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386. Boudhanath
Photo By: Manish Shakya
Posted Date: 9th July 2009

An overcast evening @ Boudhanath stupa. Though its full moon day, no moon in the sky and no light @ ground level to illuminate the stupa, and also no tripod to expose longer. Took several hand held shots until one appeared focused 🙂

5 thoughts on “Boudhanath

  1. Bravo!!

    It may sound repetitive as there are lot of shots related to this location, but its wise to put a brief description of the location. It gives identity to your post, and helps search as well.

    Once again my thumbs up for the marvelous catch!!

  2. Splendid shot Manish.
    illumination on the Stupa from the busy outskirts is very well contrasted with the backdrop of bluish sky.
    overall composition is lovely.

    cheers to your effort (Y)

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