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Businessmen protest against the kidnapping, torture and insecurity

Just witnessed assemble and the rally of business people “Demanding Peace and Security” against government today. Some of the movements have been captured and posted here.

Photographer: Binaya Neupane


Banner demanding Peace

Binod Chaudari(L) Chandi Dhakal(R)

Kantipur Reporter

First Tuk Tuk Ladies Driver; First Buttons Industrialist; – Laxi Sharma

Cameraman on top of somebody else shoulder

President of the Small Hotel Association

Cameraman Gopal Chitrakar

Yogendra shakya – Owner of the Shakya Group

President of PABSON

For the shake of Peace

Peace and Security

Umesh Shrestha

Shambhu Thapa – X President of the Bar Association

Slogan of the Protest …

Cameraman went Basantapur with one of them

President of Hotel Association of Nepal

Foreigner as a Camera Man

Slogan and Camera


Mr. Dugar

The Red Flags belong to the Member of Trade Union

The Famous Face Risi Dhamala between two foreigner cameramen

My Sunglass says … You are right

More Trade Union

Mr. Binod Chaudari – Owns Several Industries


You cannot make people suffer

Lady Industrialist

Clapping hands in support of the Speech

Demand for the Industrial Security

Doctors’ participation

President of the Medical Council – Sudha Shah

The Reporters

Let’s be together to prevail peace

Chandi Raj Dhakal President of FNCCI

Nepal 1 TV Cameraman

The Stage

Packed New road

Cameraman in the middle of supporter

0 thoughts on “Businessmen protest against the kidnapping, torture and insecurity

  1. Amita, why they are interisting? what did you capture from those Pics? Could you elaborate if such moves are correct or not and if people should stand up to fight coercion, extortion, illegal chaRACTERS, and illegal deeds. What should the businesses do to be protected in a country like Nepal as shown by huge mass gathering in the photographs?

  2. i knew i’d see support at everest. of course the protests are gonna be peaceful because all the businesses are voluntarily closed and all the vehicles belong to them. but when poor non-buisness owning people protest, businessmen don’t give a damn. that’s why protestors vandalize. why did the movement fail outside KTM? because businessmen still don’t give a damn about the demands of those outside ktm. even biz-owners outside ktm don’t support this. i wont go as far as saying this is royalist, but this definately reflects the ktm-centric ideology of the rich and bourgeoise.


  4. I live far from Nepal. I feel sorry for those who are suffering these problems. Nepal is in a critical stage. All leaders are trying to become reach and want to see their own family. All neplease were happy when there was a agreement between Mao and other policital parties. We have seen in past what political parties will do for people. We Neplease people have to unite and make a decission for these political leaders who is playing games in future of our country and our youth. So first we have to punish all these people and then only leadrs will be afraid. We want peace and work to all people. Let’s pray for a good leader who will solve this problem.

  5. It seems that the reputed country,Nepal,who is well-known to the world as a peaceful Himalayan kingdom where the apostle of Peace Lord Gauntam Buddha was born,the only Hindu State of the globe where God’s God Lord Pashupati Nath has staioned to encourage whole Hindu for world peace with the means of Universal-brotherhood,is now suffering a lot because of the forces non-commital to moral value of relegion,non-believer of non-violance based revolution above all non-patriotic,non-democractic and non-peoplematic.
    The protesrs are self-generated and natural out of the excessive tortures and pains caused by anti-democratic destructive forces,which can be fully supported and welcomed.Since the excessness of forceful acts are in its rising trends even out of Peace agreement and inclusion in legislative,there is no syptoms of being democratic force based on its norms,value,standards and rule of law,so amidst these hard bare-fact they is no alternative than having this type of self-motivated and generated movement against all dectatorial tyrant.All general people of Nepal need to join their hands in support of the voices raised by bussiness community because the concerns are not only purely related to them but its a concern of life and death of peace and democratic loving people of Nepal.
    Since the non-presense of so called leaders of civil society like Dr.Devendra R.Pandey,Krishna Pahadi and their group in this protest voices against the brutality and inhumane acts of terror group,proved that the brand name of civil society is not for the people’s wefare but for the protecting dirty players of dirty politics only.
    May Lord Pashupatinath and Lord Buddha protect this great nation from evil forces and bless Nepal in bringing a peace,prosperity and democracy through the civilized and peaceful way.

  6. I always believed NC is pro-business, pro-industry. But no. I don’t know what went wrong; NC has turned its back to business, industry and on whole to Nepalese capitalists. How can the ideology of NC leave the nation’s economy in the hands of maoists. I hate to say but it seems that NC has more confident on maoists extortion money than Nepalese industry and business.

    This terror, intimidation, and extortion have to end somewhere and someone has to rise up and start ideological battle. And today, businessmen have just done that.

  7. I wish i was in Nepal today. I would have been part of the mass. Its good to see some of my close friends and business colleagues attending the rally.

    Death to Maoists. Its time to kick these ignorant, communist pricks to la la land.

    My support goes to all the peaceful demonstrators.

  8. Yap! This is what people must do to fight against Politicians and Mao. I doubt Mao are serious. They are just taking break out of jungle.

    They will soon go to Jungle again. Look at their behavior. They are not acting like they wanna to be part of civil society.

    Industrialist also need to teach those as-shole products of Mao and other political parties not to mess with business and industrial organizations. We should protest for one week.

    Only then workers will know the importance of industries.Otherwise, they will keep listening to Mao.

  9. Awesome! This is the real revolution. Death to SPAM warlords. The 19 day Mob and Goon Revolution was a sham done by violent mobs and maoists with the help of Indian Government! Let us all Nepalis unite and fight for justice!

    Long live Nepal! Love live His Majesty! May Lord Pashupatinath bless us and help us to get rid of terrorists and each of SPAM warlords!

  10. Incredible! Selfmotivated mass and very peaceful demonstration is a good lesson for those who declared a forceful “bandas” in the past. The city was completely closed by the business owner, no torching of vehicle, no force applied for those who drove their vehicles.

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