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Ashish Adhikari

Christopher Columbus is guilty of mistreatment, slavery, international terrorism and the spreading of diseases towards the Native Americans.


Columbus was guilty of leaving an aftermath of and disease.


Columbus went and discovered the New World and he was not doing any wrong but after his efforts to convert the national tribes to Christianity And during this process he and his crew along with future travelers cane and deposited diseases that the natives weren’t immune against making then lose their lives for no reason whatsoever.


We can see the evidence from Barolome De la Casas writing reflecting on the treatment of the Natives says the Spaniards were taking advantage of the natives who treated them as lords and followed their words. They were silent and did what they were told without too much of a fuss and this was used as an advantage towards the Spaniards. They made them serve as slaves, killed them, and also overloaded them with work and they had no reason to do this and the natives had any reason to follow apart from fear. I do understand that Columbus did this himself all the time but he did foment all this behavior and people followed him.


People nowadays have realized this and some universities like MSU have started thinking about whether to celebrate Columbus Day. Some have already changed the name to the ‘ Indigenous People Days,’ to celebrate and honor the Native Americans rather than the explorer.


To change the mind of people who understand that they stand on the land that was once founded by the very same explorer who they are going against. Now there has to be a reason for such a mutiny and that is that after all these years of celebrating the explorer the people have decided that he wasn’t that great after all.


The most trusted evidence is from De la Casas who lived and went through these events as a catholic Spaniard who became fond for the Native life and culture wrote this,

‘ The god made these people of this area, many and varied as they are, as open and innocent as can be imagined. The simplest people in the world,’ about the natives. The same catholic Spaniard said the same about his fellow Spaniards,

‘ diabolical behavior of Christian has led to the death of over twenty million soul,’ now a Christian catholic writing this about his countrymen and religion is this way shows the vital importance of the mistreatment issue. Especially from this time period where religion made up the most part of a human life.


Still on the topic of De le Casas he also referred to his fellow Christians as ‘pretending to be Christians, and changing the Natives.’ He is acting like an enemy towards his own people so this issue is seriously out of hand and the torture is enough to change this man’s heart from when he first arrived there.


My next evidence is a current event in MSU where people have gone into intensive report and recall Christopher as Courageous man but also a Cultural Villain on his 500th anniversary for the landing in some cases. Courageous for riding the high seas and villain for breaking the Indian’s infrastructure.


I also knew from my sources on the internet he asked from lavish needs of Knighthood and position of the Admiral of the Ocean too. This tells us that Christopher Columbus did this expedition in search for lavish goods and to get his reward that would benefit him only and this means a selfish person setting out to find his richness, uncaring for others.


There were also many other indirect ways in Columbus’s expedition like the arrival a lot of people. This means the need of space and the dominative nature of these people made these people kill and savage the place as intruders and settle instead of the natives and put the natives in reservations. The people also almost cleared the population in Hispaniola (Where they first landed) to bring people from nearby Islands. Instead of using the people in Hispaniola they had to bring people from nearby and kill the natives so that counts as a double crime of homicide and slavery. This is just like someone intruding into your neighborhood and murdering people to bring workers from the outside. They make you work hard and enslave you. They then take your houses, put you in little rooms, and end up taking over your whole neighborhood. Well this is what has just happened but on a larger scale. These intrusions would anger you and devastate you, it did the same for the native people, and if you picture America as this scene then you might get a better idea.


This makes us feel like intruders but we had no choice and we are here due to the explorers and we can help the Natives by giving them respect for we are like guests that are forcing ourselves on this land. We can co-exist as this is our only choice and we can also recognize the person to blame-Christopher Columbus.


We might also talk about treaties like the Treaty of Tordasielles where the conversion to Christianity was made with protection of the native culture. This succeeded to a certain accent but the Spaniard didn’t value the rules for everyone and some people didn’t know about the treaty. This also failed due to the carelessness and these people came here through Columbus.


On conclusion I plead Christopher Columbus as guilty and we can’t blame Columbus for all these things but he plays the ‘leader’ part in this.


To be continue…………………………..



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  5. It is absolutely disgusting what the Spanish did in the Americas. Nonetheless, we shouldn’t and mustn’t blame Columbus for the people who came after him. The way people accusing him of things, without knowing what they are talking about is absolutely appaling. Most of the ”evidence” against him has not been verified. People shouldn’t comment about something they don’t know, or shouldn’t comment in blogs about things that have nothing to do with the topic.

  6. Absolute power corrupts Absolutely… is the truth… columbus cannot be said guilty… he was a great hero and inspiration for future people to come… talking about the harassment that he caused on natives is fault of natives only… coz when u r weak n not developed u r bound to be threatened like worms (Gandhi said dis ‘the worm shud expect themselves to be tampered upon like worm’ )…. same is with nepal too… we cannot say any county to be guilty for our poorness….. we have a very gud habit of saying dis and easily escaping responsibilities of this nation… dis nation is a pack of lazy gossipers…. brain drain ratio is alarmingly high… n hw can we make others guiliy for tampering us…. we deserved to be humiliated by india or china or any nation until each one of us are self independent and self sustaining… than none of politicians or factors can affect our development… we have to be strong individually to make strong group and thus strong nation…….

  7. “diabolical behavior of Christian has led to the death of over twenty million soul” – Confused and Mislead

  8. Genocidal mass murderer, slaver, thief. Christopher Columbus doesn’t mean anything to me

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  10. Can we learn some lessons from the history and save our nation? Is Nepal about to go through what South america went through 500 years ago as a result of their innnocence and design of spaniards?

    What roles Nepali Human Right organisation are playing to save our country or they are playing at the players’ hands to disintergate our country?

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