkai tira lagne mero nirnaya khera gayena cha…thanks malaipanijhukkaye…feelin lot of relief not selecting on d2 hehe…gudluck guys…ma chai bachechu.. 😀

  2. @d2 and dw je lekhnu bhayo sarai chitta bujhyo … D2 ko hr le malai jhukkyaera hire garyo … thag rahecha N… kk facility chaarreee bhanyo bhare sabai 1 year pachi paune re… ani performance ramro bhayo ki ramro increament re ,2 mahina ko kam 5 din ko dead line dincha … tha pai pai … ani performance ta ramro dekhine nai bhayo ki ,bchara ma kaha phase chu … aba arko company ma janu pani kasari .., dikka bhaisaken … din bhari pelcha …

  3. d2 time 9-6 vane pani morning 4 baja auna ko crowd hun6 ani rati 12 baje jane ko crowd hun6,,,, week ko 5 din gada gasto joteyara 2 din aaram garne bela hiking ko natak huncha.

    sometime canteen ko table overlapping gari sutne ko laam hun6

    bigyapan ma CMMI3 ko phui huncha ani gamalama phul hun6

    software and $ out ko lagi create hun6 ani b4ra nepali engineer next generation … hun6

    nepali ko maina ko 300 hun6 sabai paisa out jancha

    nam 6 d2(doctor 2) kaam chai 100 jana jati engg. bata hun6

    logo chai kun chai falconeye company ko duplicate hun6

    copany ko hanimuhali garne auta hun6 ani sabai afno bau ko pewa jasto ho garne 2/4 manager hun6

    hr and $ ko calculation garne ho vane salary nepal gov ko peon ko vanda pani kam hun6

    ani tehi highest salary ko lalipop hun6

    bideshi $ in garne nepali compani hoina nepali pasina out garne company hun6

    baru d2 ko engineer lai hali baneyara khet jote ma nepal ko bikesh hun6

    ani d2 ko training center jasto dw huna aucha hai

    aru more there

  4. Jagir khanu ta sakari khanu, private jun sukai company vaye ni uhi ho.
    Jan pani gadha jasto pelaune nii ho,
    vanna lai 9-6 vanne,
    timesheet ma 50 ghanta puryaune lai red mark le high light parera ajha pelina encourage garne ni ho,
    vacation vanne kun chara ko naam ho tha ni napaune,
    dashain bida ma samet excel ma varera discussion hune nii ho.
    social life zero hune nii ho

    tysaille relax vayera gadha nabani basnu cha vaye private vanda sarkari teera laga sathi ho,
    aba kasailai i love my work, kaam vaneko mero dharma ho, ma mari mari 50-60 ghanta per week kaam garchu ani high command lai khusi banauchu vanne soch cha vaye, good luck vannu bahek k nii vanna sakincha

    jay hos

  5. Guys do your task..take your amount seek the new Opportunity .It the life cycle of employment in IT companies over the globe.No any benefits to quarrel to make the company bigger that you work.Grow up concentrate in your work that will help you and your company to grow.

  6. @Intel, May have vanished in no time and wont run like this as a decade has passed , new technologies has emerged and customers might not remain same, they change, like wants.
    May be DeerWalk may survive if it has new ideas, with, old captain, old sailors, old ship, and similar mindset, it wont succeed either, May be It can never become like D2hawkeye, because it does not have perfect 10 years ago mercantile worldlink manpower hitech himalayan task force like that of d2. D2Hawkeye may need to change those old logic u said to survive, always ruling sucks may be

  7. hahaha nice comment war…going on..continue it.
    Rudra tried to make we all deserving.. instead of bulling.. all bullshit comments try to make ur future secure in D2/DW/somewhere else. there no needs more coments as D2 history is also crystal clear, most came from mercantile or worldnik..etc at that time these were deserving company.. later d2 came on rise and today DW is on stiff few years later DW will lead IT industry nepal… no doubt.

    and one thing is sure… if D2 still shows monopoly from there mid tire managers and sometimes from higher management.. d2 will vanish in no time .. it will be a history… there was d2hawkeye services(added with suffix.. subsidary of veriskhealth) and a good example of “Monopoly ends company” i.e. d2, remember that it took 10 long year to rise but no time to fall down.

  8. Hyaaa, why worry ni? don’t care too much on deerwalk, savantnepal or MRIGANAYANI nice term coined though. Anyway, help nepal, add investments, capital, make new nepal with IT . Best of luck whoever whatever.

