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Hiking from Kathmandu to Sundarijal

Hiking Route: Kathmandu-Sundarijal-Kathmandu
Date: July 05, 2009 Sunday
Duration: 10 Hrs
Distance: 17 Km
Hike Coordinator: Keshav Basnet
Participants: Ravi Sharma, Bishwa Shrestha, Geetika Joshi, Pratiksha Regmi, Rina Maharjan, Sweta Shakya (rookie), Sangharsha Bhattarai, Dinesh Bajracharya, Pawan Pandey, Raunak Tuladhar (rookie) ,Suresh Maharjan, Ashish Parajuli, Dhilung Kirat, Manoj Rokka, Bhanu Chalise, Rachit Nepal, Keshav Basnet, Manish Shrestha, Kapil Pandey
Photos: Dhilung Kirat, Keshav Basnet, Ravi Sharma, Sangharsha Bhattarai, Manoj Rokka, Bhanu Chalise, Suresh Maharjan, Raunak Tuladhar
Caption: Dhilung Kirat, Keshav Basnet, Ravi Sharma, Sangharsha Bhattarai, Manoj Rokka, Bhanu Chalise, Suresh Maharjan, Raunak Tuladhar
Report By: Raunak Tuladhar, Sweta Shakya, Dhilung Kirat
Poem By: Bishwa Shrestha
Creative Support: Dijup Tuladhar, Dhilung Kirat, Pallavi Sharma, Sangharsha Bhattarai
Geolocation: Sundarijal: +27° 44′ 60.00″, +85° 25′ 1.20″

The Canyoning Instructor
By Bishwa Shrestha

R1 Mighty instruments

“It’s like kite-flying;
pull the rope from behind
and feed it to the kite
with the other hand.”

So, what do you say?
Will you climb down the fall from here?
It’s easy.
Tie this belt on your waist,
Knot this rope around the 8
and you’re safe!

Losen your grip,
let the fear go,
feet steady,
avoid the slippery rocks,
and slowly slide down.

It’s like kite-flying;
pull the rope from behind
and feed it to the kite
with the other hand.

If your lose your step,
let go!
The knot will tighten, and
you’ll just dangle there.
Look around, look down,
again – feel safe,
but watch your every step.

The current is strong
for the water is enraged.
It pounds you with its fuming fists
and enthralls you with the deafening hiss
It has been beating up the arrogant rocks
for ages,
breaking them – bit by bit,
and shaping them up.
Like time shapes us.

Once you reach the bottom of the fall,
try to recall –
what was going on your mind.
Don’t be surprised,
if you realize
that it all ended too soon!

The Beautiful water
By Dhilung Kirat

R4 The waterfall Sweet Sixteen

“ Imagine how it would feel to cuddle up with her all day long.”

The name says it all ‘Sundarijal’ – ‘the beautiful water’. Monsoon had made her a little more gorgeous. Not everything looks nice when it falls. But she was falling all over and believe me, she looked even prettier when she fell. It was already breathtaking to see her dancing in grace from a distance. Imagine how it would feel to cuddle up with her all day long.

That would be one version of the story the Canyoning guys would like to tell to some foreign clients. The fun had already begun when I saw those exciting photographs of previous expeditions at their office. Just a quick thought of dangling high, along the fall against those strong current gave me a chill through my spine. Next thing I remember is I was struggling with the grueling waterfall somewhere at Sundarijal

The best part of the episode was the last part at the fall ‘Sweet Sixteen’. Hanging and sliding down along the fall from about 35 meters up (that’s more than 100 feet high !) was hell exciting. Enjoyed hiding behind the fall, the waterfall massage and swimming in super-man mode. Another fall, ‘the Devil’s fall’ is still an unfinished business. Catch you soon!

Hats off to Kishor Shahi (owner of Chhango – The Canyoning Company ) for exploring this potential of wonderful adventure just half an hour drive away from Kathmandu. His stories of how he had to fight for 7 years with national park commission to get the permission, how he got caught several times by the army during explorations (Nepal was burning that time) and how he managed to struggle for more than 15 years from a mere porter to a Canyoning company owner were other inspiring chapters to perceive.

“Because it’s our land, our mountains, our rivers and our falls, so if we play with them – it’s our sports.”

