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Brusting Fire Crackers during the Festive Season.

Deepawali, the festival of Deep and Lali, the lights and colors. We all love this festival and whenever we think  about it, our heart fills with joy. Bag full of sweets, forehead smeared with 7 colors, houses decorated with flowers and lights!!  Ahhh!  The festival in its full youth.

With the very thought of Tihar comes the sounds of fire crackers. For our entertainment, we can find numerous types of crackers in the market. This year was little different than the past years. This year, the sounds of bangs were heard very often. Almost every street, every shop and roads were full of colors and ‘bang bang’ sound (I am not saying NOISE). The MaltaBara, and Bomb were the highest selling fire crackers competing with Gamala, Chakra and Fulzadhis. Rockets also were hot favorite among the people of Kathmandu this Tihar. One thing is for sure, I love fire crackers, it adds to the aroma of livelihood and festive mood of Deepawali.

BUT, as the festive mood grows, there are chances of accidents; little children holding Maltabara on their hands, throwing them on pedestrians, banging Bombs near hospital and public places, throwing Rocket inside others house and many more. All these hint nothing but rash behavior and leads to unnecessary damage. So the question arises, ‘Should fire crackers really be banned? And those who use them be legally punished?’

It depends. It depends on our way of thinking, on our way of living and our culture. I don’t personally think just by banning on those would help because people always try to do what they are not supposed to do. The more you push the spring down; more it will try to jump up. So for our own safety and also to add the extra spice in the festival, we should be careful and aware. Awareness on how to properly use those fire crackers and not to ban them. Awareness among the parents to watch their children play and teaching them how to use them safely. One thing is for sure, children’s learning capacity is very high, once you teach them what’s good and what’s wrong by being an example; not just by telling them; they will indeed learn the lesson. So with peace and harmony, with the feeling of ‘WE’ not ‘he, she or they’, with us, we can live a perfect life with lights and colors, with Fulzadis and Rockets, with Deeps and Lalis.

The debate of whether fire cracker should be banned of not is never-ending as it was evident in poll in Everest uncensored on the very topic. But, the number of how people responded seemed pretty low. People must be busy doing their daily task, trying to light some Deep and to bring some Lali in their life. But in their heart, there must me some answer roaming around.

Out of 68 votes, the result shown that 47% thinks that the bursting fire crackers is an integral part of this great festival, the Deepawali, and the culture should be preserved. While another majority 40% voted for the band of the fire crackers as they are dangerous and disturbing.

No matter what the opinion is, we must be cautious on using them and should Play Safely.Pool on Bursting fire crackers.

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