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Bipul Shrestha’s US Visit

It was a hectic month of visa applications along with my regular work at Deerwalk before I could breathe a sigh of relief when my application was accepted. I was overjoyed and, at the same time, a little anxious about what to expect when I finally got to the US.

A typical day at the Deerwalk US office started with a ‘sit down’ meeting where everyone provided updates on deliverables and commitments made to clients. Discussions included information on prospective clients along with technical details of complex problems. The meetings were especially beneficial to me since they gave me fresh perspectives on different aspects of the organization.

Besides the regular tasks I was involved in, I was also given the responsibility of researching MySQL. We are steadily moving toward our goal of transitioning completely out of MSSQL and switching to more open source database technologies. I feel fortunate to be involved in this initiative since there is so much more to learn.

One of the challenges I found working from the US office was the odd hours required to catch up with the offshore office in Kathmandu. The work did not end when we left the office. In fact, everybody in the US office had to stay up late or wake up early in the morning to talk to the engineers in Nepal. This is one of the most crucial aspect of the job since smooth communication between the two offices is key to Deerwalk’s success.

I feel lucky to have been accommodated in a colleague’s home rather than in a hotel during my one month stay. I felt like I was part of the family and that made my transition into the American lifestyle even better. Every weekend was fun-filled and packed with trips to different places, picnics and the like. My trip to New York, which really is a city that never sleeps, was one of the most memorable.

Though I found plenty of differences between Nepalese culture and American culture, I was very much impressed with the ‘individuality’ that Americans treasure so much and with the way everyone was respectful of others. Everyone I met was very accommodating and helpful, and it was great never having to worry about the basic necessities of life such as electricity and running water. The US did indeed seem to be a country full of opportunities.

Overall, I have to admit that my trip was an experience of a lifetime. In addition to seeing the bigger picture, my appreciation for the work of the US team has increased. I thank Deerwalk for this travel opportunity and hope the trend continues to be an integral part of this organization.

Bipul with Trilok and Zoe Eating Together
Bipul with Trilok and Zoe Eating Together
Bipul's Photography of Deerwalkers
Bipul’s Photography of Deerwalkers

Bipul Shrestha, Principal Data Engineer, visited the Deerwalk US office from June 5 to July 6 2014.

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