All the best to his program ‘Next Gen’ which aims to make Nepalese young generation embrace ‘adventure sports’ not just as a recreation thing but as a passion of a kind. Because it’s our land, our mountains, our rivers and our falls, so if we play with them – it’s our sports.

Adventure @ Sundarijal
By Sangharsha Bhattarai

Geared up for the adventure, I started my journey with a dilemma and reluctance in my head to walk up to the stream of Sundarijal, at this rainy season, streamy – muddy – and filled with leeches …aaghh.. I think I have a jukafobia.
But the sense of all-new-in-nepal adventure and the vision of lush-green vegetation, the waterfall and the streams — I felt like I was dragged towards Sundarijal. When you look at the asaare jharana from a distance, have you ever thought of scrolling down the water clinging on a rope & facing the water on your chest? I guess you didn’t. Neither did I… and that’s what we did there… walk through the stream… fall through the grudge… creep through the cave… fill yourself with cold water – inside out – yes – inside out… hang through the fall… and walk out alive, refreshed, proud and relieved.

“.. fall through the grudge… creep through the cave… fill yourself with cold water – inside out … hang through the fall… and walk out alive, refreshed, proud and relieved.”

Oh my, it was amazing.
Thanks to the coordinator & friends who suggested this, thanks to the guys who started and are running this sporty game in Sundarijal, and before summing up, I’d like to say – “You should try this too – NRs. 1500 for an easily accessible, raw adventure – you surely should.”

meditation beside the milky water,
the flow froze,
the time paused,
I lay awake – dreaming!

R2 Feel the fear

My recollection
By Sweta Shakya

It was my first hiking @ D2 and I had a lifetime experience! Never in my life have I thought I would someday climb-down, water jump and scramble over huge rocks and sandstone cliffs with massive waterfalls.
Sundarijal was our hiking destination, which was in many ways a shorter and easier version for such a challenging wet adventure. Canyoning were graded 1, 2, 3 and 4 depending upon their difficulty. We had no previous abseiling and cannoning experience so we chose grade 2 having 3 abseils. We were provided wetsuits, helmets and canyoning gears by the qualified guides. The wetsuits were bit funny, they were huge in size, didn’t fit and looked strange, and some even called it superman dress. But we had to wear them anyway, because there were no other choices!

“…shortest of all but had its unique majestic waterfalls cascading down, it was tricky for us to escape the heavy water flow and left us breathless.”

After a small demo with climbing hardware and static ropes, we were now ready to unravel the hidden paradise and this is where the fun really begins.
As we make our way downstream towards first waterfall, the spectacular rushing waterfall poured over us making us laugh with delight and imparted a feeling of peace and tranquility. We stopped for a quick dip in water in amazing wonderland just below the waterfalls. The water flow had such an enormous force that it easily hit us.
Now it was time to accomplish 15 meter Smokey waterfall. Shortest of all but had its unique majestic waterfalls cascading down, it was tricky for us to escape the heavy water flow and left us breathless. The huge rocks were so smooth that we could easily slip. However, there were hidden ledges over a massive waterfall that saved us from diving fully into the water.
Then we headed downstream towards the next series of abseil. It was 35 meter Sweet Sixteen. It was dangerous, toughest of all. The top view of a huge sandstone cliff, waterfalls and forest were amazing and at the same time made our heart racing. It was followed immediately by a swim across a deep pool about 8-10 feet of water. I was scared and the situation worsened when I saw other hikers struggling out of the pool. It was my turn now but I wasn’t ready to jump off the cliff, I let the other hikers go ahead of me one after another. Finally my turn came; I was terrified but no choice of returning back. It was at a ‘do or die’ situation. I gathered my courage, took a deep breath and started. With an extreme care and 35 meters of flight and fright I reached at the bottom. Phew! It was a chilling experience.
The fascinating bushwalk to the start of exciting abseil, the total of approx. 75 meters of gliding down through the rope from the beginning to the end, the rushing waterfalls beside and the terrific natural scenery make this hiking one of the most memorable moments of my life.

