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D2 Football League – Gameweek 7 – Data Daemons Vs. QA Bigfoots

It was a sunny Satuday morning as the game started at 8:00AM. It was a wonderful match between the Data Deamons and QA Bigfoots. It was a must win match for the Bigfoots as a defeat would have surely ended their title hopes. The Bigfoots were without a win in the league. However the pressure to win created a wave of enthusiam among the Bigfoots that encouraged them to play a very attacking game. Within the opening 10 mins the Bigfoots scored two quick goals and their hitman Roshan Gyawali made sure that they were well in front. Bigfoots Captain for the match Hitesh Karki truly led the team as he set up both the goals. The first goal the Daemon conceded was pretty sloppy. It was a fifty-fifty situation between Amendra(GK, Daemons) and Roshan(Bigfoots). However, as the keeper quickly left his goal line to clear the ball it bounced awkwardly leaving his goalpost wide and open and with such an opportunity Roshan took full advantage to capitalize the keeper’s mistake. Within minutes of taking the lead Hitesh fed in a wonderfully measured loop ball to Roshan who simply had to beat the keeper and he did just that with gusto by looping the ball over the keeper’s head. It looked like the party had just begun. However the Daemons made sure they were not to be counted out as they put all their efforts to make a comeback. As the Bigfoots pushed hard to extend their lead Pratik(Bigfoots) misjudged a high ball as the ball looped over him with the Daemons forward Chandraman quickly capitalizing on the opportunity. The Daemons cut the lead to one goal as Chandraman scored with the keeper rooted to his place.

The second half started with both the teams trying to outrun each other. However, midway through the second half Daemons faced a major setback when their goal scorer Chandraman left the field with an injury. Both the teams had some pretty good opportunity during the game but failed to capitalize. The Bigfoots squandered many setpieces as they failed to extend their lead. The Daemons pressed hard to make a comeback but with their scorer injured they simply failed to do so. However during the last minute as QA pressed hard to extend the lead they nearly paid heavily as the Daemons were gifted a golden chance to score a goal. But Aashish(Bigfoots) stood in the way foiling the Daemons comeback as the ball bounced off his chest. Short after that the refree blew the final whistle signaling the end of an enthralling and captivating game.

With the win the Bigfoots cut the lead of the League leader to 5 points. However it’s still a tough way ahead for the rest as the League leader had managed to take a huge lead.

But it’s a league and surely as they say it “It’s not over until it’s over”.


Match Report By: ManikM












0 thoughts on “D2 Football League – Gameweek 7 – Data Daemons Vs. QA Bigfoots

  1. Selaudaina hola… Football ko josh cha keta haru ma…. Well when manik and I first came up with the idea of starting an Inter Dept. football we thought that not many would be interested… We were shocked to see so many participants.. Kahile nasocheko manche haru le suddha participate garay… We were really excited from the very first day… Good to see all the D2ians participating…

    As for the “Selayera janay kura” i think those who understand football, even though they say “easy Khelna”, deep down they know that “Football is war”… No matter what you say or hear or see you have to win..

    So don’t you worry about things coming back to normal.. When it comes to football that is never possible….

  2. I m trying to get people more involved in D2 football. If I say something like “Good match” nobody’s gonna care. “Selayera jana dina hunna” thats all.

  3. Well Tej you can talk the talk and walk the walk as well. Services are on top and you have all the right to talk the talk and walk the walk.. But we don’t care.. You keep talking and we all are like “WHATEVA’ DUDE……”

  4. Actually, it was an away game for QAs…so the title should have read Data Daemons Vs. QA Bigfoots

  5. I like the way how people talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.. figuratively speaking ie…. There isnt a saying – “it ain’t over until it’s over” .. cause that doesn’t make any sense.. think of it.. all it means is u r waiting for it to end.. unless of course if thats what ur trying to do.. But there is a commonly used phrase in Nepali – “easy khelna”.. unfortunately that is worst thing anyone can do in the field… Devilz are more like – “Work hard, Play harder.” nuff said.peace

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