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Book Donation: Deerwalk Cause Q1 2012

Gandaki College

Jeevan TimilsinaJeevan Timilsina

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility, Deerwalk Services organizes voting contest among various charitable causes endorsed by its employees every quarter in Facebook. The winning cause is awarded fund by Deerwalk to help the cause.

The theme of Deerwalk Cause Q1 2012 was to donate books worth $1000 to the winning college endorsed by a Deerwalk employee. Among 22 colleges in the competition, Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES) endorsed by me won with more than 50 percent of votes.

The competition was tough, of course. GCES was consistently leading in the first few weeks. Soon, Kalinchowk School – another contender – came back strong and continued the lead almost until the end. However, relentless drive of 1500+ students of GCES and GBS in voting finally swung the result in our favor. We regained the lead over the last couple of days of voting. The votes GCES received was a record in itself in Deerwalk Cause. On March 7th, 2012 it was official that GCES had won, which was great news for its supporters on the festive occasion of Holi – the festival of colors.

To hand over the books to GCES, a group of twelve Deerwalkers including me went to Lamachaur, Pokhara, where the college is located. We had managed to get about ninety books out of the long list of books requested by the GCES students.

We received a warm welcome at the college and had a great lunch afterwards. Ashay, our lead, spoke a few words about Deerwalk Cause and the software industry in general. Surendra Adhikari, campus chief of Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT), also briefed on short term courses as well as Computer Science courses offered at DWIT. The Vice President of GCES, Ashok Raj Parajuli, thanked Deerwalk and praised its charitable efforts. The session concluded with a short QA session between Deerwalkers and the students.

Deerwalk cause is all about giving back to society. We felt good that this cause gave us an opportunity to contribute in an effort to make a difference in the field of education. I am an alumnus of the college and I believe that books are the best gift one can give to a student. I still remember those college days when we were always in search of good books. I would like to thank Deerwalk for giving me an opportunity to endorse this noble cause. The vote of thanks also goes to all those who voted for GCES, all the current students, alumni and staffs of GCES and GBS (Gandaki Boarding School).

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