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Communal Radio Creates a Word of its Own

Just now I bumped into a petition created by D Subba on 27 April 2007. I was fully unaware of the news. And ask me, it was totally a RIDICULOUS teaching and the teacher was one of the RJs of Radio One FM 94.3, Kapil. According to D Subba, in a programme called Learn New Words with Kapil, the Radio One people translated ‘night watchman’ as: night means ‘raat’ and watchman means ‘Gorkha’. …

I wonder, how people can generalize the terms and broadcast it without thinking of the consequences. We, Gorkhali, are proud of being called “Gurkhas” by people all over the world (and yes, it includes all Nepalis – even from Madhesh – the entire diaspora loves the word, “Gurkha”). But is this what we ought to be treated as?

Long time back, I had read an article in Nepali Times which talked about how Nepalis are taken as in India. The author had announced the terms as ABCDs, A for “Aaya”, B for “Beyara”, C for “Chowkidar” and D for “Durban”. And can you imagine, the article was referred to me by an Indian friend when I was in Delhi. And it took me the whole two hours to teach my Indian friend about our history and how we turned into such ABCDs. He apologized with me and when he was leaving, I could sense the sense of respect in his heart for Nepalis.

Instead of teaching the people the REAL meaning of the words, if a certain person plays with the words mischievously, we must act against it and make him apologize in public for that. We all know it pinches to be called by a derogatory word, so let’s make Kapil realize our pain. It’s not a retaliation but a call of AWARENESS! Let’s tell him that not a single community on this earth has a right to ridicule another community living by its side.

The following link is to sign the petition. If you are interested, please take some time out to fill it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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