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Chanakya goes shopping…

Chanakya does not like shopping at all. A couple of months back he thought “what the heck…” He put some money into his pocket and left for shopping. He did not know what to buy. He does not buy clothes for himself – it is taken care by some other means. He does not buy stocks. He hates buying gift for people because he has not got anything from anybody else. Why bother giving to others when it is hardly ever reciprocated? So, middle of the way to the shopping center, Chanakya is thinking at the speed of light. What am I doing today? Why waste money on shopping when I do not know what to buy? One side of Chanakya is thinking of returning back to home, other side is saying – please go ahead do something; try it out. The first side of Chanakya’s personality won and Chanakya reached the shopping complex.

Chanakya entered the shopping complex. Wow! Beautiful! Chanakya started walking towards the inner side of the complex. A lady said “hello Chanakya, what’s up? Why are you in the mall today? Where did you learn the shopping? Quite a change – I am liking this.” Chanakya remained silent and the baby girl next to the lady said “hi” too. Chanakya became serious and both eyes got wet. He was about to tell that he actually did not still know shopping and he was giving it a first try. Another man came by and said to the lady “let us move.” Both the lady and the baby girl left. Chanakya started thinking and recalling his past.

It was three years before that one evening his wife left him because he did not want to go shopping. She cried and he did not listen to her. Going shopping was something Chanakya hated more than anything else in his life. Between going shopping and quitting wife, he chose quitting wife. One can guess how much he hated shopping. He still remembers his wife leaving with ego and angry face and tears in her eyes. His little daughter was crying and was shouting “daddy, daddy…” Even then he did not want to compromise.

After a few minutes, the man who was with the lady came back and said “Loser! She is not your wife any more. You lost her. I will break your neck if I see you coming next to her ever again.” Chanakya reached the peak of his anger and punched the man right on his face and the man started bleeding heavily. Bad luck! Cops came and arrested Chanakya and put him into the town jail for a night. Next morning, Chanakya came back to him and decided not to go to shopping ever again. What a bad luck!

Since that shopping day, Chanakya is trying to get remarried. He has not yet found any woman who can live with a man who does not go to shopping with her. Chanakya is at his late 30s and still fighting all inside pondering what to do next: start going shopping or never get re-married. Please guide Chanakya.

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  1. हेर चाणक्य, अब गाउ तिर लाग, अनि त्या कै गवाँर केटी(आईमाइ) ब्या गर। अनि शपिङ को झन्झत खलास। ढिलो नगर, यो चणक को आईडीया लाई मान ल। 😆

  2. Chanakya – I think I am the one who dated and finally married your wife. She is happy now. You did not punch me – I did. You twisted the story. I am sorry. Would you want to date with some of my ex?

  3. Who cares whether you go shopping or dating? Go get some life Chanakya. You are little blunt though. Your style of writing mathes with that of Geeta. Reveal the identity – please!

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