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2008 Jul – D2 Football

D2 had another setback with a 3-0 loss to Goethals Alumni in their ground at Brihaspati School. In the 8-a-side match played in the rain-soaked pitch, D2 could not stop the quick passing and accurate finishes of the Goethals attack. Goethals were in control from the beginning and was not shy at shooting from distance. D2 managed to block the long range shots of Goethals but was a goal down at half time. In the second half D2 began pouring men forward resulting in wide gaps at the back. But it was Goethals who made the most of it by adding another two.

Match Summary:
D2 vs Goethals
Venue: Brihaspati School Ground
Full time score: 0-3 (0-1 HT)

Match photus (photus by Shankar Sharma)

footbll 009

footbll 010

footbll 011

footbll 012

footbll 013

footbll 014

footbll 015

footbll 016

footbll 017

footbll 018

footbll 019

footbll 020

footbll 021

footbll 022

footbll 023

footbll 024

footbll 025

footbll 026

footbll 027

footbll 028

0 thoughts on “2008 Jul – D2 Football

  1. subha or not subha or jyotish or pandit bahun… u guys really suck!… u can’t even run for a minute and keep discouraging us from your chairs. dun even have the guts to write your real names . hell with you all. we’re playing and we’re always gonna play!

  2. Lazy bunch of Hazards is a synonym: the loser guys who are lazy and never play with much effort. They always create hard to them by always losing.

  3. Ya we always go with a strategy. didn’t work this time. n we no always lose. only this time. we had a series of wins before this. and we played a draw last week with same team. don’t you follow d2 football? it’s posted every week at EU. and u don’t have to teach me futbol. I know better than anyone

  4. Don’t you guys ever know how to win. If you are loosing every time then chane your strategy or players or stikers or …do something. You guys always loose. You should learn from your lose. Common guys …build a strategy. Football is just not kicking and running. Develop some rules, strategies. I am sure you could do it….if you are willing to try. Always loosing does not mean that you are coming back and trying.

  5. No war here, not even a battle. just a game. Lost this time, will win again. Even RedSox managed to record a win after yeeeears of trying. But trying they did not stop.

  6. There are 2 types of people. One who loses a match, vows never to play again, and spend rest of the life like a couch potato. Another type recompose and comes back…again. At D2, we call it never-day-die attitude!

  7. Big Whatever for you “Losers” We will play aru sabai baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal …..

  8. No, no, losers don’t quit — they just “lose”. If you’d quit, we’d call you “quitters” — but since you guys keep on losing, you are “losers” — no denying that, now! come on!! take it like men!!!

  9. this is something that was expected…
    d2 le auda din haru ma ramro garnecha…
    they lack striker … good striker..
    mid field is weak too…
    dherai mehenat garnu parcha
    i see bright future ahead

  10. It was a very entertaining match tho. I managed to take a shot though not on target and had a firm header (on target) blocked by the defender 🙂 I rarely manage to get a clean shot on matches.

  11. prashant dribbling, subin playing ball with wall, hitesh fishing through, sakar watching, white kattu white tshirt posing

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