  9. you can figure this out:

    Deerwalk CTO Himal Karmacharya used to lead D2 Nepal
    Deerwalk VP of Finance is Rudra Pandey’s wife
    Deerwalk President is Rudra Pandey’s friend

    This is open to all in D2 and D2 is too big to disappear and it is now a wholly owned subsidiary of a 4 billion dollar public company listed in Nasdaq. Ticker symbol is VRSK. Go find.

    Hope this is clear.

  10. ..How come Deerwalk know about old D2 building.. Something doesn’t look Good..Are the people of D2 are comming up with deerwalk? Why..??
    ..IS D2 going to pull out from Nepal leaving us all stranded..We need to know about the Future..How secure now is D2…??? Guys any take on that…

  11. ..Same Building at Bishal Nagar… Similar Hiking Culture… Similar Hike Blogging culture.. Some known Faces..
    How come there is such a similarity ? What is DeerWalk?Who is DeerWalk? The similarity cannot be a coincidence.
    There has to be a link between D2 and Deerwalk. Is there anyone who knows the inside story. I head some bosses from D2 are comming up with that company. ..Can anyone let me know what;s cooking…..??

  12. shame on you lavakafle, you could not find this one from your anonymous source who tried to find inner data folder contents from deerwalk: source: $tval); # give up after ? secs

    Parser timing
    MySQL: 8.0006 s (9 Requests)
    PHP: 3.2160 s
    Total: 5.2166 s
    Error: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]:
    Error type/ Nr.: Warning – 1

  13. Dear “What a Joke”, I did not know that as I am a layman and never knew what is root folder web hosting folder location. Somebody sent me to post that thing and I did a blogger’s duty, I do tweet retweet at times for interesting looking news.
    I only know one thing: If you provide default path of anything to snoopy clerks, they will break through with more “Secure” tools.
    Web Hosting has BEEN a much of nuisance as some crackers recently broke into some sophisticated firewall of US in portion that was publicly hosted.

  14. Deerwalk Hacked OH MY God , Somebody sent me this: See Internal Folder structure of deerwalk.com : /home/webapps/deerwalk/current/manager/includes/controls/class.smtp.php

  15. Its a challenge to you bloggers.
    I am fascianted by your interest upon us. Ok do ethical hacking if you can and host your website from inside our domain if really you guys are capable enough to become expert in software technology.
    I am to write this coz I saw many names there of so called novel ppl, but lets see if they can post everestuncensored org pages from our website.

  16. We love both D2 and DW. One day, they may merge, who knows? These two companies will change Nepal’s IT landscape and employees in D2 are very happy as the company gave opportunities to many talanted engineers and they are all over the world as D2 Alumni and doing great. So will be the case with DW. This is not a company established by a person with few thousands rupees in the pocket. We have President like Ram Pant and CTO like Himal Karmacharya. These guys deny to lose. They are true leaders. We also have Muna Joshi’s big pocket. And we love D2 becuase D2 proved that a true software company could exist in Nepal and D2 change the way eningeers used to be treated like Mercantile, World Link, WDN and others. They were forced to pay higher. Ask creme of D2’s like Omkar, Bijay, Prashant, Hitesh, Navin, Bimal, Upendra, Dilip, Deepak, Binod, Purush, Shankar, Prakash and many others if you have any doubt about it.

  17. I heard DW is already struggling to pay salary! It is not easy to establish a company. O ERICe kata bata yesto gopya kura thaha pais. ta nikai chattu bhayera po niskis ta. ani ko ho ni DW ko director? and also heard that the company is backed by a few multi-millionnaires!

  18. Is The truth soliciting???

    So, from what I hear, the Director of Deerwalk Nepal is a rookie who just graduated out of under grad school and with hardly any experience in software development at professional level. May be that is the reason why DW is eying on seasoned professionals from else where, most notably from D2. Also, what I hear is DW still uses infrastructures left behind by D2 when they migrated to a different location. I wonder if DW pays D2 for using them…or if they don’t, shouldn’t they be returned back? It is open to all that – ethics, which the CTO of DW often advocates about, is clearly lacking.

    God forbid, but from what i read, DW pays so much to its acquired staff, it might just go bankrupt paying monthly payroll…God bless. Peace.