R3 High hopes in the watery ropes

D2 Sundarijal Hiking and Canyoning (Feel the fear)
By Raunak Tuladhar

It was 5:30 when I woke up. I was really excited for the Canyoning and it was my first participation from my office and the best part was it was not a usual hiking. It was actually an adventurous trip of Canyoning for all of us. So I packed up all necessary things and rode my sweet bike ride to office to catch another ride to Sundarijal. At 7:30 all the people were gathered and we started the drive from Bishalnagar to Sundarijal which is 15 Km North-West of the Kathmandu Valley on the lap of Shivapuri National Park. Other members were picked up en-route. We were altogether 19 members. The drive was fun – the loud music of guitar solos, Hindi songs, gossip and laughter, beautiful scenery of mountains, greenery and rich natural and cultural conditions of Sundarijal village, clicking pictures with smiles on every face. Walking up through the stairs of Sundarijal we reached to the Vimal house which was the base station for canyoning. After a light breakfast, our trainer Kishore who would be assisting in Canyoning asked us to divide the group into 2, with 10 members on 1st group and 9 members on 2nd group. Our canyoning experience was going to be composed of three levels: 25m, 15m and 35m streams including the first one to try with. The trainer gave us the wet suit and helmet which were our safety gadgets. Everybody was really feeling weird and awkward putting one the wet suit. Then finally the guys put on their wet suit and all people were laughing at the dress because we were looking like a SUPERMAN… and the journey began.

“the real adventure was waiting for us which was a 35m waterfall known as Sweet Sixteen”

The group was excited & thrilled for the new sportive adventure. Appreciating the right natural and ideal weather condition, we hiked for 30mins up to the Canyoning spot. We reached the 35m waterfall base which was the landing waterfall among the three. Group 1 started moving up the hill to start the canyoning while the other stayed at the waterfall base where they would do swimming, fishing, camp-fire and of course guard the bags. After reaching the Canyoning spot, we went through a briefing by Kishore on the site, canyoning techniques, and safety precautions.

The adventure involves traveling down the streams within a canyon by a variety of means including hiking, scrambling, wading, boulder hopping, rock climbing, abseiling and rappelling. He also taught some technical skills of stream navigation, rope and Canyoning gears work and preparedness for risk minimization. Our safety depends on self judgment, experience and a realistic assessment of abilities and understanding of current canyon conditions. After training all were ready for the real thrill. Starting from our program coordinator Keshav dai, we started doing our trial Canyon. Getting the rope tight on figure 8 knot which is our life guard and locking the static rope by Carabineers lock which is another life saving item, everybody travel down the creek through the rope. After finishing the trial, the real game began when we move to the spot of 25m waterfall. Following the instructions, everybody moved down the waterfall putting aside the fear bubbling inside. The exciting part was the water hitting the body and face while moving down the waterfall and we managed to travel down the 25m waterfall. Completing the first milestone of our Canyoning activity we moved to another 15m Canyoning known as Smokey waterfall. Though it was less than 25m, it was little bit tricky than that of first one. The idea was actually to put the feet side by side of creeks to escape from the forceful waterfall but most of the guys move straightly downward which led them to sink inside the waterfall for few seconds. Now after the second part, the real adventure was waiting for us which was a 35m waterfall known as Sweet Sixteen. Looking at the height and the difficulty, everybody was electrified and thrilled by the real devil and forgot about the 45m Canyoning spirit. With the hair-raising and scary face, everybody moved down the freaky devil waterfall. The idea was first to move down normally and at the middle we have to swim in pond for a while and then slide straightly down the base like a water flowing down the rocks. Everybody at the base was watching the adventure. At first, it was a terrifying scene but it was a do-or-die condition for all of us. So, everybody made up their mind. All is well that ends well & everybody managed to complete the devil experiment doing swimming and sliding down the waterfall. After Group-1 reached the base, the second group was eagerly and desperately waiting for their turn. Group-2 went for their thrilling experience of Canyoning and Group 1 had a campfire for an hour in the base. Warming and heating up the body by fire, we moved down Vimal place again where team had decided to meet for dinner. With combination of little Chyang, Everybody reached to their ultimate peace of relaxation. Some people were acting like a snail due to exhaust and pain and some people starting laughing like a freaky monster due to excitement and hangover. After tummies were full like a balloon, then we set out to Kathmandu at 7:00 pm.

