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Corporate Football – TUN vs D2, second leg

A string of goalkeeping errors was the key as D2 players succumbed to another disappointing 4-0 defeat in the second leg against TUN. It was a lackluster first half though as both team failed to create any clear-cut chances. D2 appeared better organized than the previous encounter as they managed to keep some possession and contain TUN to very few shots on target but the front pair was unable to make any impact on the opponent’s half. D2 resorted to hopeful long balls at the front which kept …

coming back and the first hand ended goalless.It was much the same story at the beginning of the second half except that being unable to break the D2 defense with their quick short passes, TUN attempted long shots on goal and it did pay off as the D2 goalkeeper fumbled a routine catch and presented the ball straight to the opponent’s forward who calmly slotted the ball into the net. The lack of practice in D2’s goalkeepers was more evident when there were three more goals all resulting from poor first touches. The TUN’s goalkeeper (IOE’s #1 on loan for the match), on the other hand, was excellent as any of the few attempts that D2 made was easily dealt with.

Match Statistics
D2 vs TUN
Venue: IOE, Pulchowk ground
Full time score: 0-4 (first half 0-0)

TUN starting lineup – Yug, Man Singh, Anup, Ujwol, , Nitesh, Niyosh, Shailesh, Ratish, Amit, Prashant

Substitutes – Shakil

D2 starting lineup – Sudeep, Sajan, Hitesh, Anupam, Bijaya, Sanjeet, Dhiraj, Sirish, Shankar, Prashanta, Biswa

Substitutes – Sudeep, Navin (GK)

Referee – Niraj Shah

Match photus
Photus by Bimal Koirala

– TUN starting lineup

– D2 starting lineup

– D2 squad with referee (left)

– Kickoff

– D2 team defending an early corner

– Man Singh with the ball

– Sanjeet providing some width for D2

– Sajan and Ratish fighting for the ball

– Anupam shouting for more intent from D2

– Shailesh holding the TUN midfield

– Halftime team talks

– Sirish played in left side during the second half

– Hitesh being marked by Ratish

– Niyosh clearing the ball

– Ujwol and TUN defense did well

– Prashant always wears a cap during the match

– Navin (GK) organizing D2 defense for a corner

– Another goal conceded

– Anupam had very few opportunities at the front

– Prashanta racing from the right

– Nitesh making a comfortable catch

– Amit caused a few problems from left wing

– Sirish returns for goalkeeping duty after Navin goes off injured

– Bijay in D2 defense

– Sudeep with hands in his head as D2 concedes another goal

– Biswa trying to make a run from the defense

– Dhiraj trying to reach for the ball

– Shakil came on as a second half substitute

– Uninterested spectators

0 thoughts on “Corporate Football – TUN vs D2, second leg

  1. Hey, all you losers! i have a very simple solution to justify your incompetence. Instead of criticizing each other, why don’t you people blame it on King G? He is an evil factor in the equation and one can easily turn him into a convenient punching bag. Moreover, this will sound very “revolutionary” and will give the impression that you people are playing soccer for that “great cause”(or the lost one)of democratic republic. Chairman Prachanda would be gasping with awe and would surely be elated to see this “inevitable historical process” unfolded! It might also help him to shed new light on “Prachandapath” (whatever it may mean). The discovery of this new attribute in the “dilectics” (read salad) will certainly enhance the “greatest experiment” in the history.

    Finally, i congratulate you guys for your soaring spirit (i dont mean the spirit that you relish so much)that you have managed to keep entact even in these difficult times when we have less and less oxygen available to breath. Keep Kicking and enjoy the Kick!

  2. Once again, I thank Prasanta for postings. In both matches, I entered as substitute for TUN. I think, in the second match, it was tougher for us to make a goal. If the goalkeeper (IOE’s #1 on loan for the match) playing for TUN had been on D2’s side, I think the score would have been barely 1-0.

    Whatever….lets keep playing…….. its a game and lets keep enjoying

  3. Well i am not sure this is how the post game review should start, by attacking individual players. But how about the offense? Offense chaain tori baari ma basera himal heri rahe ko thiyo? How many shots at goal? Was it good enough to tackle the team stronger than D2.

    Maybe you guys should concentrate t oimprove what’s lacking and focus on offense rather than criticizing after each loss….dont you think so?

  4. Pathetic … not an acceptable performance by D2 by any standards. You guys been going to bhattis too often … lol.

  5. Yes, it was great fun to play those matches with you people,.. and also couple of matches last year.
    And yes I admit that it was difficult to crack down the defense this time than previous matches. The score line of 0-0 at half time shows it.. We had to attempt long shots to exploit the weakness of goalkeeper. And thats where we got all goals from.
    Hope to get even tougher tests ahead…

  6. To Mr. Nabin,

    Please do not use official email system to speak out on unofficial matter. You could have sent a separate email to the concerned person. Keep that in mind buddy. Everest Uncensored chadai cha ni.

  7. Again a good fun…hope in future we will have to work harder to get the same kind of result… by the way kindly correct the name if possible..its not Ganesh but Shailes,aka Makalele, the midfield maestro of TUN…

  8. Nice to see people speaking out here. However, I’m not blaming goalkeepers here, the score repesents the performance of the whole squad, not just a single person or two. It’s natural goalkeepers get the most attention as they are the most important part of the team. Everybody made a lot of mistakes, and in the level we are playing, mistakes happen more often than not. Those made in the front, midfield, or even in the defense may go unnoticed but when goalkeepers make it, then it usually makes headlines. That’s why goalkeepers need more practice than others.

    D2 guys, don’t be disheartened about what has already happened but rather try and hope for the best in next games. There are lot to come.

  9. “A string of goalkeeping errors was the key as D2 players succumbed to another disappointing 4-0 defeat in the second leg against TUN.”

    I am disapointed by this statement well is it only the error of the goal keeper only or in a football does all the credit goes to the player who scored and blame those who made mistake. Well football is a team work then why blame goalkeeper only. I know I made mistakes well is it only my fault that i can’t defend the rebound ball as We see the opponent was free to kick the rebound ball freely. We should also consider the point that our team can’t make better move on front.

  10. sigh… another loss. Inspite of a better performance we couldn’t crossover to the winning side. No Problemo, there’s always next time! Corporate football is gaining some name and fame, see – we got some “Uninterested Spectators” too! And there’s more to come. Just wait and keep u’rself updated with the match ‘highlights’:-)

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