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Cruel or Comfortable?

351. Cruel or Comfortable?
Photo By: Prerana Marasini
Posted Date: 15th April


A farmer in Nawalparasi carries his hen by tying its legs on his axe. I saw it some time before the outbreak of bird flu, so i don’t think he was going to kill it or dump it in the soil, maybe he was going to sell it. Well, whatever maybe the reason, i found it unusual. But he must have found it easy to carry both the hen and the axe that way.

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  1. Interesting picture not just because how this man is carrying his chicken but the way how Prerena compose it, otherwise this is very common way for people to carry chickens as already did mentioned by previous commentator. Another factor why this picture looks curious is the light from right. See how chicken’s feathers have this glow making it looks strange. I like it.

    Needless to say this is cruel to carry chicken for whatever purpose may be. And this is also true that seeing hundreds of chickens hung in motor bikes by some businesses or whatever is common but being able to take picture of that sight is obviously not common.

  2. Agreed with @GreatPic. Atleast the head of the hen (presuming it is a hen as said by the photographer, prerana marasini) is far off the ground and almost comfortable.

    the farmer must have been comfortable with carrying the hen that way 😉

  3. may be the photographer did not see 100s of chickens culled at once just to protect from Bird flu, and 100s of chickens hung in motor bikes by some businesses.

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