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D2 Football – Services vs Products

When you’ve got a hundred and seventy plus people in your own company, you don’t always need to seek opponents outside. And this was justified by a thoroughly absorbing contest between the services and products team last Saturday.

Team Products

Team Services

Amid dazzling sun, the two teams fought with rigor in a tightly balanced contest, and the results reflected the same. The match ended in a 2-2 draw. Sajan scored both goals for products, while a couple of mishits from an otherwise resilient product defense resulted on 2 own goals into the product nets.

yeta aaija na!!!

sade judai

Sashi preparing

Bhanu on the hunt

post match conference

Products ready to go

Manoj charges and charges and…

Kick Off

Saurav joins the company

0 thoughts on “D2 Football – Services vs Products

  1. That ground looks familiar..eheh 🙂
    When did u guys played…didnt see any of u big broda’s around.Looking at the ground(half mowed and half Weeds)..looks like itz Recent???
    Anyway,Haill Football…Thatz the real sports.

    p.s:-We gotta have a famous “DEW” match…eheh

  2. Really enjoyed the game, I nearly did 2 goal, but went out side. But we were perfect and well managed, so were able to let do the goal.

  3. I initially thought that Services would lose as I could see all the veterans at the other side who have been in it for long. Well done guys!! You people are good by default. I will be there to cheer you up next time. 🙂

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