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BYE BYE Stinking management!! TQM Welcome!

Why do some people run away from it saying BOO.. while some do spend their lives for/to management?Why should we need Management? What does the it do? What are the Outcomes of this MGMT? Has it really helped? Who really does it help? What does the MGMT Want and what it does not want? What are the essential attributes of a good and a bad management? What happens when it fails? Is the World ever been under the Management(MGMT)? Is there anybody in the Universe who knows A-Z of management?

I am a boy without management skills even though I had secured A sometimes back in some theory. They say, I think there is nobody on the Other Side of the huge walls of around me which is my source of idiosyncrasies. I have never learned anything such as MGMT. There should be somebody who can guide me the correct path and shower on me the blessings of Management so I can always succeed and reap good harvests. I believe in myself and my idea. I believe in the truth that is alive in me. My conscience never fails although mathematics can fail. Because I have zero management. When Management dies, I / ME / MY emerges like a dinosaur and kills everybody else because there is a single place destined for only First Person, the rest second third ..go to hell. Self-centric management has no scope and coverage, so it fails.

History has ample examples of good and Bad management. The ethics of Greek Gods, Pilatus from Jesus time, Gautam Buddha, Mohhammad, Rama and Krsna, Mahavir, OSHO, Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, Pope, Shankaracharya,..has always been to teach Human Society on self-management through their virtues. We cannot be them so we can never understand and obey their management skills and lessons on what to do. Mathematics tells that If Set A contains another Set B, then Set B does not contain all items in Set A. B cannot Supersede A. Universal Set contains all sets. Therefore, the religious/social people who are enlightened and sprinkle their light to human beings on the whole lie in Universal Set, so, can see all other sets pretty well and can decide what is best for them. Then, If Management is Superset, it can look after its subsets and contents to decide pertinent solutions for the expectation of positive results.

War Management is always popular. History shows that war MGMT of Second World War II comprised of Britain/US Allies was better than those of Axis powers headed by Germany. Why had Germans/Italian/Japanese fail? Winston Churchill is worshipped for his War-time decision-making abilities and the wisdom that he had possessed. Hitler, Mussolini, and the Japanese king never contained these abilities to fight the circumstances surrounding them.
After the WWII, the Electronics and the Computer Era emerged in handful places. The new Political System started to substitute all old Systems around the world and Nepal too got rid of 104 year old Rana Regime. Rana management had failed and democratic one started practicing for the First time. It too failed after Autocratic Panchayat management appeared which lasted for 30 years( Due to Good Management?).

Around mid-1980s another war broke. The revolution of Electronics and Computers started making people change. People not only changed their lifestyles, but, the thinking pattern, livelihood, and generations started to change and we are now on this stage of ultra-modern and sophisticated mobile life. Whose MANAGEMENT is this? Religious People, Government and politicians…Not them. But it is due to Globalization in Economy, culture, knowledge, and market which believes in common people’s participation, investment, ownership, and returns: that only cares on making people’s life fascinating and easy to advance.
Nepal is still poor and is in developing stage because its managers failed. We know the rule in Cricket and Football. The Team Leaders and the managers are changed if output is horrible. If outputs are better, the management is rewarded. In strict Dictatorship management, people suffer, so liberal management is preferred for better outcomes as people are no longer the slaves, but are owners and participants of the management. Modern-day management needs people to allow making decisions and based on that, it should take steps forward. On the whole, it should be WHOLE-Centric instead of PERSON-Centric.
I remember what my professor once told: Majority is always assumed to be correct. One person cannot make correct decisions.

Let us pray that Nepal’s Political management helps people make their lives easier, thereby allowing Nepalese to take benefit from the global economy Boom.
Regarding computerized industries, many large industries in Nepal have failed while some are leaping forth brewing success because of Management itself and nothing else.
Indians and Chinese management teach us a lot for their economic boom due to Computer and electronics developments that they can achieve while others cannot. Western society is always on TQM, Total Quality Management, and have best GDP, income, society, whatever compared to rest of the world. TQM is what we should be running after. Quality is the essence of best possible output and success. There is no space for failures and downfalls. We know that Terrorism shoots out of failures when people involved feel that they cannot succeed any further.

Management is not easy though. So, from pre-historic times, best of the best managers have failed. Scientists and researchers have never been onto best management as they keep on managing their theories and outcomes. Engineers /Doctors..Hi-Tech Categories have started combining themselves with management with the growing trends all around the world. Let us wait and see how much they will succeed further and if the world can benefit from their decisions.
Management on theory is arranging capital, resources, and time effectively to get the best results that makes everybody feel succeeding . Bill Gate’s Microsoft skills can be compared with that of Netscape’s or any other big collapses. Novell Suse is not getting nearer to Fedora Linux. Skype and Google are revolutionizing the globe because of their skills. Nice to see, Skilful management helps.We can compare Nepal’s Soaltee Hotel and Radisson on TQMs. Likewise, one cannot resist the comparison of Private banks with semi-government Banks and those with private media with government owned media.

BYE BYE Stinking management!!!!!!!
Any organization, corporation, or an entity survives and paves way towards all round development and success ONLY with TQM and nothing else.

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  1. NO TQM!!!No Future!!Weapons Management of Maoists. Will it Succeed? TQM calculates future risks and equations.
    TQM is not vague but has values.Its outputs can correlate the diversities of management which is abstract.TQM wins even if it is strict from the root, as it is based on mathematics. Maths has no liberalisation. Within abided rules, it gives output. The output has a purpose to satisy some conditions. maosits have time and again shown incoherent behavious due to which TQM cannot finalize output like Turing’s machine.Our current software too crash if it gets non-thought/non-percieved inputs.Till now, Maoists Weapon Management has a provision that if somebody touches the weapon repository, an alarm will ring at UN HQ. What if some brilliant guy makes the alarm at UN HQ ring 24 hours even if nobody touched the repository, or, if some talent shuts the alarm first, takes out all weapons and fixes alarm in place as if everything was untouched?
    So, we need best decision makers to have TQM even in handling maoist weapons, who can percieve and decide worst case scenarios and provide solutions for such times.
    Let us hope that somebody jumps for TQM there before it is too late for Nepal and the world.

  2. Thanks Lava for this vibrant write-up. You have put it right that whole centric is way better than self-centric and without good management nothing succeed. Your examples – great war to soaltee hotel in Nepal – sort of reveal how important the management is and TQM is the way to go.


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