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Challenge for a brawl?

132. Challenge for a brawl?
Photo By: Abishesh Joshi
Posted Date: July 11th 2008

One evening, I was strolling along Patan Durbar Square with a 50mm lens best suited for shooting portraits. But unfortunately, the load shedding had taken all the glamour out of the Durbar Square area. As I took few paces further north, up to the “Bangalamukhi” temple, a bunch of local kids were fighting, throwing kicks and punches at one another.
But what seemed like a brawl from a distance turned out to be synchronized moves. The kids were practicing wrestling moves they had seen on TV, portraying themselves as one of the superstar wrestlers. They even started demonstrating their moves for the camera. The mid air somersaults, the roundhouse and flying kicks, the mockery of wrestlers. It was fun watching little kids play and taking their pictures.

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-LIN Editor

0 thoughts on “Challenge for a brawl?

  1. Interesting shot! Dramatic reddish cast over the subject and temple’s shade gave it perfect warmth. Wide aperture setting help photographer to rivet viewer’s attention on its main subject. (Boy in action). Placing the main subject according to ‘rule of third’ made this composition perfect. Additional flash light lit the subject well, though the shadow of boy’s right hand is bit harsh.

    Excellent work! Abishesh Keep it up.

  2. Excellent capture!!

    Personally I love night shots… it is the ‘night’ ; it is the ‘darkness’ where we do have better control over the so called ‘light’. I better not go to any further philosophical interpretations but the best part of this picture is you lived with the moment, u lived with the story.. and thank you for sharing..

    btw, this pic somehow reminded me of shots from gurukul. Bokehed but still clear enough backdrop to tell the story about the stage, the place, where the drama took place.

  3. Yea, “Me, Myself and I”, shot it at ISO 640. Well, a bit of noise at high ISO is better than a lot of blurr at low ISO. And the background would’ve been all black with the use of flash at low ISO.

  4. Very nice capture. Seems like you took this shot with high ISO. Noise is clearly visible in the picture.

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