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D2Hawkeye 4th Annual Day

D2Hawkeye 4th Annual Day – to begin with lights, camera & action are the words which will best describe the annual day. So many vibrant color lights on stage blue, red, green to name a few. Click, click, click, action roll cameras & unbeatable nonstop smashing performance one after another. It was not less than any international performance.

Every lunch time & every evening loud music in TT Hall, bunch of people  huffing  & puffing managing to get the steps right. Many excited audience peeping through the door. Guitar strings tuning, D2HS Vocalist managing to get their lyrics right. MC’s rushing for the practice with the write up in their hand. All this Cultural hustle & bustle was the grand preparation of the Annual day Octofest.

On Oct 29th 2010 a bright sunny day Max Temperature 23 degree at Yak N Yeti – at around 11 o’clock all the participants gathered at the hall for the final rehearsals on the stage, dressing room very chaotic filled by the participants & preparation going behind the stage and the main hall getting filled by D2HS members. At around 4 in the darkness of the hall emerged the voice of Nisha Bhalami and she swept the mood of the audience with more cheers & more screaming getting them ready for the D2HS Cultural rollercoaster ride.

Jeny and Asim were the first pair of hosts for the evening and they greeted the audience and welcomed the first performers on stage. The instrumental piece by Jnaneshwar Bohara and Chandra Man Shrestha playing madal and flute respectively was very soothing and at the same time it brought goose bumps and the audiences were clapping and enjoying the musical show. What followed this was the song “Jahan chan budhha ka ankha” by Prakash Manandhar. This was the first time we saw Prakash performing on stage alongside Hitesh on guitar. After that Raunak Tuladhar along with his band performed the song “Hamro Nepal.” It was a very energetic performance and reflected the feelings of the Nepalese people.

What followed was the new pair of Emcees – Rebika Dangol and Prajowal Tuladhar welcoming the next performers on stage. With the theme of Unity in Diversity, a group of dancers in different local but traditional costumes danced to the song “Paschim koi Purba Ghar.” It was spectacular to see the Nepali national flag raised high at the end of the performance. The next performance was a beautiful all girls group dance on the song “Maitighar.” It was then followed by a unique skit performed by 3 of the most talented actors of D2. It was based on the theme “Gaun Khane Katha (Village Eating Competition).” The skit was filled with witty punches and had a hilarious script. It was then followed by a beautiful Bhojpuri duet dance. Then came a surprise for all of us – our very own Chris performed live! He was all dressed up and sang like Elvis Presley. All of us were happily surprised to see another dimension of Chris’ persona.

After a short food and drinks break of about 45 minutes, Jeny and Asim then invited D2 Models  for a fashion show which displayed the evolution of costumes and gadgets. All of the participants were looking stunning and in no way less than professional models. It was a treat to watch the transition in costumes from older times to the modern times. The reactions of the audiences were mind-blowing. Then came another surprise for the audiences – Perry hit the ramp in Nepali national costume with the music of flute being played in the background looking very handsome. Ritesh and his band members continued the musical journey performing ever so energetically and reviving the audiences.

Prerana and Badri were the last pair of hosts for the evening. The musical excellence started by Ritesh was continued by Biswadeep with the song “Gaun Gaun Bata Utha Basti Basti Bata Utha.” The song was followed by a beautiful group dance number – a Tamang Selo. What followed next was another superb foot tapping modern group dance. Then came another surprise spontaneous skit, a mock interview. Finally, the event came to a close with back to back musical performances by D2 singers.

To sum it up the whole event was a synchronization and combination of many varieties of performances which were the finest and insightful in their own respects. The auditorium came alive with those energetic performances. It was a musical affair – with the audience who were musical enthusiasts. It was a dance affair – with the performances that set the audience breathless. It was a food affair – with so many exotic gastronomic delights on the plate.

