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D2 Football League – Gameweek 10 – Products Pirates Vs. Data Daemons

The final game of the 1st half of D2FL saw Products Pirates climbing to 2nd position in the league after registering a convincing win over Data Daemons.

First goal came in the 10th minute when Daemons goalie misjudged the free kick from Bhabuk (Pirates) and failed to take hold of the ball. Babins (Pirates) quickly capitalized on the opportunity and pushed the ball to the back of the net. Pirates were swarming in number of attempts with 5 of their players in the attacking role. Data largely were compelled to play the defense game. Shortly after the first goal, Vinay (Pirates) added another goal to take the score-sheet to 2-0. He found the ball in his feet and an empty net in-front amidst the crowded Data six yards box after Prajwal (Pirates) tossed the ball in from the right flank. Data came close to narrowing the Pirates’ lead to 1 but Keshab (Pirates) was well positioned to deny a well executed long range shot. As the 1st half came close to an end, Data showed some aggression and had few attempts on and off the target, but none of them paid off.

Pirates brought in another striker Asim, to a little shock, making their intentions clear – ‘to strike some more goals!’

Half time substitution showed the strategic changes in both the teams. Daemons changed their gloves man with Amendra (Daemons) going up front to attack, while Nabin (Daemons) coming back to guard the post. On the other hand, Pirates brought in another striker Asim, to a little shock, making their intentions clear – ‘to strike some more goals!’. Data tried to retaliate in the later 30 minutes of the game and increased the attacks with Nikesh (Daemons) and Chandra (Daemons) but Pirates’ defense was in no mood to let in any. On the other end of the field, Pirates got a spot kick after Vinay (Pirates) was clear off all the defenses and Nabin (Daemons) clutched his feet in an attempt to grab the ball. Bhabuk (Pirates) stepped up and showed the perfect execution of the penalty. Keeper dived in the correct direction but the effort was not enough to stop the 3rd goal from Pirates.

The score stayed 3-0 till the final whistle.

After the mid of the D2 Football League, all teams having played 4 games each, Services are on top of the league with their perfect record and 12 points, Products are vying for the title, 5 points behind the leaders at 7 points, QA chasing them with 2 points deficit, Data with 3 points at 4th and IT at bottom of the table with 1 point.

Match Statistics:
Gameweek 10: May 02, 2009

Products Pirates      3-0       Data Daemons

Babins (10′)                                    

Vinay (15′)                                    

=================Half Time 2-0==================

Bhabuk (45′, P)                                    


Products Pirates: 1-Keshab(GK), 2-Prajwal(5-Sudeep 46′), 3-Manoj, 4-Manish, 7-Bhabuk, 8-Rajiv(C), 9-Vinay, 10-Sakar(12-Asim, 38′), 11-Binod(13-Akash 57′), 14-Raju(6-Bimal, 50′) , 15-Babins

Data Daemons: 1-Amendra(GK), 2-Bijay, 3-AsimS, 6-Mahesh(16-Mukesh, 45′), 12-Sameer(Anish-14, 40′), 8-Sudeep(C), 11-Nikesh, 4-Chandra, 5-Nabin, 13-Rajendra(9-Prabin, 15′, 10-AsimK, 50′), 7-Dinesh(15-Nishikar, 50′)

Match Report By: Rajiv Shrestha.

01 gang of pirates
01 Gang of pirates

02 dangerous daemons
02 Dangerous daemons

03 rajendra crossing over prajwal
03 Rajendra crossing over prajwal

04 surrounded but not grounded
04 Surrounded but not grounded

05 hes gonna flick the ball to vinay
05 Hes gonna flick the ball to vinay

06 i wont let you take that
06 I wont let you take that

07 another wasted chance
07 Another wasted chance

08 gayo gayo gayo gayogoaaaalll
08 Gayo gayo gayo gayogoaaaalll

09 in not letting that one in
09 I’m not letting that one in

10 yet another corner
10 Yet another corner

11 rajendra building up some move
11 Rajendra building up some move

12 i wish this goal kick end up in a goal
12 I wish this goal kick end up in a goal

13 swift vinay and tough sudip
13 Swift vinay and tough sudip

14 thanks your pass was awesome
14 Thanks your pass was awesome

15 old rivalry
15 Old rivalry

16 go for the goal
16 Go for the goal

17 that was easy
17 That was easy

18 data 1
18 Data 1

19 products 1 in action
19 Products 1 in action

20 la ramailo khel dekhayo keta harule
20 La ramailo khel dekhayo keta harule

21 daemons freekick just outside d
21 Daemons freekick just outside d

22 trying hard but to no avail
22 Trying hard but to no avail

23 cleared off high
23 Cleared off high

24 bhabuk on the throw
24 Bhabuk on the throw

25 dsc04295

26 the magnetic hand
26 The magnetic hand

27 dsc04297

28 spot the ball contest
28 Spot the ball contest

29 half time discussion
29 Half time discussion

30 half time ii
30 Half time II

31 second half commence
31 Second half commence

32 shaking the data defence
32 Shaking the data defence

33 mr dependable
33 Mr. dependable

34 just made sure the ball goes outside the frame
34 Just made sure the ball goes outside the frame

35 odd one out
35 Odd one out

36 gonna head that ball
36 Gonna head that ball

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