“I didn’t knew canyoning could be as attractive as trekking, mountaineering and rafting …”

I didn’t knew canyoning could be as attractive as trekking, mountaineering and rafting and I also realized that our country Nepal has abundance of right natural endowments for such adventurous tourism sports. This unique sportive activity can be said as one of the major components consisting of hiking, scrambling, wading, boulder hopping, rock climbing, abseiling and rappelling. So I believe Nepal can become the leading destination country for CANYONING in the region if it is developed and promoted in an organized way and Sundarijal could be one of the potential sites for Canyoning. Also the girls showed their courage to do such great adventure sport which proves that no one is superior to anyone, we all are the same. HATS OFF TO YA ALL…PEACE OUT (Y)

Wired sky
01 Wired sky
Hamro Gaule Jiwan Yo (Hami Bhanda Dherai TADA)
02 Hamro Gaule Jiwan Yo (Hami Bhanda Dherai TADA)
Tranquil reflection
03 Tranquil reflection
Yeah its Veriskhealth...BUT STILL
04 Yeah its Veriskhealth…BUT STILL
Product Dept Rocks
05 Product Dept Rocks
Sano Prakash
06 Sano Prakash
Nature splendor!
07 Nature splendor!
Not A Gloomy Sunday
08 Not A Gloomy Sunday
KTM ma aune SUKHA pani ko NAL
09 KTM ma aune SUKHA pani ko NAL
This calm smile will be missed
10 This calm smile will be missed
11 BlackEyedPeas
I am beautiful
12 I am beautiful
Canyoning Kanahya..
13 Canyoning Kanahya..
Come on guys we are just there
14 Come on guys we are just there
Excitement Expressions
15 Excitement Expressions
Super-gang ascending
16 Super-gang ascending
Gears to Capture
17 Gears to Capture
lemme take the pic, will think of caption later
18 lemme take the pic, will think of caption later
Mirror shoot
19 Mirror shoot
Hai Alla Kya Face Hai
20 Hai Alla Kya Face Hai
Searching for a hidden button
21 Searching for a hidden button
Taking a break
22 Taking a break
I am heading Chisapani
23 I am heading Chisapani
Gearing up...
24 Gearing up…
This is how it is done
25 This is how it is done
Devil's Fall
26 Devil’s Fall
Bishwa with the sweet sixteen
27 Bishwa with the sweet sixteen
Fear is here
28 Fear is here
Nature in Hand
29 Nature in Hand
landed on a dreamland
30 landed on a dreamland
Frozen in time (...v2)
31 Frozen in time (…v2)
Green River
32 Green River
33 SnailPlant
Team spirit
34 Team spirit
Rachit relaxing
35 Rachit relaxing
Before the begining
36 Before the begining
Waterfall massage
37 Waterfall massage
We did it
38 We did it
Watch out
39 Watch out
Shout as loud as you can - nobody will listen
40 Shout as loud as you can – nobody will listen
I am the strongest lady
41 I am the strongest lady
Raunak's init
42 Raunak’s init
I am ready- Manish
43 I am ready- Manish
On the way
44 On the way
What's the NExt MOve
45 What’s the NExt MOve
Waiting for the turn
46 Waiting for the turn
Sorry..I wanna stay here
47 Sorry..I wanna stay here
Trapped at the Danger Zone
48 Trapped at the Danger Zone
Rina at the smokey waterfall
49 Rina at the smokey waterfall
Enjoying every SINGLE moments of our life
50 Enjoying every SINGLE moments of our life
Fighting against the current and gravity
51 Fighting against the current and gravity
Dhilung at his best
52 Dhilung at his best
Keshav struggling for a safe place
53 Keshav struggling for a safe place
Canyoning-Sundarijal- 344
54 Canyoning-Sundarijal- 344
Do Things Differently, you know who said it
55 Do Things Differently, you know who said it
Did I Really Completed
56 Did I Really Completed
Canyoning Baba
57 Canyoning Baba
Dinesh struggling with high-current water
58 Dinesh struggling with high-current water
Never Ending Ropes
59 Never Ending Ropes
Feel the current man
60 Feel the current man
Enjoying the reverse slide
61 Enjoying the reverse slide
New but popular technique of the day
62 New but popular technique of the day
Feel the Excitement
63 Feel the Excitement
BaBa's new Dhayan Mudra
64 BaBa’s new Dhayan Mudra
Jharanako kaakhama
65 Jharanako kaakhama
Nearly Covered by Water
66 Nearly Covered by Water
Click Me I'm the Best
67 Click Me I’m the Best
68 Engulfed
L     O    N    D    O     N ....London
69 L O N D O N ….London
Ready to Go
70 Ready to Go
Eetni khusiii
71 Eetni khusiii
Achhu kasto chiso paani ho
72 Achhu kasto chiso paani ho
Comming out of the Cave-way
73 Comming out of the Cave-way
Do I need to tell how I FEEL
74 Do I need to tell how I FEEL
I never be happy like this before-Bhanu
75 I never be happy like this before-Bhanu
Nice dating place
76 Nice dating place
At the top of the sweet sixteen
77 At the top of the sweet sixteen
Masakali masakali
78 Masakali masakali
Bishwa, I'll go First
79 Bishwa, I’ll go First
Aashish on the Move
80 Aashish on the Move
Jaha pugadaina Kabi thiya Pugcha ravi
81 Jaha pugadaina Kabi thiya Pugcha ravi
Jhola ma K cha K cha
82 Jhola ma K cha K cha
Kapil ko Kala
83 Kapil ko Kala
Sleepin Beauties
84 Sleepin Beauties
CameraWoman in a pose
85 CameraWoman in a pose
Bhanu Staring at Camera
86 Bhanu Staring at Camera
Stirred up Sangharsha
87 Stirred up Sangharsha
Waiting in the Queue
88 Waiting in the Queue
Sangharsha in the Pose
89 Sangharsha in the Pose
Fun Time
90 Fun Time
Fearless struggle
91 Fearless struggle
Manoj with Kishor Shahi - the canyoning expert
92 Manoj with Kishor Shahi – the canyoning expert
Three savers under perspective
93 Three savers under perspective
Suresh Pulling the rope
94 Suresh Pulling the rope
Pawan Playing with JAL
95 Pawan Playing with JAL
Finally Manoj
96 Finally Manoj
Shooters and the Savers
97 Shooters and the Savers
Awake - dreaming
98 Awake – dreaming

