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Biswas Lohani’s US Visit

‘TRAVELLING’ – At first it made me speechless. Today, it has turned me into a story-teller. The most awaited day – the day I left for the USA – finally arrived after a month of preparations. All my bags were packed and ready to go. I was full of excitement and thrill because I was leaving on a jet-plane. I departed to the airport for my flight, and that’s when my Facebook check-ins began, flooding everybody’s news feeds. It was my first ever experience on a plane and I have no words to describe how memorable it was. I was a bit nervous, but excited and felt adventurous at the same time. After a long flight and time spent at transits, I finally touched down in the United States, the land of opportunities. It was good to see Ashay Dai, Manish and Sagar Dai at the airport, my hosts throughout my stay in USA.

Right from my first full day post-arrival my office days began, which were completely different than those of ours here in Nepal. The warm welcome by the US team really made me feel like I was home away from home. I had a great opportunity to work from our Lexington headquarters and experience many new things that I was never aware of. During my stay in the states, I could actually understand the entire flow of our projects, from the development point to delivering the products to our clients.

The culture, traditions, places and foods in the US really fascinated me a lot. I don’t regret at all every penny I spent on the variety of cuisines because they were so delicious. I also figured out how busy a lifestyle everyone has in the US, and how independent everyone is. That sort of environment really influenced me to come up with some new resolutions for my upcoming new year. During my stay, I took a few days leave to check off some of my bucket list. Yes, I did visit New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam. My travel in the states from east coast to west coast, experiencing all the time zones, was a once in a lifetime memory to be jotted down in my diary. The Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty in New York, the Hoover Dam in Nevada and The Golden Gate Bridge in California are the places I checked-in. To sum up my trip to Vegas, in short, it was full of lights, colors and fantastic scenes. Whatever happens in Vegas remains in Vegas! On this trip, I not only experienced my first flight, but also my first cruise on ships in California and New York. Dreams really do come true.

Wrapping up my tour, I did learn many things that could have never been gained from reading any books or by attending any classes, but just by experiencing. I see what life is and it’s really beautiful. I thank Rudra Dai and his family for the wonderful dinner, and all my hosts throughout my stay for being great mentors and good caretakers. Lastly, I would like to thank the entire Deerwalk family for this opportunity, which has now helped me to envision beyond the sky. Because now I believe, “The sky is not the limit.”

Near Hoover Dam, Nevada
Near Hoover Dam, Nevada
Near Statue of Liberty, New York
Near Statue of Liberty, New York

[Biswas Lohani, Associate Engineering Manager, visited Deerwalk US office from October 3 to November 5, 2015.]

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