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D2 Waltham Soccer – 8/6/2008

Report: John Cassella

Photo: Siddhi Kayestha
Creative Support: Pawan Shrestha

Football mania has hit D2Waltham. Despite drizzle and the threat of a major downpour almost 20 D2 players took to the artificial surface at Brandeis University. The level of play has gone beyond a friendly pick up match to serious football.

This week Nilesh apparently irritated by some unfriendly blogger comments took over and conducted a clinic. While the usual suspects (Omkar, Tika, PawanP, SudeepA, Upendra and Raju) demonstrated their pitch prowess they were joined by several new comers who raised the level of completion. Chip “Sand Bag” Pulitzer who scored multiple times with ease has much more game time than he admitted. The Ghimire brothers provided some major fire power. Sanjay’s skills prevented him from some significant trash talk and hazing as he showed up with shin guards (for the casual fan they are purely for whimps, real players like PawanS never wear these and his below the knee Kobe Bryant basketball shorts.  Ujwal had his nights confused. While he was outstanding with his speed and ball handling on the pitch he was better attired for a Rafael Nadal lookalike contest than the beautiful game in his sleeveless muscle shirt.

A good time was had by all.  Sadly the next match will be in two weeks as there is a D2 picnic in Henry David Thoreau’s Hood next week.

Nilesh:   Our best striker Tika didn’t get any chance yesterday as we had our new player Chip!!  He was just outstanding and everyone appreciated his skill and fair play. Welcome to the team Chip!

Siddhi managed to take all pictures in action…

The Team –  from Pawan’s creative desk.

picture 01
in action 01

picture 02
in action 02

picture 03
in action 03

picture 04
in action 04

picture 05
in action 05

picture 06
in action 06

picture 07
in action 07

picture 08
in action 08

picture 09
in action 09

picture 10
in action 10

picture 11
in action 11

picture 12
in action 12

picture 13
in action 13

picture 14
in action 14

0 thoughts on “D2 Waltham Soccer – 8/6/2008

  1. great! now that you’re playing regularly, good time to spend on some kits. get sponsor for football boots, shin guards and those long socks too 🙂 they’ll look really nice on the pics

  2. The irritation was just a joke.

    Prashante: The artificial surface is just to good to realize. We think it is even better. so no 😥 , but 😛

    And one more thing, our scrimmage vest is on the way to us.

  3. Superb game. Good to see that intensity as well as participation in game is rising as we jump into the field each time. Lets keep up this spirit going guys. Lets manage to play some other day coming week if our regular play day is going to be obstructed.

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