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Cost of one’s life

No sooner Deputy Prime Minister Amik Sherchan convinced the agitators at Bhadrakali and Maitighar to call off their protest programs on Monday, the protests spread early morning at the outskirt of the valley at Koteshor. Relatives of Bivek Sharma Luintel who is reportedly abducted since September the 9th, abruptly came on the street and obstructed the vehicular movement. Thousands of office goers, students, pedestrians were astounded by the jam. Most of them had to walk on foot, delayed at their destination. Not only this, the jam continued nearly for four hours. Police was a dumb spectator. People were embarrassed by those activities. Protestors were not only demanding the whereabouts and release of the child but resignation of the Home Minister. Can the latter demand ever be justified?

But Kathmandu is in transition. And it seems prevailing that anything can be done during transitional period. Anybody can do anything at anytime. The events implied that Kathmandu is turning into one of the worst place in the world to live.

These pictures describe the vulnerability of an individual before the mob. (All Pics: Indra Dhoj Kshetri)

  1. People rush to their offices on foot.
  2. Road closed: The relatives of the abductee force to close the road by putting an electric pole on the road at Koteshor.
  3. Abductee Bibek Sharma Luintel’s uncle displays the photo of his nephew. Luintel is the resident of Koteshor.
  4. Hide and seek: Police tries to remove the pole to resume traffic movement and the protestors again take the electric pole in the same place in the following picture.
  5. A police inspector is caught up in the discussion with the protestors.
  6. Mother’s affection: women sit in protest bringing traffic movement in Koteshor into halt.
  7. Where is my child: Abductee’s mother displays photo of her son.
  8. An SI of traffic Police maneuvers the vehicles to the other side.
  9. Hurried: bikers in hurry take the next direction with the hope that they may find an alternative way.
  10. Child for child: Three school buses are caught up in the jam.
  11. Immediately after the jam was over, I came to Singhdurbar. There was more embarrassing scene at the southern gate. A few dozen of people were staging a sit in, demanding action against those involved on discrimination against Dalits in Far western Doti district. 50 Dalits were injured on September 17th when a group of non-dalits attacked them as the former entered the local Shaileswori temple. The act by non-dalits is condemnable in strongest words. Nevertheless, the protests staged following the incident in front of Singhdurbar are not justifiable at any grounds. Genuine questions are raised. The district administration office or the National dalit Commission could take the action. Why should they rush to the capital which has been plagued by series if protests? Isn’t there any mechanism to implement law and order in the districts? (Pic: Indra Dhoj Kshetri)

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