All’s well that ends well so was the 4th D2Hawkeye Annual Day 2010. Due credit must be given to all the coordinators, emcees, performers, band members, musicians, choreographers and the technicians who gave their best to make this event a successful one. It was a spectacular event – one more great memory to be recalled and cherished by all D2Hawkeye members.

Behind the screen Spicy chitchat uncensored
Make-ups before start)
I was standing inside the makeup room with my suit on. Nisha said “Asim, you’re looking smart.” I was all smiles. Soon after Sudeep Khatiwada (Bhutann Sharma ) approaches me and asks “ dai, we need some chairs for skit, could you please manage it for us.” I was confused, what is this guy talking about. I said no I can’t. He replies me back “Aren’t you the hotel guy? Who is going to manage it if you won’t?” I said no man I one the Emcees for the program. He gives me a smile and says “Bro I am really sorry. He He….. .” Damn he spoiled my smiley face.

Jnaneshwor was really upset because his name was pronounced mistakenly as Janeshwor in spite of Gyaneshwor. He was telling all MCs to please announce it correctly. But his efforts went in vain as Rebica prounced him as Janeshwor on the stage and I just went on laughing.

First timers (Debutants) say…….
Nimesh (Tamang Selo)
I was never up for dancing and that too in front of such a huge audience. One of my friends suggested my name for dance. At first I thought of it as a joke and never imagined that I would perform. Then as my friends told me it was going to be great, I was up for the ‘Experience of a Lifetime’.

Rushing to practice after wrapping up the day’s work was always a challenge for us and the fun part was to do silly dancing moves after hectic work schedule like we were in school. At times it was difficult to finish the practice sessions due to hectic schedule, but somehow we managed by sacrificing our weekends.

Then after months of practice, finally the day arrived – Octo-Fest 2010. All of us were nervous but excited at the same time as we were about to perform in front of such a huge crowd. I was particularly not sure whether I would finish it on a good note as I was a ‘lousy dancer’ and this being my ‘first dancing experience’.  But it ended up well and we were very happy.

In short it was an ‘Experience of a Life Time’ for me. I thank my ‘Tamang Selo’ group, our dance teacher and of course D2 for such a great opportunity.

Amit Nepal (Taal ko pani)
“Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, and the things you never want to lose.”

Octofest 2010 – my first experience as a performer! I was worried whether I could live up to my expectations or not. I must say I wasn’t nervous though. I went on to give my first performance, a sigh of relief: it went amazingly well. The crowd enjoyed it and us the musicians as well. So, the first performance was a boost up for me and from then I was like "Hey, if you relish the moment, the crowd will surely do". It was a heartfelt experience for me. I loved each and every part of it.

As one of the great ones said “There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them.” So, not worrying about the failures and trying to give the best; the fest became as one of the memorable moments in D2.

Thank you everyone for enjoying the show and thanks to the co-coordinators’ for letting me be a part of the show.

Awanish (Village Eating Competition).”

It was the very first time that I was going to be involved in any of the play in my life time. First I was a bit reluctant, but after listening to the skit script and idea from Sudeep Khatiwada, my excitement overcame the nervousness. We were left with only four days to practice and chose the training room of ground floor for it. We had only the script skeleton and not any proper dialogues and scenes planned. During the practice, we planned the scenes and dialogues. One of the scenes that made us more satisfied was the one in which both contestant carry the judge to judge’s chair. The funniest practice day was the day when we finalized our getups and I was to be in the getup of an old fellow with long beard and I appeared in that getup during the practice. Our confidence grew more with the presentation of skit to Vishnu Dai, AnupS and some other audience.  All in all, I enjoyed a lot during the practice and the final performance of the play and hope that the audience also had a good hilarious time watching our skit.

and of course D2 for such a great opportunity. 

Shruti Basnet (Modern Dance)
I hadn’t participated in any such cultural programs after school. So after a long time I had this opportunity to do something of this kind. Well as they say dance music is something that can always make a person happy, so was the effect of the dance on all of us, a team of 10. Even though the office work holds more priority, we stilll managed quite enough time for our practice. So without missing this option I would like to thank my team and our trainer for their time and patience.

