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Breakfast at Terrace

258. Breakfast at Terrace
Photo By: Araleya
Posted Date: 25th August

The bus left Pokhara at 7.30 am.. .. Not so long the bus parked in the restaurant on the roadside for breakfast .. The weather is still cool and fresh of morning air.. I selected the table close to the the fence. As the fence was only just small plants.. so it is just like I were sitting in the midfdle of the terrace paddy field…

It was first rain in April.. so farmers start planting.. … Young rice were transplanted and the perspectrive lines and paddy dike led my sight far and away

Just another cup pf Nepali tea, my faverite drink.. Nepal tea is great souveneir and to make tea…just boil cinnamon and cloves with milk and then tea leaves..

One wonderful breakfast atmosphere I’ve had

From Pokhara-Kathmandu

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