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D2 Waltham Soccer – 8/28/2008

Reports: Ujwal Shrestha
Caption: Pawan Shrestha
Photo: Shankar Uprety from his iPhone Camera

On Wednesday August 27th, the soccer players from D2 gathered to the Brandeis turf again for a pick game. The weather was gorgeous and somehow none of the Brandeis students showed up so we pretty much got the whole field to ourselves. We had most of the regulars but there were three new stars; Sanjeeve, Shankar and Siddhi. Although Sanjeeve showed up a few minutes late, he managed to show some flashes of brilliance on the field. Shankar and Siddhi also put in some fantastic minutes.  Anil was great with his ball handling skills while Tika and Pawan Shrestha put their endurance and athleticism on display. It was a well-contested five on five battle and we can’t wait to go out there and do it again.

01 group photo

02 group photo

03 about to start

04 AnilS surrounded

05 Ujwal moving forward

06 PawanP blocking PawanS

07 PawanS tackling Sanjeev

08 Sun sets a _game heats up

09 Nilesh makes move

10 ball at Ujwal’s court

10 Nliesh Ujwal

11 All towards Sanjay

12 Tika waiting for pass from PawanS

13 players returning to field

14 Anil heading toward goal

15 goal!

16 Pawanp and Anil

17 Sanjay dribbling ball around AnilS

18 Anil marching forward

19 action time for Nilesh

20 Anil with his sharp moves

21 PawanS driving pass towards Nilesh

22 Anil and PawanP

23 man of the match

24 Ujwal scored

25 time for Nilesh to do his tricks

26 PawansS to kick

27 Tika trying to trick opponents

28 Ujwal intense in game

29 Sanjay watches as Sanjeev fixes shoes

30 PawanP for a golden goal

31 players heating up

32 Pawan about to strike

33 PawanP not giving up

34 who are they?

35 PawanS forward…

0 thoughts on “D2 Waltham Soccer – 8/28/2008

  1. The playground is artificial turf; hence no deterioration. But it is not as much fun as playing in natural grass.

  2. Pictures may appear below par as they were taken using a camera phone (as mentioned in the top of the post).

  3. Do you guys know how to take a photo? Lousy photgraphy – all it shows bunch of kids on green field. No-focus and no close-ups.

  4. Playing ground is so well maintained. I dont know who this is possible. Our Dasrathrangasala is so poorly managed. Cant wait to get there……….

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