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Branka Sayonara Reception

I never met a trainer like you before! SharadP says!!

I just spent 8 working days in Kathmandu office.

One thing that I noticed with all the trainees once the training started was that selected few were open to asking questions. I don’t think it was because of the lack of interest; I am guessing big part is the culture and other part was unfamiliarity with me as a trainer. As the training sessions progressed, many participants opened up and started asking to clarify further different parts of the lesson or presentation, as well as asking subsequent questions. It was gratifying for me to see that; it certainly made me feel like I was doing my job successfully

CANTEEN!!!! By far the best perk of D2 Nepal office. Reminds me of Croatia; social time for tea and meals. It does not get any better than that. Similar to the meetings tea/coffee service, I wish there was a cost effective way to do this in Boston office…I guess even if there was, Kathmandu climate is way more accommodating for this than Boston. 😀

01 Robin curiously waiting for Branka to arrive

02 Here she begins for distributing the certificates starting with Tejaswee

03 Next to Sujan

04 Reena take my hand

05 Here you go Rachana

06 Sangita moves in

07 Mr. Thing happy to receive one

08 How do you feel Raju

09 I never had a trainer like you mam!

10 Next time i would like to see some more hair there

11 Come on Rajesh take it

12 Awanish……….

13 This is Dilip Kumar

14 Friends, let us distribute in shares

15 Relishing begins

16 Hey guys you wanna have cake

17 Busy time

18 The act of branching out

19 Rudra rejoices and captures the moments

20 It and the friends

21 There is another one!

22 An attractive standing

23 Who is calling me

24 That was good Branka

25 It is time for Anupa

26 I will remember this

27 Rajesh treasuring the moments

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