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CA polls postponed.Fragile Peace Process.

After a week long Talks between the seven parties and the CPN(Maoist),no conclusion could be drawn.PM summons special parliament session on Oct 11 to discuss on the 2 main demands of the maoist.Firstly,Announcement of Republic Of Nepal Through the Interim Parliament.Secondly,"Samanupatik Nirwachan Pranali".Well, i dont thikin NC is on a hurry to Declare the Republic of Nepal before the CA election.On the other hand,maoist are giving their full efforts to make their demands heard and fullfilled.Its like fighting another People's War for the Maoist.
CPN(UML),another Big and Powerful party in the Government,announces programmes of Protest for Postponding the CA polls.Being a Public,i can quote they were the only one who were first on the run for Election.Good for the People.

UML earlier proposed the Idea of General Referendum for declaring Republic Of Nepal and "Samanupatik Nirwachan Pranali",but maoist didnt get their eye on it as they were happy with PM GP Koirala,giving them 73 seats in Interim Parliament,making them as big party(Virtually) as UML.Though now,they are giving their Level Best effortt,their entire polical Power and Future Politcal Life to meet those two demands,which was earlier proposed by the UML.

Congres weren't United and Their Vote Banks of Terrain was in Horrible Condition,so they were salcky in the CA election process.Whereas Maoist were Afraid as their Self Polling showed,Except Mahara,no other candidates were strong to Win.God Bless YCL adn their Reputaion on Public,hehe.

UML was the DarkHorse and was on the Frontline,a bloody good chance for them.
Frankly,an environment of the Election was already created,we could hera people talk about CA election everywhere.I was anxiuosly waiting for the Namelist of the Candidates on 13th of Asoj.And nothing happens.Election postponed fot the Second time.

The Same thing had happened before in the history of Nepal,after the Democracy in 2007 B.S the whole nation was meant to go for the CA polls but it was postponed and Postponed,whilst later it was never held and General Election was held on 2017 B.S which was followed by the total seize of power by Mahendra on 2019 B.S.Lets not hope the History Repeats.

The whole international community was watching us,striving towards permanent peace and stability but now as CA Election has been postponed,they too are showing Strong Concern of Disapproval for the postponed of CA election.

Lets hope fruitfull Outcome from the Oct 11 Special House session.Let the CA election be held,if possible in the pre-scheduled time Nov 22.. Let the Leaders purge their Parties benifits and Selfishness for the Stable Peace of Nation.

Let my Country Wake,Let the Youth Wake…

—Bishwa Hang Rai

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