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Collecting Plastic Bottles Please Recycle

Collecting Plastic Bottles Please Recycle

464. Collecting Plastic Bottles Please Recycle
Photo By: Sandeep Pradhananga
Posted Date: 29th September 2010
Location: Patan Durbar Square

An art form created with used plastic water bottles at Patan Durbar Square. This depicts an effort by local people to show thrown away garbage accumulates over time and exhibits an effort to create something useful.

This picture was taken at Patan Durbar Square near “Rani Pokhu” on a sunny afternoon on 5 Septmeber 2010.

0 thoughts on “Collecting Plastic Bottles Please Recycle

  1. The word ‘recycle’ in red is catchy here though this picture is taken from common perspective. Common perspective like this sometime limit photographer to bring visual impact in their pictures overshadowing the message it contains. Sandeep could have composed this shot without cropping legs of youths who are busy creating art out of discarded plastic bottles. May be low perspective covering full length of trash bucket in wooden shelf could have been better choice. Going low could also emphasize the globe created plastic bottle bigger.

    P.S: Let’s practice 3 R for clean and better city. REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. And before you discard plastic bottle, remove its lid first, cramped it and replace its lid.

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