  19. WholeTruth is that D2 Nepal still rocks. We are a subsidiary of 4 billion dollar public company and part of thier growing and most important vertical, the heatlcare. D2 Nepal has the best future in Nepal and American management loves Nepal and Nepali employees because we are so dedicated and smart bunch. Please do not run behind rumor, work hard and stay tuned, more good news on the way.

  20. ohhh So, The Truth is already at Deerwalk.com. Good job! bravo. It will help career prospects grow for those who are worried about their future in Nepal. No other Companies in Nepal they can risk diving into?

  21. The truth is you can feel more secure to work at Deerwalk than in D2 if your plan is to work for a long time. The situation is quite volatile in D2 (not even comparatively speaking). For a short period, for the namesake, D2 would be a far better option. So think accordingly, plan accordingly and execute with god’s help. God bless. Peace.

  22. so, there must be some positive negative elements competing with d2hawkeyeservices with new companies mentioned here and deerwalk.com headquarters is in huge building when traced through Google maps

  23. Weird, you look simply best . there is no other way around. its 10 years effort,toil, and labor ,of people of d2hawkeyeservices that helped them grow.
    Imagine microsoft, what was their size then?
    Good thoughts.
    Keep provoking negative imaginations.

  24. K2, deerwalk is not a competitor of D2. None of the companies in Nepal are D2’s competitor, because (1) none of other companies are involved in US Healthcare market like D2, (2) the size of D2 is now so big that all others are nothing compared to D2, (3) we don’t even know the capacity of deerwalk – is it 20 ppl company or 3 ppl? does it has currently 10 projects or not a single project? who knows…

    If any other company dominates D2 in future, then its completely fault of D2 employees..you should have worked efficiently and effectively; you should have built proper structure; you should have planned properly to stay No.1 in competitions..

    So, if you are a D2 employee, act proper rather than making noise. Look at FanK2, learn from him/her.

  25. Sure D2 should comtinue till eternity like microsoft and google, else everybody will get ruined. deerwalk.com and othwers wont buzz a bit without manpower. nepal government has made araraangement so if d2 has > 300 ppl, it pays only 90% tax, so 10% tax extra bonus to employees.

  26. Competition is always good but working/helping for a competitor of D2 while still at D2 is unethical. Hope D2 management is looking into this. We have a good thing going for us here at D2 hope it will continue.

  27. It is really weird to compare a just-established <10 person company with a giant company with 250+ employees and 8 yrs+ experience. How people can think that deerwalk can be a threat to D2?? Is D2 so much weakly structured that any other company can take over it, if handful of good employees leave and join the other company?

  28. competiton bhandai maa D2 ko momnopoly thyo 350 users raakhera, aru le manpower napaaune, aba balla dekhlaas, aru le laanchhan

  29. true true old ox is better than new ox, old cow is bettter than new cow, old buff is better than new buff, old women is better than new women

  30. if you do not believe the middle path to happiness and salvation click my link here taken from mysansar from Bajrayaan.
    So, Anything is allowed if it takes to God.
    You guys open multiple competitive companies , have perfect manpower and win, bravo get money , money and money, for money is god achievable only through software companies like yours.

  31. Dear anti Nepali you are bull…. wrong . We are proud to be the largest company working in software arena with lots of investment from Boston. Savant has nothing and D2hawkeyeservices has no own money but foreign owned. We are totally Nepal based Nepali owned enterprise. We have best manpower not available in your United States.

  32. True Makalu, you guys have nothing. Fuel, Investment, daily commodities, all from foreign country. You guys have no entrepreneurship to create more and more jobs, and make more money. Whatever finger countable software companies you have, they are also dwindling. One thing is true. I inherited like michael jackson’s children. I am sorry, I do not wish to be in Nepal because of violence, crime there. Our US Government has warned not to go there at any cost. Since I prefer investment and business , I would love to see IT companies nurture there and me, getting more and more profits.
    HMM, I have your answer : You guys do not have suitable and best manpower in nepal to compete with modern world businesses.

  33. To anti nepali: You still did not answer this bit.

    “you nepalese have nothing of your own” – where are you trying to go with this statement? What do you exactly mean?

    For a person seemingly passionate enough to invest $10 mil. (at least) in Nepal, you do not seem to know the place very well. Otherwise you would not categorically state what you did – that Nepalese do not have anything of their own.

    Have you been to Nepal?

    Were you born with all your riches or did you work and earn it?

