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Rajendra Keshari Pandey


Blocking the Truth…

I am a fan of Cartoons, proverbs and parables; in very simple ways they can express the bigger picture. Rajesh K.C.’s cartoon published in the Kantipur Daily was a beautiful example. There he refers to the inefficiency of Nepal Telecommunications distribution of pre-paid mobile facilities to the public, by depicting “Door Sanchar” as “Jhoor Sanchar” = Bad Communication. He says craftily “13 percent VAT and 30 percent Lathi.” This is the power and beauty of Cartoons. …

His expression of the truth is neat and beautiful. I would also add, “As you sow, so you reap,” one of my favourite proverbs that are applicable universally.

Time and again we hear information or news one day that is then changed the next day. Are these all genuine mistakes or is it simply someone distorting messages to hide or block the truth. We all are aware of the fact that in a democratic country the people’s voice must be heard. Everyone should be allowed to speak, and others should have the patience to listen. In a civilised world this normally happens. I am a general reader and learner, not a political activist, but I totally agree with the democratic practice of tolerance of belief and thought. In a democratic atmosphere people must be allowed to speak for or against a person or party or idea. That is why in this system an opposition exists. People maybe silenced using various methods, but one can never stop somebody’s thought and power of expression. It will come out, in writing, pictures or even in sign language.

In my personal view Truth is like Water. It will find a route and eventually make its own way out. I remember a great quote, “Truth can not be compromised. It cannot be fifty- fifty, it must be 100 percent. If you speak fifty percent truth it will be worse than a lie.” If I am correct, freedom of expression falls under Human Rights. My beliefs have always supported a person who speaks the truth. No one has the right to stop or distort somebody’s expression. In my opinion a great person must have the habit of listening. Age, experience or status does not permit a licence to suppress somebody’s voice or actions. Respect is earned not demanded or forced. It does not come by asking, it has to flow spontaneously. So is the case of Truth. No one should try to block Truth. Some may try, but eventually it will come out, it will find a way and it is impossible to stop.

4 thoughts on “Blocking the Truth…

  1. well, sometimes they are really good. but most of the times, they are silly. maybe he sud just do one cartoon a week instead.

  2. gr8, dovan wud love this story when she reads. I remember her cartoon mixed into Milan’s body and Prachanda’s face.

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