Performing in the stage is not as easy as practicing for the performance. As I had this performance after a long time I actually was nervous during the first stage practice that very day. But later when the program started and we started getting ready it was all sorted. Well, if I am to say something about the back stage preparations, then I would say that the coordinators had done a good job. There was enough room for all to get ready for their show. Lots of photos and great audience made the show a memorable one for me and I guess the same for all. 

Janeshwor (Purba Pashchim ghar)
The time we managed for practice like after 6.30,before lunch,after lunch,weekends(dancing with hungry before lunch and dancing just afer lunch were really interesting).It was difficult for all group members to be together for practice. Discussing in IM and calling individuals for practice every day was really memorable.These days when I pass through the practice hall in ground floor I miss the moments spent there during a month long practice.Learning dance steps with suraj dai and his team was really interesting (even interesting part was the encouragement from suraj dai just before final performance).I always will miss the moments spent during the practice for d2 fest. It was my life’s one of most memorable part.

Jasmine (Maitighar)
As a coordinator for the dance group in the cultural fest had a very tough moment finding participants for dance. Nevertheless we managed to have 5 girls for the song “maitighar”. This song has been one of my favorites since my childhood. So I took an opportunity to dance in my favorite song. I had Bidha, Mona, Eliza and Shilpa to dance with me. Despite our busy schedules, deadlines, releases we managed to practice almost every day even for 10 – 15 minutes. Since we are not professional dancers, I guarantee the choreographer must have had a hard and bothersome time teaching us. But he taught us without any reprimand and scolding. We had a step where we have to sleep on Bidha’s lap; some of us had their head banged with each other and had funnier moves when we practiced this. We used to practice in our lunch time after we had a lunch, so we were not so energetic and lively during the practice session. I remember the choreographer trying to boost our energy level. In addition, most of us were remembering the meeting time and the tasks to be completed after the long and difficult practice session; these thoughts hardly kept our mind engaged in the dancing floor. Nevertheless the dancing crew is supportive; we observed and corrected each other’s step.  Albeit we were lackadaisical in the practice session, we managed to get appreciation on the grand day. I am grateful to the choreographer and the team member for the determination and victory.

Kapil Pandey (Performer)
It was my fourth year playing in the D2 annual fest and coordinating musical part of it. It always feels great to perform live in that platform with such talented people.

Sanjana (Bhojpuri Dance)
Had a great experience  dancing in Bhojpuri song .It was the first time performing as a boy.

I had to wear moustache ,was really funny. People could hardly recognize me.
It was tough to take out time for dance practice but we finally made it.Also,
how can i forget the one of the dance step where barsha di was to carry me, it was really hard
and couldnot be done at final day.But overall I’m glad that i had this amzing expeirence.
Thanks to our choreographer for his enduring support.

Annual day 2010 – Heart stealers

  1. Perry’s Nepali National Costume
  2. Chris Elvis Presley Performance
  3. Nisha’s  Opening
  4. Bhutan Sharma (Sudeep K)
  5. Jaha chan Buddha Ka aankha by Prakash, Hitesh & Group

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  3. shame shame puppy shame events bad poor organization, poor synching and poor MCs , poor trailer, poor casting, poor performance poor show, poor start

  4. Great Show and Well done guys…It was Rocking ….. “Paschim koi Purba Ghar.” Group dance was spectacular…Very Nice song and Superb composition…..Kudos to the Composer…

    Bhutan skit was awesome too…Suku Great Job…BTW….You Dance well being Lakhe….

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    How about showing how capable you are in the next Cultural Fest?
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    I think you guys have no right to make such offensive comments publicly.
    Rather, do have some guts and gather ur courage n how show us ur capability.

    It’s such a shame that we have such lowly colleagues among ourselves…

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    By the way, MC’s: Well Done GUYS!!! Kip it Up!!!

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