  34. Yes, I completely agree with Subha…There is no point in crying over establishment of new companies.$.If new companies could sustain and grow in future, that will not only beneficial for the country but also for D2 employees too..

    It seems that this article was merely posted for creating controversies..

  35. just making big fuss out of nothing. its always better that companies establish and grow in nepal. good for people that they have job opportunities here rather than working for american slaves with no dignity no respect and more over contributing nothing to the nation. it really doesnt matter who is the owner unless and until they are creating more jobs and competition in the market. that is what work ethics should be for any enterprenuer to create more jobs. be it deerwalk or savant. or anyother. what difference does it make. competition is always good. and cant poeple grow outside the boudaries of one’s regular job and try and create more opportunities for students and job seekers ? give kudos to guys at savant and deerwalk for the jobs they are creating.

  36. Is this True? I am proud of my old fren…ajha IOE bata recruit pani garne re…Deer run bhannu parla

  37. Saathi ho, hos gara. D2 aba arko company ko bhai sakyo, kunai pani bela Nepal bata jana sakcha. Tes pachi feri deerwalk ma nai gayera kaam garnu parla.

  38. if you have money compete man else rely on our investment. Don’t use vulgar words if you are learned educated man. be civilized and open many software companies like in Silicon Valley CA USA.

  39. Growing opportunity is a good news, whatever it may be. Whats the wrong in opening new company with old concept, if the owner is virtually same.

  40. dear IT person what do you really want to light us at?
    is it that you want to create a controversy by posting your article?
    or is it, that you want others to know about Dearwalk or deerwalk … what ever it is….

  41. I was grown in northern arizona and my name is james kellogs. I want to help you nepalese become richer.

  42. I am US citizen monitoring Nepalese software companies as I want to invest at least 10 million dollars. If you have any prospective ideas write here.

  43. To anti nepali – thanks.

    What is your nationality?

    “you nepalese have nothing of your own” – where are you trying to go with this statement? What do you exactly mean?

    Why do you monitor us?

    It is all very interesting. Shed some light please.

  44. deereye is mriga nayani would be better name for new company to compete with D2Hawkeye

  45. It’s been really long that I have blogged, is that true, naa…. naaaah. Joking, I am frequent blogger here. I maintain my Hawkeye. Look, it’s not just Giddha but Syaal (Lomadi in Hindi) eye, has to be fixed on your forehead. D2Hawkeye a real big name in IT industry in Nepal and wish in US too, leading from its all fronts. Setting examples by hiring and firing skills in autocratic manner. I have heard many examples of such kind happening with poor Nepalese skills. I admire HR and it’s beautiful brain and conducts. May God bless…… rest time will speak. Hail US Green Card… Hahahaha…….. I wish i could have.


  46. Rich merchant didn’t have any servants, he had human resources.
    Now this may be the result of rich merchant treating his human resources as not resources but his asset.

  47. Analogy is nice….just perfect….D2ko ta andra bhudi nai niklela jasto cha…..keep on posting comments …….

    Hawk Eye = Giddha jasto aankha
    Deer Walk = Mriga Jasto Chaal

    Next is Hawk Walk…

  48. Hawk Eye = Giddha jasto aankha
    Deer Walk = Mriga Jasto Chaal

    What next? Tiger Waist? 😀

  49. there was this rich merchant who owned a large business. he had many servants working under him. out of them, two servants thought that they had gained all the know-how of business and decided to start something on their own.
    scenario 1: had they left the merchant and started something, the merchant would have felt sad, but understandable and ethical.
    scenario 2: but what they choose instead is, they stay with the merchant but instead, they ask another friend of theirs to start the business in his/her name and they get all the vendors, all the clients and some other servants of the merchant towards their new business staying within the boundaries of the merchant’s business. how eithical is that!

  50. This is nothing but a cheap ad of a company. I wonder how a company can be ‘off shoring’ and how it can be CMMI company if it has just started.

  51. about other many companies listed in Registrars offcie that earn more than 70 million rupees per year

  52. The words like CMMI , 3R’s(result, reflect, repeat) like of D2’s D3(document, do and document), using pictures from EU.
    Familiar words:- Products, Services.

    “It looks like this organization has borrowed lots of ideas from D2” not only ideas, some employees as well. Other details will be soon revealed as time comes.

    for the time being, one thing is for sure.. the word “D” in D2 and Deerwalk has some value and the company deerwalk is established by someone from @ d2.

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