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful picture with every one. But little bit dought IS YOUR GUIDE KISHOR REALY CANYONING EXPORT I THINK HE JUST DID BASIC COURSE. So next time ask him about all the rescue system.

  2. Thanks ShutterBug for the Pics review, Three pics that i’ve clicked gets rated 🙂 Pic – 13, 67, 63.
    And yes i really feel the lack of dedicated flash.

    Regarding pic 13 : Thanks guys for posing to other cameras, that added more interesting flavor in this pic . 😀

  3. Thanks for bringing in the newfangled taste in which you all mingled totally!@! My word!!


  4. Not to mention, it was one of the best experience I ever had as a part of Hiking culture. Totally packed of thrill and adventure.

    Thanks Shutterbug for your precise feedback. It was a great photographic opportunity to remain so close with nature. For me this was a chance to experiment photography on low-light-BUT-action-packed condition. We had to capture the moves while restrained by the low-light condition which prevented well-lit photos. This was yet another experiment session after our last event GoKarting (http://www.everestuncensored.org/7050/2009/07/08/services_team_building/) which was a perfect experiment for panning.. 🙂

    And we thank Rina and Dhilung for staying back and capturing the thrilling moments for Grp-2. Although he is a Kodi, I would still thank to our KODInator for arranging the event.

  5. Most of the action pictures here lack right setting of shutter speed, thus pictures of those animated hikers got blurry. One easy solution is to go for higher ISO setting in your DLSR camera and select moderately faster shutter speed in a manual mode. Opting for ‘shutter priority’ mode is also next best option. You select shutter speed analyzing the motion of hikers and let camera choose a right aperture for you. Photographers should have exploited this feature of DSLR where you can select variable ISO to soothe low light situation. I think a dedicated flash could also have helped to lit up the scenes for better exposure.

