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D2 Football Flicks

Saturday, March 7, Data turned OPS team were all set to play against R&D(previously QA,Services and Products).OPS guys came with a large number of new players and had full confidence that they would defeat R&D. On other side, R&D guys (filled with regular players) were also determined to win the game.
The game started at 8:30 Am. R&D had made couple of early attempts to take a lead but were foiled by OPS’s defenders on BijayaK’s command. At the end of first half, OPS were in the lead as TejR’s back pass met the back of the net as it was slipped from KhagendraK(R&D Goalie) turning into sucide goal.

After first half R&D steadily built up the game as they eagerly wanted to score a goal. It was quickly turned into reality by RoshanG on 5th minute of second half as the R&D now almost took the complete control of the game. OPS team started to look bit tired but still were on the game. Goals started to come in quick successions then as R&D’s second goal by TejR made them worried. Speedy Bhuban’s some attempts still kept there hopes alive to comeback into game. But 50th and 55th minutes’ goals from RoshanG and TejR gave R&D a clear lead and eventually R&D went on to win the game with final score of 4-1.

New look of OPS team, though got beaten with some margin; have some promising talents and with more regular practice and some experience, the same fixture in the future is sure to be much more competitive and full of excitement.
Below are some of captured moments:

1.Team ops

2.R&D guys

3.Battle ground

4.Here comes the ball

5.Ready to shoot

6.Team ops in action

7.Corner time

8.Half time poses

9.R&D’s keeper

10.The game is on

11.Fair play lession


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  1. Football is not just about talent and ability, it is just as much about having a strong mental attitude and a determined state of mind. It is easy to have a good game when the opposition is weak, it is a sunny day and you are already 3 goals to the good and cruising. Then all your flicks and tricks come off and you feel good about your game.

  2. keta haru yo week standard chartered sanga cha. I want shit done (before playing). heehawheehaw

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