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Budding Shutterbug

268. Budding Shutterbug
Photo By: Shutterbug
Date: 10th September

Photography is fun and very effective approach to educate children. It is a perfect teaching tool to test children’s creativity and talents. Children see the world in a whole new way and it becomes even more evident when they’re let loose with a digital camera. Surprisingly pictures taken effortlessly by children are the same highly-valued candid shots that even professionals often work hours to capture. So why not encourage children to try photography. Digital technology has revolutionized the world of photography. Now it remains no more a ‘rich man’s hobby’.

In the picture a little girl is so amazed to see ‘live view’ of the scene which she is about to click. Took this picture at Aadinath Temple of Kritipur few months back.

164 thoughts on “Budding Shutterbug

  1. great going. with EU dedicated to so much of photography, it would be nice if there was some dedicated space somewhere for articles stories reviews on photography tools techniques etc.

  2. Wow Shutterbug great job. Your description amazed me and so is your photography. I am just wondering how wonderful and magical world that kid is going to capture in her camera. And you are right no professionals can get that shot.

  3. Dear Shutterbug
    I cannot stop myself thanking you.. not just for the wonderful picture but also for the influencing note that you have left. when I got into the site.. I was really very impress with the snap… the expression of a little girl towards her achievement, the lines of the happiness that she threw up.. quite amazing! moreover the note is like eye opening coz there could be several moments as same as you have stated, which of we had never realized the value. Thanks again Shutterbug for your effort towards educating the children as well as adults too.

  4. Wow ! what’s a wonderful picture ! .. natural and cute. Thank you Shutterbug sharing your shot – a Budding Shutterbug. Wish your dream come true !

  5. what a picture… a cute baby…innocence in definition…..congrats to proud parents…notice his grip on camera…..watch out for a legend in the making

  6. Dear ‘MOM’ thank you so much for your good comment. I’m so happy that my words make you realize to preserve the joy of your kids which s/he sees through viewfinder.

  7. Wow, this picture opened up my mind. Thank you for your description. I often give camera to my kids and mostly delete pic taken by them just thinking they are not worth. Now I realize how ignorant I was. This shot is no doubt excellent and your description is the spirit. I liked it. Congratulation Shutterbug!

  8. Thank you all for your compliments! Believe it or not ‘Children’ are the most photographed ‘subject’ in the world. And guess what! Photographing children is quite difficult but enormously rewarding.

    Awis! Thank you for the poem.

  9. Wow, that’s all i have to say 4 this pic…it takes real craft to create such endearing images. I wish i could capture such moments with so much clarity… 🙁

  10. Most probably the ‘Cutest Picture’ ever posted here in Everest Uncensored. Shutterbug seems very good at children photography. Excellent work!

  11. …i wish to see
    a flower in the wild
    growing on a tree,
    with the eyes of a child…

    heed to the anchoring,
    and give out a smile
    i’ve been missing
    for quite a while…

  12. Just love the reflected playfulness. Moreover, it reminds me of delight in doing something for the FIRST time! Good job.

  13. Stunning shut !
    I was like 🙂 for a long time looking at this photograph. Just look at the expression of the child… seems like the answer to the mystery of life has just been discovered.
    Wonderful catch of the moment and expression! hats of to you Shutterbug.

    Hope to see your work regulary in the comming days. All the best for the EU Photo of the month – July. 🙂

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