    I guess all photographers must be very excited by adventure or the sheer beauty of the Sundarijal so they gave less priority capturing pictures which is technically better.

    And yes one more tips, whenever you take portraits of waterfalls try slow shutter speeds and of course you need one sturdy tripod for long exposure. Slow shutter speeds enable pictures to give soft, artistic shots of waterfalls. Mostly shutter speeds that are 1/6 of a second and slower will give the best results.

  6. Hat offs to all Shutterbugs who brought these thrills and fun here in EU from Sundarijal. These exciting pictures can prove Nepalese too are adventurous, not just foreigners as most people tend to think. Though pictures are not sound technically and camera program well adjusted, they depict the real joy of canyoning and make viewers to try adventure sports someday.

    Nature is always mesmerizing and so much to offer to human kind. And for photographer like you to capture its beauty and elegance round the year. There are endless opportunities of great outdoor photography here in Nepal. Hope you hiker, traveler, thrill seeker, nature admirer or just any enthusiastic in photography, will never underestimate the joy of capturing Nature at its best, wherever you go HIKING.

    Here’s Shutterbug’s Pictures Rating :
    Well composed Shot: ‘13 Canyoning Kanahya..’, ‘44 On the way’, ‘67 Click Me I’m the Best’ & ‘68 Engulfed’
    Nature’s Best Shot: ‘11 BlackEyedPeas’
    Best Portrait: ‘63 Feel the Excitement’
    Best Landscape: ‘02 Hamro Gaule Jiwan Yo (Hami Bhanda Dherai TADA)’
    Perfect Shot: ‘13 Canyoning Kanahya..’
    Creative Shot: ‘First picture of this post’, ‘04 Yeah its Veriskhealth…BUT STILL’
    & ‘13 Canyoning Kanahya..’
    Interesting Shot: ‘13 Canyoning Kanahya..’ & ‘40 Shout as loud as you can – nobody will listen’

  7. Keshav dai u r the best … U r the bet codi-nator i ever seen. nobody can codi-nate like u . Cheers

  8. True Nature’s call. Hail you all…….Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai…… Chand Tare Tod laun…………


  9. pics fascinating.. poor report. too many grammatical errors.. ‘i didnt knew …!!! ‘ .. not acceptable for EU..

  10. lovely pictures guys… #2 could be better. It’s framed perfectly and the sky is awesome…just the kind of picture i like..its a bit cooler though… a bit of warming would make it even better.

  11. Thanks Dhilung for your tech tips, that day.
    “Keep on hikin and rockin in the free world”

  12. that was my beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssst hike except for the dokha given by the team A not waiting for team 2 to come down, so team 2s not having any pic of the third fall, cheers to dhilung and reena who managed to take some of our pics

  13. Great Hiking….Hiking?..he he he ….

    Truly..it was Canyoning
    Madly…It was Adventurous
    Deeply…It was Exciting and Entertaining.

    Great poem Bishow…..and Thanks @DHK and Reena for stunt photography. (It was a dangerous place)

    I missed the pic of “Glucose and REAL”… 😀

    @Team 2..Basnet ji ko chahana haina re, Nari pressure re…Arko palta waha le Photo matra khichne re..
    Thanks Keshab dai for this ….Its was simply awesome.

  14. One of the best experiences I had with the wonderful team and of course with the big-time-coordinator.

    A big thanks to Manoj bro for the captures of the Canyoning actions with full enthusiasm. You inspired me to struggle in the jungle to take shoots of the second team (your team) 🙂

  15. kun chain ho tyo fishing? tyaslai kina machha chahiyo feri? mail maa j lekhyo tyahi hunchah bhanne chha? machha dekhidimm?

  16. ke ho keta haru hiking ko naam ma dating garna gaye jasto chha hai …jodi haru jaha gaye pani…

  17. machha tetro polera khayeko haina. Sundarijal ko sundari machha haru ati mitho hudo raichha.

  18. Thats Sundari jal ko river man! Never gonna try that out… You guys have a strong heart. Great!!!

  19. Picture spoke thousands of words but thousands of words spoke nothing..
    Again common approach of writing report …we drove at 7… we did this at 8… we did this…I did that……
    This type of event and timing description only degrades the passion of adventure…

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