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Cute Stranger

Cute Stranger
319. Cute stranger
Photo By: DreamSky
Posted Date: 7th January

I met her in a village near Sundarijal. I tried to talk to her and took few shots of her but she did not speak. She quickly grabbed the chocolate I gave and looked at me with a strange expression but she never smiled back for a single instance. Unfortunately there was nobody around to ask about her.

“My son is just 7 years old but he teaches me how to use computer”, “My 5 years old cousin does some classical dance.” I have been accustomed to hearing such amazing stories of modern children in the valley. I though – just few kilometers away from this crowd there lives this girl completely unaware of
the modern society. I wonder if she understood my greetings.

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  1. @ Dreamsky: I wouldn’t tell you not to gift them with chocolates. But in my case, I’d rather not do them. I wouldn’t like to put the small lady here with street children. But just look at the street children, anyone given them once, and they always are addicted to asking for more, because out of around 1000 people lets say only 10 gives them around Rs. 5, So they have Rs. 50 which is not a bad amount and they get addicted to asking for more.

    As you’ve also said a pencil and paper would definitely be a better gift for them no doubt about that.

    As the saying goes:

    Give a man a fish and you would have fed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you would feed him for a lifetime.


  2. Dear IT Freak – Actually i was inpired by Shuterbug\’s story – trying to be popular 🙂 I think its not that bad to greet these kids with chocolates. Though pencil and paper wud have been better.

    Dear Shutterbug – Ya children never used to be a stranger, but I guess my description shud tell why she remained a stranger for me. I took shots and showed them to her hopping to get a glimpse of her smile. But there was no way around 🙁 I wonder how she looks when she smiles.

  3. ‘Innocence’ and ‘Golden Hour’ made this picture touchy. Roof at the left somewhat intrude viewer’s attention. DreamSky could eliminate it simply by changing perspective while composing the picture.

    Besides technical ability, photographing children takes huge amount of patience and some good skills of interacting with them because children are natural and so unpredictable. So, if you want to take better pictures of ‘children’ be a kid yourself at heart and approach them.

    In the caption: word ‘Stranger’ is too strong and can jolt viewer’s feeling. I think most people seldom describe children as ‘strangers’. I would have preferred something adorable like ‘A Remote Innocence’, ‘Camera Shy’ ..etc.

    DreamSky keep trying.

  4. @ Dreamsky: Nice shot. I like the whole package of the photo.

    But one suggestion, do not and i repeat do not offer these kids any chocolates. this is for their own good. cause you may give them once, and they might get addicted to asking for chocolates from the next time they sees a stranger.

  5. hehe!

    dharma ji,
    katai tapai gau gayeko time ma deaf kt ta bhetiyena???

    Administrator mitra,

    ramro chha photo…

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